Office temptations: Co-worker Jasmine’s secret fetish

Hello readers, this is my first story. My name is Aashique, age 24. This incident happened when I was going through a harsh break-up. I was sad and lonely at that time. Every woman I saw felt so far away and out of reach. It was making me restless.

Porn didn’t even feel as good as before. I was getting extremely bored and I wanted something more. I tried a lot of different dating apps but that didn’t help me at all. Everything was testing my patience. I was irritable at work too and my co-worker noticed it.

Her name was Jasmine, and she came up to me while I was alone and asked me what was going on. We sat on the steps behind the office during the lunch break. People only came there for smoke-breaks.

I told Jasmine about my break-up and how it was affecting my work. She comforted me, but I could only stare down her cleavage in frustration wishing she would fuck me!

Jasmine noticed me looking and I turned my gaze away from her. She giggled.

Jasmine: You are that frustrated, huh?

Me: I am sorry. It wasn’t on purpose. (blushes)

She looked around quickly, then leaned in and kissed me! I was in shock.

Jasmine: Don’t look so shocked!

Suddenly, we made out on the stairs for a bit. It was only a matter of time before we were both caught swapping saliva. She looked at the door and then got between my legs. She pulled my dick out and breathed on it and looked up at me in a rush.

Jasmine: Come to my place tonight….I can take care of your ‘loneliness’.

My colleague sucked hard on my cock and moaned like a slut. I pulled her top down and squished her tits about as her drool dripped down my throbbing dick. Before I knew it, she pulled out her tits and breathed hard on me as I jerked off and came hard on her juicy D-cup tits. Jasmine giggled again as we got dressed. I could not wait to see her that night.

First thing I did after work was go back to my place to freshen up. Her place was at walking distance from mine. So, I ate a light snack and texted her. She told me to come over, so I headed out right away.

I knocked and her door swung open. On the other side of the door, Jasmine stood with a wine glass, dressed in pink lingerie.

Jasmine: Look who showed up!

Me: Ummm…wow. I can’t believe what I am seeing.

Jasmine (leaning in and whispering): Well, come in before someone sees you!

She kissed me on the cheek and I went inside. Jasmine poured me a glass of wine to set the mood and I was already turned on. We talked about nothing for a while to cut the tension and then she smiled at me. I was nervous, so I started blabbering.

Me: Listen, I appreciate you calling me here. You look fucking hot in that lingerie…but if this is just some ‘pity fuck’…I would feel awful afterward.

Jasmine: I wish it was a pity fuck…it’s not. I have a fetish and you pressed my buttons.

Me: What fetish?!

Jasmine: I like being watched, honey. You were staring so intently at my chest…that it made me fucking wet…

Me: Really?

Jasmine: Thinking about it is making me wet even now.

My colleague took my hand and put it in her panties. My fingers searched and went down her shaven pubes until I found her slit. I rubbed it and her breath grazed my face softly as I felt her pussy drip. Jasmine grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a wet kiss. I snaked my fingers inside her and made her wetter. Before I knew it, she straddled me and grinded into my palm.

Me: You look so hot grinding on my palm like that!

Jasmine: Oh fuck! I feel so dirty! We should..(moaning) continue this..(moaning) in my room! (moaning)

I stopped fingering her and she guided me to her room. She had a laptop open on the bed.

Me: What’s the laptop for?

Jasmine: Before you came, I was fooling around with a hot Indian cam girl online while I waited for you.

Me: Cam girl?

Jasmine: Haven’t heard of it?

Me: I have seen some ADs.

Jasmine: Well, I have an account in this site where I pay girls to masturbate with me. Today…it’s special. 😉

Me: Why is it special?

Jasmine (whispering): I am gonna watch a girl masturbate….while you fuck me!

I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her in for a sloppy kiss. We made out hard and she moaned softly as we fell on the bed. Just then, I heard a voice from the laptop. A girl was online and watching us in a private session.

Jasmine: Meet Mohini. I already paid her to finger herself while she watches us fuck.

Mohini: Hey there! (waves) You guys look so hot!

Jasmine put my hand back in her panties and I fingered her as she watched Mohini rapidly throw off her clothes. My tongue dragged up and down her soft neck as Mohini squeezed her tits and put her hand inside her dripping panties. My pent-up aggression drove me wild while this was happening.

I flipped Jasmine over and faced her to the cam on all fours. I straddled her from behind and began thrusting and she moaned as she watched Mohini finger herself. I started talking dirty in an effort to turn her on even more as I thrust inside her juicy pussy.

Me: Every time you walk by in the office (thrust), I just wanna bend you over and fuck you!

Jasmine: Oh, fuck!

Me: I just wanna clear off the boss’s table and split your legs open on it. I wanna lick that pussy on top of the work we submit and make a mess!

Jasmine: (Moaning louder)

Mohini: Fuck! She looks so lost in pleasure. Look how wet that makes me!

The sexy Indian cam girl stuck her glistening pussy closer to the cam and I could hear her fingers slosh around her wet cunt as she touched herself. I pulled my dick out and jerked off for Mohini and she put her fingers deep inside her and moaned even louder.

Jasmine: Don’t stop fucking me! Pleaseee! I am getting sooo restless, babyyyy!

Mohini: Yeahhh..keep fucking her! I wanna cum watching her get railed!

I put my dick back inside her and Jasmine screamed as she watched Mohini. I could feel my cock throb as my orgasm built up to its peak. Mohini bit her lip and drilled her fingers deep inside her panties as I went faster. Jasmine gripped the sheet and let out a thirsty moan and I leaned in and licked her neck while looking into the camera at Mohini.

Mohini: Fuck…he’s so naughty! (moans)

Jasmine: I can’t believe my co-worker is railing me so hard! Please touch me while we work too!

Me: I am gonna touch and squeeze you at work from now on. Maybe…even rub my cock against that ass when no one is looking.

Jasmine screamed when she heard me whisper that. I felt her milky-white cum drip down her thighs and my crotch tightened. I came hard inside her and let Mohini watch as my cum dripped out of Jasmine’s stuffed pussy.

Mohini moaned as she raised her hips and fingered herself harder. She brought her pussy close and squirted as we watched and made out sloppily.

Jasmine (kissing me while out of breath): Stay over, I wanna fuck you again in a bit.

Mohini (still throbbing from cumming): Don’t forget to call me, you guys! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. 😉

The three of us chuckled as Jasmine cut the call and made out with me.

Nowadays, we call Mohini every time we fuck as our virtual third partner in the bedroom. This arrangement was way better than any relationship I have ever had. Sometimes, I call up other hot and young Indian girls in this site and have sex on my own time for a change.

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