Real Incident With Rakesh’s Wife Suman

Hi, I am Sahil Singh 30 years old married man. My height is 5 feet 9 inches and I am average looking person. I am not good in English, so there is any mistake please ignores it. This incident happen when my wife if is pregnant of 5 months and I am very horny because I not fucked my wife from past 5 months. I am getting frustrated due notable do sex. The Story is about our neighbor friend Rakesh’s wife Suman and me, Suman is sex of God and pleasure and she is fair and God gifted huge boobs and nicely shaped ass. She is 37 years old, her height 5 feet 4 inches. I was try to narrate real incident and want to point every point which is happened in our real life. It may be some lengthy story and you know how man mind are they always think about sex and woman body views her boobs and how will be her pussy and I am also same what is in my mind is same as your mind.

Story starts:-

This happened few days later. I am doing some work in my car at my apartment basement parking. Suddenly a Scorpio SUV come and stopped few cars away from me, I noticed and again checking my car. I noticed that SUV engine is start and all windows are covered from sun shade and nothing is viewable in side around 15 min one lady come outside from the SUV and correct her karat and proceed to apartment lift. She passed from nearby me and our eye contact are made and I recognize the lady she Suman, Rakesh’s wife who lives in my floor other apartment. She gave a smile and passed away and the SUV left the place.

My mind is still thinking about her she is 5 feet 4 inches , fair lady massive boobs size of 36 d, and what I say about her bump when she walk her ass both side go up and down u can imagine she have vital status is 36-32-36. She normally wears sleeve less dresses like karat, suit, top and etc. all dressed are sleeveless. I completed the all check and I start my car and leave the place. While I am driving my car I thinking about the Incident and flash back in my memory she is my neighbor, she is married and her hubby is in good post in a reputed company. She has two kids and both kids are live and study in hostel and only come in summer and winter vacations. She has one maid who take cares of Suman’s house.

After this incident we meet her in lift we are proceeding to our flat, I said hello and she also said hello to mean our normal conservations starts because of we are neighbor and good friends. After passing some floors we only two in lift and I managed to ask asked her. What are you doing in SUV that day she blushed and her chick became red and lifts stop and two children enter in the lift and we both quit and reached our floor and I said good bye to her and we went to our flat.

Next day is Sunday and I have to drop my wife to their mom’s house to take care of her and her inside baby. And she will be there till the birth of the baby and then she will come back. Door bell ring I opened the door Suman and her hubby come at my home to say good bye to my wife, Suman and my wife goes inside and Suman is helping my wife to pack her luggage and me and Mr Rakesh sit in TV room and started chit chatting, when I go inside to take water for all of us. I see in Suman eyes she is little bit scared and her eyes are also saying that please don’t tell that incident to her hubby. And I served water to all off them and her hubby invited me for dinner tonight and after few minutes they left. and that day I dropped my wife at their parents house and return same day at 6 at evening and after some rest, I refreshed up myself and at 8:30 I reached Suman apartments and ring the door bell.

After few seconds Suman’s hubby Mr. Rakesh opened the door I greeted and we sit on sofa. There I saw a brandy bottle is open and 2 glasses is there and one is full and another Rakesh glass is half empty. He offered me the same and took the glass but didn’t drink. And I asked about her wife Suman he said, she in kitchen helping maid to prepare dinner. After 5-10 min she comes she can’t able to make eye contact with me and greeted her also. Dam what sexy she is looking in yellow sleeveless kurta with red embodied follower and red leggings, I take look her from top to bottom. The maid left the house at 9 pm and we all 3 in dinner table she sit in front of me we start eating our dinner and Rakesh noticed that Suman is little bit nervous. And asked you know Mr. Sahil and why u nervous so much we always do dinner each other’s home in 15 days. We ate our dinner and I left their house at 10 pm.

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