Satisfied my sexy elder sister-in-law to the core – Part 1

Hello all, this is Danish again. Firstly, thanks to all of you for the amazing response to my previous stories.

Through this story, I am sharing a personal incident that took place in the year 2019 between me and my sister-in-law (my wife’s elder sister). The story is long, so please bear with me.

I am a married man, now about 41 years old. I, my wife, and two sons stay in a medium-sized villa in a city in Punjab. We both husband and wife are working and our work involves frequent travel to other cities in India. But we plan in such a manner that one of us always stays back to be with our children. Let’s name my wife ‘Anju’ and she is one year younger than me.

Anju’s elder sister, Manju, who is married, also stays in the same city with her husband and her son. My wife’s sister Manju is a housewife and her husband works in a multinational company at a very good position.

In 2019, he had recently joined his company and was required to travel abroad very frequently to other offices and factories of that company. At that time, he was traveling almost every month for 15-20 days. Both the families were on very good terms and we used to meet every two weeks or so.

So, what we used to do was, whenever any one of us i.e. me or my wife, or Manju’s husband, was traveling the other partner would stay with the other family during the weekend. For instance, if I am traveling, then my wife and son would go stay with Manju and her family and if my wife was traveling, I would stay with them. And if her husband was traveling, she would come and stay at our place. But this used to happen only during weekends as during the weekdays, we had to attend our work.

It was somewhere during June 2019 when her husband was traveling abroad and my sister-in-law was staying alone with her son. Here, my wife Anju too had her traveling plans lined up. So she invited her sister to stay at our place with her son. It was the first time that Manju and I were staying alone without our partners.

Till that time, I had no such intention or lust toward my wife’s sister and she being my wife’s elder sister got all the respect that she deserved. However, all of us were very frank with each other being almost of the same age. Manju was two years older than me and her husband was another 2-3 years older than her.

Let me describe Manju first. She was a fit lady, did yoga and exercises regularly, kept her diet in control, and was very active physically. She was fair with light brown hair, light brown eyes, and had excellent facial features. Looking at her, one cannot guess her age correctly and that she was the mother of a grown-up boy. She had an excellent figure which one can admire when she used to wear sarees. That was the only time I used to check her out occasionally.

So, it was a Friday and my wife had to leave by afternoon and Manju and her son were supposed to reach my place by evening. I decided to make pizzas for everyone for dinner.

We had a duplex house, with a lobby, drawing, kitchen, and guest room on the ground floor and a lobby and two bedrooms on the first floor. The kitchen opened in the lobby, where we had our entertainment system like TV, music system, etc.

The guest room also had a TV, but our bedrooms on the first floor did not have any TVs. One of the bedrooms on the first floor was my master bedroom and the other one was of our sons and had a double bed.

Manju and her son reached around 7:30 pm and were offered water and chips to munch. We settled down to chat and the children were busy playing in the guest room. Since it was extremely hot, the boys turned on the AC in their room and shut it. I and Manju were sitting in the lobby and chatted.

Then I offered her to have wine or beer with pizzas, but she declined by saying that alcohol hits her very quickly. I told her that I would like to have a beer while making pizza and would like her to give me company, plus we were at home and all that she was required to do was just sit and enjoy. I told her to taste the wine and have it only if she liked the taste. She agreed.

I got her a nice white wine which I and my wife had picked up from Italy. My wife’s elder sister of course liked it and complimented that she had never had a wine so tasty. Then I started making pizzas and simultaneously, we were chatting and having our drinks. First, we gave the food to the children who were watching TV in the guest room and after that, I and Manju sat down with our share of the dinner.

We chose to sit on the floor with our backs rested on the sofas as the floor was cold. By that time, she was down two glasses of wine and I was on my fourth pint of beer.

Then we decided to watch TV while chatting and I put on a movie on Netflix. I do not remember what we were watching, but it had something to do with mid-life crisis. We were chatting very casually and somehow the topic drifted to our personal lives. She complained that her husband was already struggling with midlife issues and now this new job had made things worse for them on a personal level.

Manju: Ashish was already struggling with his midlife issues and this job has made things worse for all of us. Everything has fallen upon me now and I have to take care of everything in his absence. And as you know, he is absent most of the time now.

Me: I know, but it’s only for some time. Once things get settled professionally, your life will be back to normal.

Manju: I know, but all this is taking a toll on me. It is frustrating. Even when he is back, we don’t get to spend time together. He is tired and exhausted and I don’t get my dues.

I understood now that my wife’s sister was talking about her sexual life and that she was not satisfied because of the job profile her husband had chosen. Then I decided to comfort her by telling her that it happens with everyone and she was not the only one.

Me: I understand. I think it’s part and parcel of life and these phases come and go. With Anju’s frequent travel plans and her busy work schedule, our personal life has also taken a toll. But we have to manage it somehow.

Manju: I know, she is working really hard on her venture now and is definitely keeping busy.

Me: Yes and I understand that things are not the same as they used to be before and we all need to adjust to that.

Manju: But at least she is there with you. I mean, you guys are together every night, isn’t it?

Me: Yes, but that does not mean that we are together (I meant ‘intimate’ but I was hesitant to use the word with her) every night.

Manju: How often do you guys make out?

(I was a little taken aback by her question but pretended to be cool. Because of the alcohol, she probably had become so open and bold).

Me: Now it’s twice a month or maybe less. But this started only a year and a half back and before that, we were very frequent like 2-3 times a week.

Manju: 2-3 times a week!? Really! We probably did that only for a year or so, I don’t remember. But we have been on once in 15 days for a very long time and even that is gone now. It’s been almost two months since we have had sex. Can you believe it?

(I was still in a state of shock that I was having this conversation with her. But at the same time, I was feeling aroused too. Though still, I was not in that frame of mind that I could bed her or that I wanted to bed her. But I decided to give a brief of our sexual life.)

Me: Me and Anju were always very active in bed and we still were about till 9 months back. Even after two children, she is equally active and it is not that I always initiated, she wants when she wants. That is the reason we always kept the boys in their room and out of our bedroom. You won’t believe, we have had sex almost in every corner of this house, including the kitchen.

Manju: Wow, tum log to chhupe Rustam nikle yaar. Baahar se lagta nahi hai itne wild ho. Aur meri behan ko dekh ke to koi keh hi nahi sakta ki wo ye sab karti hogi. Hamara to is hisaab se bahut boring hai. (Wow, you guys are so secretive. No one can tell that you guys are that wild by seeing you. And no one can say that my sister can do it by looking at her. As compared with this, ours is very boring). It is the usual stuff only and that too I don’t get anymore.

Me: I know but this sudden change has made my life very difficult. From 2-3 times a week to once or twice a month in just 1 year and 6 months is actually bad.

Manju: Understandable. Your expectations are high from her and now suddenly you are not getting enough. What do you do then?

Me: Masturbation, what else? How are you managing?

Manju: Same here, but I am tired of all this at the same time. I never got enough in the first place and now even that is not available to me, so it’s making me feel frustrated and irritable all the time. Gussa saara bechare bache pe nikalta hai. Maine bola Ashish ko ke chhuti lelo ek hafte ki aur kahi chalte hai ghoomne, just two of us. (My poor kid has to bear the anger. I told Ashish to take leave for a week and let us go somewhere to roam, just the two of us). Let’s have a second honeymoon.

Me: That’ a good idea actually. What did he say?

Manju: He said, let me try. Actually, he is handling the entire Asia and Europe and all the factories are under him. He needs to put the system in place and that is why all this traveling is at his end. But he has promised me a holiday soon.

Me: That would be a good break for you guys and it would certainly help ignite the fire. You know we keep traveling out for short trips every 2-3 months and that itself is rejuvenating. Every trip is a honeymoon for us.

Manju: Really! What about the boys?

Me: What about them? They have their room and they are busy with their own stuff. You have seen, we generally book resorts and most of them have activities for children. So both the boys know that they have to be on their own. They eat whatever they want and move around wherever they want. We, husband and wife, get our privacy and fun time together.

Manju: Sahi hai yaar, tumhare to maze hein. Hamari life to ek-dum jhand hai tumhare saamne. Biwi bhi sahi mili tumhe to, jaha jaate ho maze karte ho. Hamara to 1st honeymoon bhi itna exciting nahi tha. (It’s good for you guys. Our life is nothing in front of yours. You have got a nice wife, wherever you go have fun with her. Even our first honeymoon was not that exciting).

Me: Hahahah, seriously? You guys got married quite early and both of you were young at that time. Where did you guys go?

Manju: We went to Manali only. Us time pe yehi sab hota tha (That time this much used to happen only). (Manju got married when she was 21 or 22, so even though there was not much age difference between us. But our children had no age difference as I and my wife got married when I was 29 and she was 28 years old.)

Manju: Din mein ghoomna firna and raat to sex. Wo bhi ek baar maximum. Kabhi bahut josh aaya Ashish ko to Subah bhi kar liya, aur bas. Haa ye tha ki sex roz kar rahe the. (Roaming in the day and having sex in the night. That is also once maximum. Whenever he used to feel really horny, then only in the morning also. The only good thing was we were having sex regularly).

Me: That is actually boring. Main aur Anju to nikate hi nahi the ghoomne jab tak ek-do session na ho jaye. Raat ko late ho jaate the to subah kaha utha jata tha. Subah ka session bhi zaroori tha. You know we went to Thailand for our honeymoon. To ghoome thodi the. Zyada time milta tha to nikal jaate the idhar-udhar. (I and Anju used to get out only after having 1-2 sessions. When we used to gate late at night, it was not possible to wake up early. The morning session was also very important. You know we went to Thailand for our honeymoon. So, we didn’t roam much. But we used to get here and there whenever we had sufficient time).

Me: You remember we had gone to the US during our first year of marriage to attend the wedding of my uncle’s son? From there, we took a Cruise to the Bahamas. Then on the first day, the cruise took us to Nassau and we had to stay there till the evening. But we could see the Bahamas only when we got free of each other. So we went to roam at 1 o’clock noon. Thus, we got only half a day to roam there.

Manju: Are you serious? Itne tharki ho tum log. (You guys are that much horny?)

Me: Not tharki, but yes we both love sex. The next day cruise ek aur island pe gaya tha, it was a private island (The next day, the cruise went on another island, it was a private island). Hamne ek secluded beach dhoondhi waha (we searched for a secluded bench there), and we had a hell of a time there in the sea. We made out in the open on the beach and in the sea. It was amazing.

Me: Aaj bhi yaad karke horny ho jata hu mein (I feel horny till today thinking about that). It was one of its kind experience. Aur best part tha ki hum dono ne ek-doosre ko oral diya (And the best part was that we gave oral to each other), after taking a bath in the sea. I still remember she tasted a mix of salt and sweet when I sucked her.

(I did not plan on saying that to her. But I was so aroused and flowing in the conversation that I just said it without bothering. I now wanted this conversation to go on and kind of expected some action, if it does happen.)

My wife’s sister was all ears to the stories I was telling her and the experiences I shared with her. She was listening very keenly and was not bothered by the fact that I was her sister’s husband. She wanted to know more.

The wine had made her red in the face and her skin was shining. This was the first time I started noticing her closely. She was sitting in a t-shirt which was clearly revealing her perfect figure. The pyjama was neither too tight nor loose, giving out the perfect shape of her ass.

The sexual tension was definitely rising between us..


The story will continue in the next part. Thanks for your patience.

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