Next Door Lady Made Me Father

Coming to the story, I stay alone in a 1BHK house in first floor, which has another house on same floor where Sharmila and her Hubby Stays together. She is very smart, whitish, 34-28-36 Size who always used to wear Saree. I never talk to her before or had any wrong intention over her. We used to just smile while we pass on. Many times I used to hear lot of shouting and argument happening between them. Mostly when ever her Mother-in-law comes and go it is very common.

One day weekend, when I was in home I saw Sharmila coming and send a hi and smiled. I smiled back and said hey.

Sharmila: Do you mind if we talk for a while ?
Me: yeah sure, please tell me?
Sharmila: I hv done my MBA Finance degree and can u please let me know if any job opening is there on your company?
me: Sure, I will try my best.

Later, I checked with my manager and found her a job but for less pay but any way she took it. She thanked me a lot and I said its Ok. Please go through the joining process and I will catch u later and I left.

In the Evening of the first day to office She came to my seat in Pink Saree, oh God she is so cute and I can able to see a small part of waist which is very white and I can able to see the curve in it.

She asked are u free can we go to for a coffee? I said yeah sure, anything special ?
Just a small treat for u since u got me a job. I said no i want a big treat from u.
Sharmila: Ya ok. Sure will plan for that

We went to nearby coffee day. While walking we just normally chatted about our school college likes and dislikes.
In coffee day, She sat next to me and hold my hand and thanked me a lot with a little tear in eyes. I said hey its ok its very nothing big and cool down her.

Days passed, we shared lot of our personal stuffs. I used to work on Shift. So I was in home in the morning. Sharmila Husband went to office. Around 11 I got a call from Sharmila to come to her home. I went and knocked the door. She opened it. She seems to be very tiered. I asked her what happened and kept my hand on her forehead. She looks to be sick. She told that my husband left me like this since he has a important meeting.

I prepared coffee for her and gave few tables which I had and asked her to sleep. She said her head is paining a lot. I asked to be on bed and took some ointment and applied gently on her for head. She was in normal saree and properly worn. I was able to see her complete stomach and belly button. This is the first time I had a different kind of feelings on her. I asked her to turn back so that I will apply on your shoulder. She told its fine, I am ok. I asked her to sleep but she asked to stay her and read some books for a while. After few minute my mind is thinking bad after seeing her belly. I can see that she is sleeping and went close to her and kissed on her bare stomach on the belly button. I didn’t move anything further as she was sick. I went to my room and slept all day thing about her.

After few days, She came back office still more smart and hot in T-Shirt and Jeans. Thanked me for the help and asked me to join with her on lunch.

In Lunch, We shared our food and the chat went like this

Me: your hubby is earning a lot so why your her for very less pay?
She: There is lot of problem between us so to keep my mind busy I came?
She: I got married 5 year before now I am 26 but still we don’t have a child. Initially I had some problem with irregular periods but later it was ok. But my hubby is not able to satisfy me. He has problems but if I say to check, He always shouts on me. So when my mother in law comes She starts this topic and we have fight all time long.
Me: yes I have heard it many times.

Knowing this I came to know that it is very easy to hit on her but however I waited let her come to me. After this incident we used to hang around most of the time and her way of look changed a lot. She has a two wheeler where we go out to nearby restaurant for lunch. She asked me to come with me when we were in same shift. Whenever I used to come with her, She wear a sleeve less tops and a over jack but she won’t wear while driving. I used to hold her shoulder and sometimes I keep my finger near to the side of her boobs. I can able to smell the fragrance coming from her body. one day She came in saree. While driving I keep my hand on her should then slowly I went down and down and finally I keep my hand on her waist, suddenly she lose control of vehicle for a second. I asked her what happened, She said nothing and smiled.

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