Rough Sex With Hairy Vegetable Vendor ?

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Hello Friends. This is Kannan with another story. I’m 33 years old. I’m here to share with you my real-life sexual experience with Vijayalakshmi. She is a vegetable vendor near my house.

Vijaya is 39 years old. She has a dark brown complexion, a 36 bust, and a regular body type. She is a beautiful woman with broad fleshy arms. She is a mother of 2 kids.

She has been supplying vegetables to my house for about 12 years now. But we have never looked at each other beyond general talks and giggles. My affair with her started after my encounter with the salesgirl at the fancy shop.

The fancy shop is next door to Vijaya’s vegetable shop. I shared my encounter with the fancy shop’s salesgirl with you all through my story ‘Intense Intercourse with salesgirl in a fancy shop.’

On 15th September 2022, when I fucked fancy store salesgirl, Sankari inside her shop, Vijaya noticed and heard us from outside. I was not aware of this. I visited the vegetable shop multiple times after that day.

Almost every time, Vijaya gave a suspicious broad smile at me, looking at me from top to bottom. I never understood why she was smiling at me like that without any reason. Nor did I doubt that she knew something about Sankari and me.

Finally, by the end of November 2022, I could not hold back and asked her, “Off late, I am seeing you smiling at me differently. Why is it?”

Vijaya’s husband was beside her. Glancing at him from the side of her eye, she nodded and said, “Nothing.” Two days later, as I was passing her shop, she came out and called me in. I went inside normally. There was neither her husband nor any other customer at her shop then.

As I went in, Vijaya peeped out of the shop for a second from the cash counter. She then looked at me and, with a staring smile, asked me, “You asked me something two days back. What was that?” I thought for a second, recollected what I asked and said, “Yes, I felt you were seeing and smiling at me differently.”

Vijaya giggled, looking at me. I was clueless about what was going on. I again asked her, “What?” She replied, “What were you doing with Sankari in her shop 2 months back?” For a moment, I was taken aback. I was shocked that she asked that question.

With some stumbling, I said, “Don’t remember. Would have come to buy something from the fancy store.”

Vijaya smiled at me sarcastically and asked, “So, to buy something, you close the shutter after entering the shop. And also, make all those noises you both were making inside after that?” I was stunned again as it was evident that she knew what had happened. I got so tense thinking who else would have seen this.

Vijaya added, “I was standing outside my shop when you came to her shop that day. Firstly, I wondered why a customer was going inside the shop and closing the shutter. But then I came there and tried to look between the items kept for window shopping beside the shutter. I saw you carrying her inside the store.”

I stood silent, not knowing what to say. Vijaya raised her eyebrows and asked, “So, what’s going on between you two?” I stammered a little and said, “No. Nothing.” She continued to bug me and asked, “Nothing? I could hear her feebly moaning inside the store that day.”

I got a little agitated and said, “Don’t assume things. There is nothing between us. Both of us wanted to do it, and we did it that day. That’s it.” Vijaya again raised her eyebrows and asked, “So, you both did it just casually? You are not committed to each other.”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes. There is nothing serious between us.” Vijaya was sitting behind the cash counter. I was standing in front of it. She asked me to come around. I went and stood next to her. She tangled her fingers with mine and looked at me lustily.

She whispered slowly, “So, you mean Sankari will not be a barrier between us?” I was completely lost. I did not know how to react. My thoughts were whether she was trying to build a gossip or would try to blackmail me with what she knew. But her offer excited me.

Hearing her, I smiled at her, my lust starting to peak. With a smile, Vijaya said, “My shop is not as big as the fancy store next door. So, we have to look at a different location.” I asked her, “But then, what about your husband? What if he comes to know?”

She asked, “Is that your problem? If my mangalsutra is your problem, I’ll take it off when we sleep.” We looked at each other for a few seconds. I then stepped closer and placed my hand on her shoulder. Vijaya grabbed my thighs. As we tried getting closer, we heard a bike stopping outside in front of the shop.

It was her husband. He quickly stopped the bike and entered the shop. I turned around and pretended to take some vegetables from the rack. With no intention of buying, I picked up a few carrots. I paid Vijaya and left the shop after greeting her husband.

A month passed in our sex chats and voice calls. Whenever I visited her store, we could not get closer except for tangling our fingers, pinching her waist, and tapping her buttocks. Or when she delivered vegetables to my house. We kept planning to open our account but were luckless.

On 5th January 2023, Vijaya messaged me, saying, “I want it today. I cannot wait anymore.” I could not understand why she acted like that, but she seemed too desperate. As I was trying to calm her down, I understood from my mom that she also needed vegetables.

She asked me to buy one or two urgently for lunch that day. But I made her put up a list of vegetables she would want for the next few days. I told my mom I would bring one or two vegetables now and ask Vijaya to deliver the balance.

Parallelly, I messaged Vijaya stating, “I will come to the shop and give you a list of vegetables to be delivered. Keep it ready. Bring it home in the afternoon when my parents go to bed after lunch.”

She replied, “But my husband is in the shop today. What to tell him.”  I said, “Tell him you will go home and come to the shop after delivering the vegetables.” She agreed.

My excitement was hitting the roof. I could not believe what was happening. From about 1:30 pm, Vijaya continuously texted me asking if she could come. I kept replying to her to wait and that I would let her know.

At about 2:15 pm, my parents dozed off. I waited 10-15 minutes and then messaged Vijaya asking her to come. I had kept the TV volume such that it neither disturbed my parents’ sleep nor would they be able to hear Vijaya and me. Vijaya reached my house on foot.

She was wearing an orange saree and a black blouse. I slowly opened the door and let her in. I signalled her to drop the bag near the door, closed the door, grabbed her hand and took her into my bedroom. We entered the room. I closed and latched the door.

As I turned towards her, Vijaya was all smiles closing her mouth with both hands. I got close to her and rolled my hand around her waist. I then grabbed her fleshy waist tight with the other hand. Vijaya gasped as I pinched her waist. I whispered, “You can moan, but your volume cannot be higher than the TV.”

We giggled, and Vijaya nodded, saying, “Ok,” looking closely into my eyes. Without wasting any time, we hugged and kissed each other randomly all over our faces. Vijaya kept moving her face from one side to the other, allowing me to kiss her forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck.

But somehow, I felt she was shying away from kissing lip to lip. I grabbed her neck from behind and jammed my lips over hers. Vijaya responded with some short kisses over my lips without opening her mouth. I wanted it to be something more than a dry lip kiss.

So, with one hand around her waist, I pressed and pulled her lower lips out. Vijaya kept looking down as I pulled her lower lips out. I slowly engulfed her lower lips and began sucking them sensually. Vijaya closed her eyes and allowed me to suck her lower lips with a shrunk face.

After sucking the juice from her lips for a few seconds, I withdrew my mouth from her lower lips. As she slowly opened her eyes, I grabbed her saree over her shoulders, pulled it down and tried removing it. Vijaya rolled herself out of the saree as I tried unwinding it from her waist.

I plucked the saree pleat from her petticoat and dropped her saree on the floor. When we used to have sex chats, she told me that she had stopped wearing a bra for many years. I could see her nipples visibly pushing her blouse to the front. I took off my T-shirt and stepped close to her.

Vijaya had unhooked two of the three hooks of her blouse by then. I grabbed her dark chocolatey waist and pulled her tightly close to me before she could unhook the third and last hook in her blouse. I licked her upper body and cleavage lavishly, allowing my saliva to drip down her body.

I pushed her back deep inside the room, kissing and licking her upper body. Vijaya placed one hand on my head and the other on my shoulder and slowly strolled back into the room. As we reached the wall, I made her stand with her back to the wall.

I slowly lifted my face from her cleavage. We started to sweat a little. With some heavy breath, I untied the knot in her petticoat. Her petticoat immediately slipped down her legs and fell on her feet.

Vijaya then placed her hand on my dick over my pant and started to rub my dick gently. I unhooked the last hook on her blouse and opened it wide on both sides. Her boobs looked like half-cut soft coconuts with darker brown fat nipples. Her dirty yellow threaded mangalsutra was hanging down between her boobs.

Without wasting any time, I rolled my one hand around her waist and grabbed her soft boobs with the other hand. I engulfed her nipples in my mouth. I sucked her nipples so hard as if I would get milk from them. Vijaya grabbed the hair on my head with one hand.

She dug her other hand into my pant and underwear and grabbed my dick. She started to moan in a crying tone as I sucked her nipples. She slowly pulled my dick out of my pant and continued to rub her hands over my dick. She even went on to dig her hand into my underwear and squeeze my balls.

I grabbed both her boobs and sucked her nipples for quite some time. Vijaya continued to moan sensually, closing her eyes with tight lips and shrunk face. Vijaya slowly started to stroke my dick, pulling my foreskin down. The head of my dick was almost completely out of the foreskin.

I started to get desperate to feel her flesh. I withdrew my mouth from her nipples, turned her around and quickly pulled her blouse down her arms. For a second, Vijaya seemed to resist me removing her blouse. But I quickly pulled it down her arms and dropped it on the floor.

Vijaya quickly turned towards me and said, “I prefer wearing my blouse.” I felt a little odd as she was getting too shy. Vijaya even covered her upper body with crossed hands. I had crossed all limits of patience to ask her if she did not want sex. I was too desperate to fuck her.

But I still asked, “What happened?” With some stammering, Vijaya replied, “I told you. I prefer doing it with my blouse on.” I removed my pant and underwear, pulling them down my legs. I took my feet out of my pant and underwear.

I then stepped close to her. Vijaya kept looking at me with her arms still crossed over her upper body. I rolled my arms around her buttocks, lifted her and dropped her on my bed. As she fell on the bed, I noticed her underarms were densely hairy.

I felt she was feeling awkward just because of that. But I did not clarify with her. I got on the bed and got closer to her on my knees. Vijaya quickly closed her arms and crawled back onto the bed, smiling at me. I got between her legs, grabbed her panty and tried pulling it down her fleshy thighs.

Vijaya again stopped me by holding her panty tight. She giggled out loud with a lot of shyness and kept saying, “No.” I asked her, “Do you expect to have sex wearing your panty?” Vijaya shook her head with a hesitant smile, signalling “No.” I then pointed at her panty and said, “Leave.”

Vijaya left her panty and lay down with one hand on her belly and the other closing her face. I pulled her panty down her thighs and legs, removed it and slipped it on the bed beside us. I spread her legs wide. Vijaya was too stiff even to spread her legs wide.

Her genitals were equally bushy, with her dark pussy lips covered in a forest. Holding one of her legs wide open, I dug my fingers into her bush and rubbed her pussy. We got into a playful hand fight as she tried stopping me from caressing her pussy.

I made some gruntling voice asking her to allow me to play with her pussy. I then dipped my middle finger into her wet, dark pussy. I was drooling as I saw the contrasting pink flesh inside her dark pussy lips. I dipped my middle finger into her pussy lips.

I managed to dip my fingers into her vagina hole and finger her wet and sticky pussy. Vijaya kept moaning and giggling in a crying tone as I dipped my middle finger deep inside her vagina. She allowed me to finger her pussy for some time.

But then Vijaya suddenly got up, rolled her arms around my neck and said, “Come.” She pulled me down over her on the bed. We started cuddling on the bed, rolling over each other. We kissed, hugged and rolled over each other on the bed intensely. After cuddling hard for a few seconds, I got over her.

We were breathing heavily. I slowly grabbed my dick and rubbed it over her pussy lips. Vijaya finally started to express lust leaving her shyness behind. She gave a lusty smile at me as I rubbed my dick over her pussy lips. As the head of my dick stuck into her tiny vagina hole, I pushed my dick into her vagina.

Vijaya’s face shrunk immediately. She closed her eyes and gasped out loud. I slowly penetrated my dick deeper into her pussy. Vijaya opened her arms wide, exposing her hairy armpits for the first time. She grabbed the bedspread tight on either side of the bed.

With my dick about three-fourths inside her vagina, I started fucking her moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy. Vijaya closed her eyes tight, grabbed the bedspread tighter, and moaned in a sensual crying tone. She kept opening her mouth and getting back to tight-lipped alternatively.

She continued to moan sensually with every stroke of my dick inside her. I saw her soft, half-cut brown melons bouncing up and down as I continued to screw her pussy. Seeing that and hearing her sensual moaning, my lust peaked. I then slowly bent my upper body over her kissing her sweaty neck.

I ran my upper lips over her jaws with my hard dick deep inside her vagina. I even rolled her around with my dick inside her vagina, getting her on top of me. As she got on top, Vijaya got into action.

She did not ride over me but started kissing me hard on my cheeks and all over my face with my dick deep inside her. I grabbed and squeezed her fleshy ass jammed on my thighs. We were breathing heavily. I slowly raised one of my hands, grabbed her back neck, and jammed my lips onto her.

Vijaya responded well and kissed me. But she was reluctant to open her mouth wide and kiss sloppily. I slowly tried digging my tongue between her lips. I managed to penetrate my tongue between her lips. Vijaya opened her mouth and started to suck my tongue into her mouth.

I engulfed her lips, allowing her to suck my tongue. Despite her mouth stinking, I loved the soft and wet texture of her lips and tongue. Kissing her intensely for some time, I continued to squeeze her buttocks. After a few seconds of intense and tight smooching, we rolled back.

I got on top of her again. I then started to fuck her deep and hard once again. Vijaya sounded a little tired but continued to moan with a shrunk face. We got even more intimate as I lay tight over her with my arms on either side of her head. My face was right over her face.

Vijaya spread her arms wide across the bed, closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy the intercourse as I drilled her pussy deep. My dick was so deep inside her vagina that her thick pubic hair was pricking all over my balls. I loved the feeling of her vagina flesh tightly gripping my dick inside.

The pricking and tickling sensation of her pubic hair over my balls. Both our bodies were moving up and down together as I continued thumping my dick deep and hard inside her pussy. Vijaya started to moan too sensually, in fact, in a pleading tone, with her mouth wide open.

I once again used the opportunity to suck her lower lips as Vijaya opened her mouth and moaned in ecstasy. I stopped fucking her by holding my dick deep inside her pussy and sensually sucked her soft juicy lower lips. I even went on to bite her thick lower lips softly.

Vijaya, for once, closed her lips, locking my lips with hers lips. Vijaya rolled her arms around my upper body, and we started smooching sensually. We continued kissing with my dick deep inside her vagina. I felt a strong tickling sensation running through the length of my dick.

My dick erupted with my semen gushing out of my dick. I ejaculated, splashing my semen in multiple rounds inside her vagina. This time I started to moan as my dick splashed my cream inside her pussy.

Vijaya rolled her arms around my upper body and pressed me hard, making me lie over her. She whispered to me, “It’s Ok. It’s done.” With some heavy breath, I lay over her for some time. As my dick became softer and shrunk, it oozed out of her pussy. I then slowly got up and rolled myself beside her.

We looked and giggled at each other. She said, “I have been waiting for this for almost the last 4 months.” I was equally excited to have fucked her. But not knowing what to say, I replied, “It’s good that we opened our account at last.”
She gave a broad smile. I then slowly dug my hand into her hairy armpits.

Vijaya tightened her arms, looked at me and asked, “What are you doing?” I said, “Nothing. Just open your arms.” I then kissed her cheeks and caressed her hairy underarms for some time. Vijaya allowed me to caress her hairy underarms for some time with a smile.

After a few seconds, she turned towards me. We slept on our sides facing each other. We hugged tight and finally started kissing sloppily for the first time. We even had a tongue fight kissing, licking and sucking each other’s lips and tongue.

After kissing for quite some time, Vijaya slowly pulled out. She searched for a clock to check the time. It was 3:40 pm. Seeing the time, Vijaya said, “Ok, then. I need to leave before my husband calls.” We then slowly got up and dressed up. I left the room first to check if my parents had not woken up.

I then signalled for her to come out. I asked her to wait to pay for the vegetables. She sarcastically asked, “If you pay me now, won’t it look bad?” I replied, “If I don’t pay you now, won’t it look bad on me, as if you gave me vegetables for sex.” Vijaya laughed out loud, collected the money for the vegetables and left my house.

So, friends, this was my real-life sex experience with the vegetable vendor near my house, Vijayalakshmi. Please let me know your feedback on my story about doing kinky stuff with her inside my bedroom with my parents dozing in the other room of my house.

You could also write to me at my mail id [email protected]