Naughty Wife’s Adventures – Part 1 (Fucked By Husband’s Colleagues)

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Hi fellow ISS readers. My name is Aparnaa and I have been a part of ISS for a long time. The stories here inspired me to be more bold and also gave me the confidence to pursue my different fetishes.

A little about myself. I am a married woman of age 27. My figure is 31-29-34. I have been married for 4 years now. My sex life with my husband was non-existent. He never had an interest in sex and also had micro-penis. I know the size doesn’t matter, but his dick was so small that it won’t even go inside me.

After marriage, I would have had sex with my husband probably 10 times till now. But since I was a horny lady, this wasn’t enough for me. So I am here to detail all the experiences and adventures of my life so that people can enjoy them.

This story happened 6 months after my marriage. I was introduced to 2 of my husband’s colleagues. They worked together in the same company. They used to come home late after work very often to our place and used to stay the night as well. I did cook for them as well.

Mostly during the weekends, these 2 colleagues come to our place to drink with my husband. My husband on the other hand has a very low capacity when it comes to alcohol. The names of his 2 colleagues were Manpreet and Rahul. They used to come home just to drink and whenever they got drunk, they keep staring at me. And by this time, my husband will be so drunk that he won’t be in his senses. This used to happen very frequently. I also loved the attention I got from them since I didn’t get any from my husband. I also drink, but my husband thinks I am a teetotaler. He thinks I am an orthodox Indian lady.

Slowly, my husband’s colleagues Rahul and Manpreet started to notice my love for their attention. So they would give me compliments when my husband passed out. We would put my husband to bed and we used to sit and talk together.

I told them that I love to drink but my husband doesn’t know. They said they have a plan and we can do it the coming weekend. I was also excited since I was drinking after a long time.

They took my number and told me that they will make sure to get my husband drunk before they come home. On a Friday night, I got a text from Manpreet that the plan was on. I was excited and was waiting for them.

They came home and they were carrying my drunk and blacked-out husband. They told me he had almost a bottle of rum and he won’t be able to even talk or hear us for the next few hours.

We carried him to our bedroom and put him on the bed. I then asked Manpreet and Rahul to wait in the hall and that I’ll come. I quickly changed my clothes and wore a night dress so that I feel comfortable. And when I am at home, I don’t wear any bra or panties. So this nightdress was sleeveless and was satin smooth till my thighs.

When I came out of the room, both Manpreet and Rahul were stunned. They kept staring at my legs and me. I was blushing because I loved the attention they gave me.

I immediately sat down and asked them to pour for me. Without hesitation, they poured a glass and we started to drink. We started talking about a lot of things.

After a point, the conversation started to be more adult conversation. My husband’s colleagues asked me about how I lost my virginity and all. And they were surprised when I told them I lost it when I was a teen.

Then they asked about my current sex life and my face became dull. I told them what was actually going on at home and all. Then they started to compliment me on how sexy I looked and my husband was so unlucky that he can’t enjoy me completely. But while talking, I noticed both of them taking turns and looking at my thighs. And when they saw me looking at them, they immediately looked somewhere else. That was when I noticed that while talking, the satin smooth night dress kept moving up my thighs and after a point, they could see my clean shaved pussy clearly from their angle.

I was shy but I loved it. So I didn’t cover it, I started moving even more and the night dress came up to my hips.

I slowly got up and sat on a chair and lifted both my legs and was sitting. And from their angle, they could clearly see my pussy and they could see that I was leaking. My pussy juices were on the floor and also on my thighs. They couldn’t take their eyes off my pussy. And I acted as if I didn’t know that I was showing my pussy to them.

I could see their pants bulge and that turned me on even more. We then continued talking again. But they slowly started to move toward me. Manpreet was touching my hand and Rahul’s hands were near my thighs. Manpreet couldn’t hold himself and he immediately asked me:

Manpreet: Are you horny right now, Aparnaa?

Me: What? Who said so?

Manpreet: Don’t act as if you don’t know, you have been showing us your leaking pussy for a long time now. And I noticed you loved doing it.

Me: Are you sure that I am horny?

Rahul: I can prove it for you if you want.

Rahul immediately moved his fingers from my thighs and went straight to my pussy. My husband’s colleague’s fingers entered my pussy easily since it was well lubricated. He then pulled out his fingers and showed his finger full of my pussy juices leaking. I also moaned and this gave them a green single that I was horny and I wanted that too.

Immediately, without hesitation, Manpreet stood up and removed his pants to show his cock to me. I was hairy and smelly as well. It smelled like urine. But I was too horny to think about all those.

I grabbed onto his dick and started to move front and back. Rahul immediately stopped and started to kiss me while his fingers entered my wet pussy again to finger me. I was moaning like a slut. I knew my husband was in the other room but that was what made it even more exciting.

Manpreet then held my head and was hovering his dick in my face. He asked me to suck his dick since it was waiting for my mouth for a long time. I immediately put a ponytail on my hair and started to suck his cock. Manpreet was very rough and after a few seconds, he immediately grabbed my head and started to fuck my face hard. This made me gag too.

Meanwhile, Rahul started to finger me even faster and in a couple of minutes, I had a squirting orgasm. I squirted all over Rahul’s hands and on the floor as well. Rahul looked at Manpreet and said, “Let’s fuck this bitch tonight.”

Manpreet nodded and immediately lifted me from the chair and made me lie down on the floor. And he took position between my legs. In a swift motion, my husband’s colleague Manpreet pushed his dick inside my pussy and I gave a loud moan! Manpreet started to pound my pussy hard.

Meanwhile, Rahul stripped completely and brought his cock to my face and asked me to suck it. I started to give Rahul a blowjob and Manpreet was fucking my pussy. After a few minutes of fucking me in missionary, he asked me to turn and get on all fours like a down. I didn’t even hesitate, my body was out of control.

I listened to him and turned around and he entered my pussy from behind. He grabbed my hair and started to fuck me like some cheap prostitute. He spanked my ass till it became red. And in a few minutes, Manpreet just came inside my pussy. He cummed so much that when he took his cock out of my pussy, my pussy was leaking cum like a tap.

That was when I realized he didn’t wear a condom but I didn’t say anything. By this time, the alcohol hit me and I was so drunk to even speak. Rahul then took Manpreet’s position and started to fuck my leaking cum filled pussy. And in a few minutes, I had a huge orgasm.

I just lied down, but Rahul never stopped. He kept fucking my pussy till he cummed inside me. I was just lying down on the floor and these 2 started to drink and talk. After a few minutes, my husband’s colleagues took turns to fuck me the entire night. I was so satisfied and also tired, so I immediately went to the bathroom and cleaned myself.

I wore new clothes and asked Manpreet and Rahul to go home and then I came to sleep with my husband. After this incident, Manpreet and Rahul used to come home frequently and used to get my husband drunk so that they could use me as they like.

My husband still doesn’t know about my affairs and I will be revealing more of my affairs in the upcoming stories.

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