My sex life journey as an HR – Part 1

Hello everyone, this is Hades (name changed). I am an Indian. Actually, the stories I am posting are true events that happened. I will be changing the character names. Please enjoy the story.

This series will have different parts as it occurred during my first job and second job. After one month of completion of this current series, I will post my early life story.


Hades (main character/myself): In my first job, I was working as an HR Assistant. I am an Indian and I have a 5.9 Inches dick.

Supriya (1st female lead character): In my first job, she was my HR manager and my mentor. She is from India and a south Indian. She is as white as a regular south Indian and has small average tits which makes you want to lick a lot. She usually wore office outfits and on Thursdays, t-shirts with jeans. She has 2 young boys and a husband.

Maya (2nd female lead character): In my first job, she was the Operations manager. She was from a Middle Eastern country. She looked like an actress in an Arabic movie and she had a hourglass figure (medium tits which sometimes leak milk as she had a new baby and a big ass that bounces a lot while walking).

Usually she wore casual work outfits and on Thursdays, she used to wear a sports outfit with a tight dress which used to expose her figures. She had 1 kindergarten-going kid, a small baby, and a husband.

Let’s start the narration:

I Hades, completed my BBA, and went to the middle east gulf country as my entire family was staying there for more than 15 years. I had done my schooling there. After completing my BBA, I started searching for a job in the country as a fresher or Intern. During that time, I got to know about my first company and applied there.

I had a phone call interview in which Supriya spoke with me. But she gave the receptionist’s name as she didn’t want to know that I was speaking with the HR Manager. And after the phone call interview, I had a video call interview and a face-to-face Interview.

Later, after these interviews, I was selected as my predecessor left the company due to the lower salary she got in the company. But I chose this job mainly for getting experience in HRM.

After I was selected, I got a working contract for 3 months as the country / General manager wanted to see my performance as an HR Assistant and would decide on a permanent working contract as an HR Assistant.

After joining the company, I was working with Supriya in the office. There I came to know that there were only 8 females in this company branch as the company had more than 400 employees in this branch. So, there was a lot of competition for me as every employee was trying to flirt with all the females.

But most of the male and female employees were married including Supriya and Maya. I was lucky as I was the youngest employee in the company at the age of 21.

But in the management department, there was only Supriya and Maya as the female managers. Also, one more thing. It was rare to see employees come to the management department because everyone was busy with their work and in the management dept, everyone had their own room.

Supriya was on the 1st floor and Maya was on the ground floor as sometimes she had to handle the customers. So, during my first week as the HR Assistant, Supriya taught me the job of HR Assistant. During lunchtime, she used to call me to her office and share her food with me. Sometimes, she would touch my hand and thighs, which I was enjoying.

After the first week itself, she called me to her office as she was having free time and we were discussing random things. I asked her about her marriage. I asked her whether it was love or an arranged marriage. She said it was a love marriage. Then I asked her if she was enjoying her life with her husband.

Then she got a bit angry about her husband. She held my thighs with her hand which was going near my pants and told me that she was not satisfied with her husband as her husband used to last not more than 2 minutes in bed . He had a small 3 inches dick and she never had an orgasm in her life after marriage.

I was literally shocked and told her, she should find a friend to have sex with so that she could satisfy herself. Suddenly, the room became silent and both of us looked each other. Then she saw my boner which was bigger than her husband’s. She was rubbing her hand on my thighs which was about to touch my boner.

After seeing my boner, she immediately took her hand and asked me whether I had a girlfriend or not. I told her that, I broke up with my girlfriend during my 1st year of college as she couldn’t handle my continuous sex and my size.

Supriya was shocked and was watching my boner trying to come out of my pants for a minute.

Then she got an email notification, which she saw on the laptop, and got angry and told me to give the document to Maya (Operations manager). After getting the documents, I went to the ground floor and went to Maya’s office room. I was awe-struck by her beauty as she had an hourglass figure. She was wearing a white t-shirt and tight black yoga pants in which I could see her medium-sized tits and big bouncy ass.

Then she saw me looking at her figure and smiled and asked me who I was. I introduced myself. She looked at me for a second and asked whether Supriya or Maya was more beautiful, hot, and sexy?

I immediately replied Maya was more beautiful as I could not take my eyes off her. I was still scanning her body which she liked and was blushing.

Then I asked her whether I could call her “Darling”, to which she immediately said yes. Then, she took the docs, signed them, and gave me documents back. She told me to get a sign from the general manager and give it back to Supriya.

I told her thanks and was about to leave. Suddenly, she came and started groping my ass. I was shocked and told her if she kept doing this, I would do the same to her. She immediately replied, “Do it!”

Without thinking for a second, I immediately started groping her ass with my left hand and putting my right hand inside her mouth. She started enjoying groping and was licking and sucking my right hand.

After 2-3 minutes, there was a knock on the door. Then we moved away from each other. I opened the and found out that her husband was standing outside with her kid. Then I immediately realized she was married and had a kid. After introducing myself to her husband, I immediately took the documents and went to the general manager’s room to get a sign on the document and gave the paper to Supriya.

After that, I told Supriya that I met Maya’s family members and she informed me to not have a friendship with her as Maya hated Supriya. Before Supriya joined the company, every male employee used to flirt with Maya. But after Supriya’s joining, no male employee was flirting and giving importance to Maya. Due to that, Maya hated Supriya.

After work, Supriya told me she would drop me at my home. I accepted her invitation. Then we went to her car and while she was driving, she was rubbing her hands on my thighs and sometimes, it reached my dick. I kept myself silent as I enjoyed it.

After reaching my home, she stopped the car. Then she started kissing me for 5 minutes. After that, she stopped it and made me leave the car and she went back to her home. I was shocked by these two incidents.

That night, I was having wet dreams of me, Supriya, and Maya having a threesome! After that, I started looking at Supriya lustfully and the same for Maya as well.

I will tell you guys the remaining story in Part 2. It will be more intense, hot, and sexy, and will make you cum a lot.