Raj and Sumitra Devi ?

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Hi, this is a story of lust between mom and son.

Raj is a 20 years old boy who is studying at his college. Sumitra Devi is his mother. She is in her 40’s, yet she looks in her late 30’s. She is a dedicated wife and a loving mom with dick-raising stats of 34-32-36. Raj loved his mom and never looked at her sexually.

In college, his friends used to comment on their moms. But he would never allow anyone to say a word about his mom. But all the days will never be the same. There came a day when his businessman father had to leave for a long time. He left the mom and son at home.

The first day went very well. But Sumitra was never alone. She had her husband with her every night since starting of her marriage. So she started to feel scared and informed her son to sleep with her in the same room. Raj felt disappointed. He planned a hot video call with his GF cum best friend.

He went and slept beside his mom. As the night passed on, he was unable to sleep properly as he was disappointed. He had a look towards his mom. He saw her boobs as the air blew away her pallu. Her stiff boobs are caged within her bra. The cleavage, which is brownish, was visible.

He also noticed her deep navel, which was in perfect shape, calling him to look. He started to get hard between his legs. He put his hand into his shorts and began to stroke his dick slowly. As he continued to stroke and orgasm started to build, Sumitra turned to the other side.

Raj was disappointed again as he could not glimpse her sexy cleavage. He moved towards his mom and placed his hand on her waist. As there was no movement from her, he moved closer until his dick touched her ass. Aah, he started to wonder how fluffy her ass was.

Involuntarily he started to move his waist, pressing his dick into her ass as if he was fucking her. For a moment, Sumitra’s sleep was disturbed. She got up but could not speak or move. Meanwhile, Raj placed his hand between her boobs and started to press her boobs with his elbow while continuing the strokes.

Sumitra was unable to do anything. She was shocked! Her son was ravishing her on the same bed where she and her husband used to fuck every night. She started to sweat. But she also noticed that it aroused her, and her nipples were hard. She started to leak below.

Raj increased his stroking and cum within his shorts and slept off. Sumitra was awake early in the morning. She could see that her son had got a hard-on in his shorts. She slowly lifted his shorts near his waist to glimpse his manhood. His pre cum was dripping, and she could not control herself for its size.

He took the pre cum with her hand and licked it. She learned that her son’s cum is tastier than her husband’s. She ran to the bathroom, cursed herself and started to pee. As she was peeing, she could not control herself and started to rub her clitoris till she had a great morning orgasm.

After coming out when her son left for college, she took his used shorts and smelled the cum stained area. She knows what to do tonight. She shaved her body hair and waited for the night. As they started to sleep, she made sure she slept facing the ceiling.

Raj noticed her pointed nipples hard. He also understood that his mother was okay with him having her. He removed his shorts and became nude. He went near her and placed his hand on her boobs. Sumitra was awake but not opening her eyes and facing her son.

Raj started to press her hand nipples as he clenched the bedsheet to control herself. Raj started to unbutton her nighty, pulled out her boobs, and started to press them with all his lust and suck them. Sumitra wanted to catch hold of his dick and stuff her complete boob into her son’s mouth but couldn’t open up.

But she is enjoying the lust between them. Raj played with her nipples and started pulling, pinching, and biting them. He wanted his mom to beg him to fuck her. Sumitra doesn’t want her son to know she is into it. Raj pulled her nighty down, and Sumitra lifted her ass to make it easy.

Raj had a wicked smile on his face. He sat on his mom’s boobs and started to rub his dick in her mouth. Sumitra doesn’t know how to react but opens her mouth after a few rubs. Raj pushes his dick deep into her throat, making her cough.

Raj slapped her face with his dick and pulled her hair. He said, “Don’t act, Mom, let’s have fun. Help you, son, you bitch.” Sumitra has no other option but to catch hold of her son’s dick and suck it well. Raj started to moan as she sucked his dick while playing with his balls.

It made him erupt so soon that he cummed all over her mouth, which filled her mouth and overflowed sideways. Sumitra caught his head and pushed it between her legs as he licked his mom’s pussy. She moaned loud for the pleasure that she was receiving from her son.

She pushed him down. She started to lick his balls and made his dick hard quickly. She climbed over her son and started to ride him hard like there was no tomorrow. Raj couldn’t stop wondering how beautiful and perfect her boobs were.

She caught hold of his hands and made him press her boobs hard and pull her nipples as she exploded on his dick and whispered, “To a new beginning.” Raj let her stay for a while, pulled his dick out, and turned her into a doggy position. He started to fuck her from behind.

He noticed that her pussy was gripping her dick. Her pussy was tighter in this position. He started to fuck her in long hard strokes. He can see her cum dripping out of her pussy. He fucked and turned her around and cum all over her body. Both lay naked for the rest of the night.

This is how Sumitra started her incest journey with her son.

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