Shubhra Discovers Her Sexual Side – Part 3

Hello all, this is Danish again with the next part of the story. Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the earlier part of the story. Please read the first two parts before reading this one to know the background.

I dressed myself in a dark brown Satyapaul chiffon saree with a sleeveless blouse with thin straps. My cleavage, back and arms were visible. I saw myself in the mirror and felt very sexy and desirable.

During the reception party, we maintained a distance and were only chatting formally. But Bunny complimented me that I was looking really hot and sexy and he was feeling like fucking me right there and then. It was a nice party with everyone enjoying themselves.

Both the families and relatives had their dinner together. After the dinner when people were leaving, Bunny came and whispered in my ear to not change my dress and that after I reached the room, he told me he wanted to fuck me in with that saree on. His comments made me wet instantly and all those images of him taking me in that saree started coming to my mind!

After saying goodbye to everyone, I went to my room and as expected, Bunny was already there waiting for me. The connecting door between my room and his was also open. Bunny was already in the bathing robe and was not wearing anything underneath. As I was locking the door, he came close to me, hugged me from behind, and started kissing my neck. I was already in the mood and was quite wet down there.

He removed the safety pins from my saree and started squeezing my boobs. He was kissing my naked back and at the same time, his hands were on my boobs pressing them hard. While kissing me, he then took out a black piece of satin cloth, wrapped it around my eyes, and made me blindfolded. He whispered in my ear and told me not to remove it.

Then he turned me around and kissed me on the lips. We started smooching and his hands were mauling my boobs like anything. Simultaneously, he removed my saree.

He then dragged me near the bed and we again started kissing. Then he pushed my blouse straps and started kissing my neck, shoulder, and cleavage. The blouse was padded, so I was not wearing any bra underneath. He then took my blouse in between his teeth and started pulling it down exposing my right boob.

As soon as my nipple popped out of my blouse, he took it in his mouth and started sucking it madly. I was caressing his hair and he was sucking my right boob. His other hand then pushed the blouse from my other boob also and it also popped out. Bunny started pinching my one nipple with his hand and was sucking the other one. He then sucked the other one and kept shifting between the two.

Meanwhile, he also untied the knot of my petticoat and it fell on the ground. His hands were grabbing my ass now and his mouth sucking my boobs. I was totally enjoying the moment and the fact that I could not see it, but could not feel it. It was quite an experience for me.

I was now totally under his control and was moaning wildly and enjoying the suck. My pussy was leaking like anything. Swiftly, Bunny slid his hand inside it and pushed my panty down. His hand was now rubbing my wet pussy slowly which was making me more horny.

Bunny then came near my ear and told me that he had a surprise for me. He said, “Just relax and enjoy yourself, I have a surprise for you.”

After saying this, he again started sucking my left boob. Suddenly, I felt another mouth sticking to my other nipple and it also started sucking! It shocked me a bit but I was way too much into the act now and was unable to react or protest. In fact, this feeling of having both my boobs getting sucked at the same time was very unique and I was experiencing it for the first time.

My head wriggled and spun. I was already fucking a stranger whom I met just two days back and now another man was sucking my boob. And I was naked in front of them. I was sure getting fucked by these two tonight, I thought.

Then I held both their heads in my hands and started pulling them towards my boobs. One hand was touching my pussy and the other hand was squeezing my ass. In that state, my mind failed to identify who was doing what. I could only feel their hands and mouths on my body.

Then they started pushing me on the bed and made me lie down. As I lied down on the bed, the guy on the right side kissed me on the lips and we smooched while the guy on the left was still busy playing with my boobs. Both of them were either kissing me or sucking my boobs or kissing my neck and shoulder. But they were not touching my pussy now.

I wanted to feel their hands on my pussy. So I took their hands and pressed them against my pussy, indicating them to rub it. But they again removed their hand making me practically wriggle in bed.

I tried to pleasure myself with my hand. But they removed my hand also from my pussy and were not letting me touch it.

Suddenly, I felt another mouth on my wet, drenched pussy! I let out a loud moan like never before. The feeling was overwhelming. Two guys were sucking my boobs and kissing me all over and the third guy eating my pussy. He started to play with my clit in between and would lick it and then suck it. I was already so wet and horny and within no time, I cummed.

But these men did not stop, they kept doing what they were doing. I think two of the guys shifted places. Now the pussy guy came on my boob and the boob guy shifted to my pussy. I did not know who was doing what. My mind was so full of sexual tension and I was not able to even think about which one of them was Bunny. The best part was I was not even worried now as to who were the other two guys. I knew that I was about to be gangbanged by these horny men. But it did not bother me and I was rather excited about it.

The pussy guy now started inserting his fingers inside my pussy and also kept eating it. My orgasm started to build again. I had never experienced something like this before. It just took a few minutes and I exploded again. This was probably the longest orgasm I ever had in my life. I must have squirted like pee.

I was panting heavily after two back-to-back orgasms. Before I could gather myself, I felt the head of a dick on my pussy entrance and with one jerk, it slid inside without much effort. I could feel it rubbing the walls of my pussy which meant it must also be a big dick.

The guy started to fuck me and then I felt two dicks touching my face. I knew the assignment and started massaging them and sucking them one by one. Both the dicks were long and thick and I was totally enjoying the act. I was still lying down on my back on the bed.

After fucking me for some time, the guy fucking me indicated to me to turn around. He wanted to fuck me in doggy style. It was easier for me to please the other guys in that position. While one was fucking me, the other two guys were getting sucked by me. Both of them were playing with my boobs and pinching them and squeezing them.

It only took me a few minutes to reach orgasm again and this was my third time during the night. Of course, the guy needed more time to reach his, so he increased his pace. He was ramming me wildly and in a few minutes, he also came and shot his cum on my ass.

It was now the turn of the other two guys who took turns to fuck me one by one. Both were quite experienced and fucked me in different positions. I was exhausted but was totally enjoying the attention I was getting. They were kissing me, licking me, sucking my boobs and fucking me. I also kept sucking them off.

I would say that every female must experience a threesome or gangbang once in her lifetime. It was so intense and erotic, I cannot probably explain it in words. By the time one would finish fucking, the others it would be hard to fuck me again.

Now, one guy lied down on the bed and made me sit on his dick while I was sucking the other guy. He then pulled me to his chest and started kissing me. While he was doing that, I felt an oiled finger entering my ass. Even though I was not a very big fan of anal sex, I was not a virgin in my ass. Once in a while, I did permit my husband to fuck my ass, so I did have some experience of anal sex as well. I was least bothered at that time about who was fucking me and how and all. I was only concerned about was my pleasure.

After oiling my ass nicely, the guy inserted his dick in my ass. It was a bit painful as my ass was not used to getting fucked, but it adjusted to the dick in some time. It was again something I had not experienced ever. I was being double penetrated for the first time in my life.

Now both the guys started to fuck me hard and my mind was totally fogged by all the excitement that I was experiencing. The third guy pushed his dick inside my mouth and now all my holes were filled with dicks and I was being fucked like a whore! Since all the guys had good stamina, the fucking continued for a good amount of time.

It was the guy fucking my ass who cummed first. Then the guy whom I was sucking shifted to my ass and started fucking me. The guy fucking my pussy also came in sometime as I felt his dick shrinking inside me. But he continued to kiss me and hug me while the third guy was still fucking my ass.

I knew that they were fucking me without condoms, but I was too excited to be bothered about that.

The guy kept pumping me and cummed inside me. I had lost count of how many times I cummed that night.

After the action, I kept lying down on the bed exhausted and all the guys came and kissed me one by one.

Then Bunny asked me if I wanted to see and know the other two guys who fucked me or did I want it to be a secret. I was in doubt if I should see their faces or let it be as it might make me feel embarrassed.

Then I asked him: Do I know them?

He said: Yes, you know both of them.

Curiosity got the better of me and I told him that I wanted to see them. Then Bunny removed my blindfold and I saw the two guys who fucked me with Bunny. One was none other than my loving husband, who always wanted to turn his wife into a slut and was finally successful. And the other person was my friend’s Mama Ji, who I used to address as ‘Mamu’.

I saw and immediately covered my face and they all started laughing. Mamu said ‘Though I was initially not part of the plan, but when Bunny told me, I could not resist the offer.’ My husband wanted only someone who could be trusted and that’s how they decided to take Mamu on board.

I also came to know that it was my husband’s plan throughout and it was only he, who when saw Bunny ogling at me, decided to give it a try and make things interesting.

It was no doubt an unforgettable night for me and I still cherish the same.


I hope you guys enjoyed my journey.

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