My Soumya Aunty

I got happy and a sudden erection in my pant, kissed all over her face and bit her rose lips and explore her mouth and lick her tongue she moaned with pleasure we continue it for a long time. And I squeezed her boobs and ass mercilessly. she loose the control herself so she laid down and drag my head to her juicy melons I madly suck and squeeze those melons and bit the dark hard nipples she moaned with pain ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhh sssssss. Now her boobs red in colour by my play and she enjoyed it very much. Again I kissed her rosy lips and came to her navel and kissed and scroll my hand there she got mad and spread her milky thighs and show her wet pussy, first I put my finger in it and separate her pussy lips slowly I kissed her inner thighs and enter into her wet spot suck her pussy lips and insert my tongue in and play some time, she is moaned with pleasure and says something and I can’t get it because I’m concentrated in her honey spot.

Within few mins she cummed a lot and I drank all. She took my dick in her mouth, done a good blow job and I cummed in her deep throat. I continue kissing while she plays with my dick and erect for the play. Then I placed my hard cock into her pussy and slowly push it continue jerking and increased my speed, she moaned like ahhhhhhhhh…….ohhhhhhhhh sajjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuu plssssssssssssss . She caught me tightly with her hand and cummed again…… I send my man hood deep inside her pussy and touché her G spot and cummed inside her. After my uncles arrival we don’t get a nice chance, now I’m very hungry for a wet spot. Ladies, women, who are all wish to help me please mail me at

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