Real Life Incident In Train With Another Guy – Part I

Hi this is Rajesh. Thank you for so many comments on my earlier story “Meeting Pradeep At Airport”.

This is also my gay story and again it’s a fact and no friction. To introduce myself I am 32 in age, 5 feet 10 inch tall, 85kg weight, 6 inch medium tool, wheatish good looking guy. I am a bi-sexual and a top.

This is an incident which happened to me some time back, may be when I was 23 and was not married. I live in Bangalore and due to some urgent work had to leave to Chennai. I booked a ticket in a night train but it was in waiting list.

When I reached station and checked chart, found it was RAC. I was glad that I would be allowed to travel and will manage things with ticket checker later in train. My seat was in an ac compartment in side birth where two men were already seated. One of them looked like some college student and other one was little old (around 30’s). Even they were in RAC. I asked them about their reservation and came to know that they were in RAC and one of them was RAC 2 and other was RAC 5 and I was RAC 4. So the college guy who was RAC 2 would get a seat before me I thought. TT came and we all showed our tickets, he allotted the top seat to the college student and informed us that we have to share the bottom seat. It was ok for me and even the other guy was ok with it.

I was dressed in loose shorts and a t-shirt and other guy whose name was Jai was in tracks and t-shirt. We introduced ourselves as the college guy took his upper berth and was preparing to sleep. Jai was married and was from Rajasthan, settled in Bangalore. He was around 30 in age, 5feet 8inch tall I think, wheatish with very skinny body. His face was of just another guy whom you cannot relate to. We decided that we would join the lower berth and spread our legs and sleep in semi sleeping position but it was off position and I could not fall asleep and also Jai’s feet were stinking. So I sat up instead of sleeping. Even Jai was finding hard to sleep,

Jai: What happen? You aren’t asleep? Even I am not feeling like sleeping, why not we talk for some time.

Me: “Yup I am not feeling comfortable to sleep and ac is quiet strong for my comfort. Good idea of talking” and I smiled at him.

We were in a single blanket as we got only one for one berth. We spoke for few minutes in general like about our families, likes and life and planning. There I came to know Jai is married to women from Mumbai and has one son of age 6. He had his own business of computer accessories which made him travel all over the south.

Jai: So when do you plan to get married? Do you have a girl friend?

Me: Well my parents want me to get married but I want some more time. At present I don’t have girlfriend, broke up with the last one few days back. She was very demanding and now I am happy with my friends.

Jai: Ok so you happy with your friends, do they meet all your satisfactory needs and do you have men taste-and he smiled naughtily.

Me: Well not in that manner but friends are cool. I don’t have that taste Jai..

Jai: Oh come on every guy in his life would have tried few things with another guy. Don’t tell me you have not.

Me: Being frank I have but those where when I was very young and was curious about sex.

Jai: Yup everyone does. Even I have in fact even now I like to be with men and I don’t mind it.

I was very surprised that the guy was also bi-sexual and he was open about it. I was sitting with a stranger and discussing about gay and bisexual desires. But then I thought what does he has to lose talking to me directly. He does not know me nor do I and he will not lose his face or reputation talking to a stranger about gay sex whom he will not meet ever, may be. My cock was getting hard talking about sex.

Jai: Why are you looking surprised? I believe every guy, almost 90% of them love cocks and ass. It’s only that we don’t realise it or we don’t let it grow.

Me: Well then I am among the other 10%. Yes I have tried things but now I am little different. (I pretended to be innocent, although I was a bi-sexual.)

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