My Mom fucked by my Dad’s friend

This is a real story about my Mom’s affair. It happened a few years back when I was living with my Mom. I was still in junior college at that time. My dad is working in Delhi. Me and my Mom stay in our village in Kerala. She is a housewife. There are only two of us at home.

My dad would come home once a year. My parents had a rough relationship. My Mom was well-educated, and my dad wasn’t, so there were always problems between them.

Now, before you go thinking about what you’re thinking, I want to set the record straight – I do not want to have sex with my Mom. I admire her beauty. I know she’s attractive, but never has the thought of me defiling her ever come into my mind. I don’t want to stick anything in her.

I never had any dirty thoughts about my Mom before until I watched her fuck my dad’s old friend. After that, I started looking at her from another perspective. She had white skin. She had big brown eyes and a small nose she had beautiful hair. She has big breasts. She has an excellent chubby body shape.

I think their affair started when there was some work going on at our new house. At that time, my dad was also at home. He called 3 of his old friends who do plumbing work. Me and my dad were outside. He was helping them fix the water pump, and I was watching.

When my dad and two other friends were working on the water pump, one of them was inside installing the water pipe. My Mom was also inside the house. After some time, my father asked for some water, and I went in to get it. I saw my Mom and Dileep (that’s his name) talking. My Mom was smiling.

Nothing suspicious. There were 3 days of work, and whenever my dad wasn’t around, my Mom was talking to Dileep. I noticed it. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

The next week, my dad left back to Delhi again. It was me and my Mom alone. One day, when I came back from college, I saw my Mom talking to someone on the phone. I was unintentionally hearing that my Mom did not notice me coming in. She was in the kitchen.

I was going to the kitchen for some water. I saw she was giggling. She was laughing silly. I didn’t go in. I started trying to listen, but I couldn’t find out who it was. Because she never talked to my dad that way. My dad usually calls at night. So, I know I wasn’t my dad.

After that, I started noticing whenever a bike went by in front of our house, she would immediately look who it was. I understood something was happening, and she was talking to another guy. I wanted to find out who it was. After a couple of days went by, I was home, and the phone started ringing.

I picked it up. I said, “Hello,” and there was a moment of silence. I heard a male sound. He asked is your Mom there? I asked who is this? Suddenly, the call disconnected. It made me more curious to know who it was.

One day, I was coming back from the playground, and I saw my Mom talking to some guy on a bike in front of our house. I walked towards them, and it was Dileep. Dileep was a very tough and fit guy. Very handsome. Fair complexion. My Mom saw me and tried to act casually. Before I reached there, he left.

I figured out it was Dileep, my Mom was talking to. I didn’t know what to do. I was so angry at that time I wanted to scream at her. But I know if I confront her, she will deny it. I was scared. I remain patient. Even when I was home, they would talk to each other. My Mom was always smiling while talking to him.

Whenever I asked who it was, she would say no one or say one of our relative’s names. I was scared to confront her. I wanted to tell my dad about this, but I was afraid he would divorce her. I love them both at the same time. I didn’t want to lose them.

A couple of months later. One night, I was going to my room to sleep, and she got a call. She was talking softly. I tried to understand, but I couldn’t listen to what she was saying. Instantly, I thought it was him, and something was going to happen that night.

I went to my room. I couldn’t sleep after some time. I went to the kitchen to drink some water, and my Mom was washing dishes. She turned around, and I saw her she was wearing a maxi. It was a new one with a low v-cut neck. I could see her cleavage a little.

She was surprised to see me. I never saw her wearing this type of maxi. She would wear a typical maxi. At night, she often wears old ones. And I figured out what was going to happen. I went back to my room. I wanted to stop them. I didn’t know how. I couldn’t sleep.

At midnight, my room’s door opened. I pretended to be sleeping, and my Mom came in and called me. I didn’t answer. She thought I was asleep. She closed the door. After a couple of seconds, I went after her. I opened the door. I didn’t know where she went.

I heard a noise in the kitchen door opening. I wanted to look, but I was scared to go there. I hid behind the sofa. I saw my Mom and Dileep going inside her room. I wasn’t shocked because I had an idea of what was going to happen. But I was shivering.

I went close to the Mom’s room door and tried to hear what was going on inside. But I was scared to open the door. I went back to my room and cried, thinking. I fell asleep crying.

The next morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen. She was there cooking. She was smiling when she saw me and told me to eat. I was angry and wanted to call her a whore. But I didn’t. I went and ate the food and went to college.

I wanted to know what my Mom and Dileep were doing that night. I wanted to watch them. I started planning how. I was looking for ways to watch them. In her bedroom room, there is a small hole that was drilled to draw wires on the back side and left as it is.

The view wasn’t clear, but it was high. So I brought an old ladder from the storage room and put a ladder close to the hole. So that whenever it happens, I could watch. We don’t really go to the backside of our house. Because it is really narrow and we saw snakes a couple of times. There are no houses there.

Days gone, nothing happened. After a couple of weeks, my friends and I planned a one-day trip to our friend’s group. There were 5 guys. 2 of the guys had a driving license, and one of them had a swift. We planned to go on Monday afternoon at 7.

We will reach the destination on Tuesday early morning, and on Tuesday at noon, we will come back. I notified my Mom about the trip she allowed me to go. Monday, I was getting ready. I was coming out of the shower when I heard my Mom talking to someone.

I heard her talking to him. She was inviting him to our house. At 4, I casually left, telling her bye. On my way there, I started imagining what they were going to do when I was not home. So, I cancelled the trip. I told them I couldn’t come. I told them some excuse.

I went to one of my college friends’ houses and stayed there for a couple of hours. My Mom called. I picked up the call and told her we were waiting for one friend to come and we would leave right after that. She said okay. It was getting dark. I left for home.

On my way home, I saw Dileep’s bike, around 200m, parked away from my home on the side of the road. The exhaust was hot, which meant he just parked the bike. It was dark. I went home. At my house, all the lights were off. Usually, she will not turn off the lights until 10-11. Today 7:00, there were no lights.

I was sure they were inside. I went back to my house. Slowly climbed the ladder and looked through the hole. I couldn’t see much. But I saw the bed was empty. They were not in the bedroom. After 15 minutes, I saw my Mom and Dileep enter the room.

He was walking behind her. He grabbed her hand. She turned around, looked at his face, and hugged him. He hugged her back and grabbed her ass. Then they sat on the bed. He started rubbing her thighs, and her hand slowly went up and pushed his hand towards her pussy from outside the dress.

Then he started to kiss her. They both fell on the bed, and he was on top of her, kissing. He started pressing her breast. He took off the buttons of the maxi and took one of her breasts out. He started sucking on them. I saw my Mom’s white breast with dark brown nipples in striking contrast.

I started to get horny. I started rubbing my pants. It was hard. I took my dick out. I wanted to masturbate, but I was standing on a ladder. I was scared of falling. I kept watching. He took off his shirt. She started to touch his chest. They were still kissing. After a while, he took off both of their clothes.

He removed her panties. I saw my Mom naked and saw that she was having hairy pink pussy. My Mom looks very hot, with thick, long thighs. Big boobs, big ass, and comparatively decent waist. I saw my Mom’s waist chain for the first time. I never knew she wore a waist chain before.

My Mom was sitting with her legs spread, and Dileep started sucking her hairy pussy. Mom moaned at his suck and pushed his head more and more toward her pussy. I could hear her. It made me really horny. Her pussy became more lubricated with her passion juices.

I started slowly masturbating. I was dripping. After some time, he switched to her boobs. He started pinching her nipples. Mom shouted in excitement. He put her hands on his cock. Mom smiled and held his cock, and started shaking it hard. It started growing. It was dark and so big it was twice the size of her hand.

My Mom’s hand couldn’t cover his dick. Mom moved her mouth near his cock and took it in her mouth. It could hardly go half inside, and Mom spread her saliva on his cock and sucked it. Suddenly he put his hands on her head and pushed his dick in.
This time, she took it fully. She started choking. And started hitting him. They were clearly having a fun time. Again, my Mom started to suck hard. He pulled her back she stopped sucking. He pushed her, and she fell on the bed. He got on top of her. She was too excited.’

He kept his rockhard cock on Mom’s pussy lips and was teasing her. He pushed slowly and entered half in just one shot. Mom cried loudly in pleasure then Dileep started pumping his cock deep into Mom’s pussy, fully inside and fucked her like bitch. He grabbed her waist and started fucking her deeper.

With every shot, his balls would slap on her pussy. She put her left hand on his chest and right on his shoulder. He grabbed her right hand and pinned her against the bed. She tried to take that hand, but he was grabbing her hand so tightly she couldn’t move.

I couldn’t control myself and started masturbating. Within 1 minute, I cum hard, but I continued to masturbate. My mother screamed her pleasure as she came, her hips bucking off the bed, her breasts flopping wildly, and her body exploded with pleasure. I understand she is having an orgasm.

My mother’s body stopped twitching after several minutes. When he was going to cum, he removed his cock from pussy and kept his cock wanking. He came over to her stomach. Finally, Mom weakly pushed him away, and he slid between her outstretched arms as she embraced him loosely.

They cuddled and kissed each other. They started to talk to each other talking about sex. She said he hurt her hand. She showed him it was red. He said sorry and started kissing her face and neck. For 15 minutes, they stayed in the bed, cuddling, talking and giggling.

He was ribbing her pussy with his fingers. I knew it wasn’t over. They slowly started again. She stood up. Dileep was sitting on the bed, and Mom kneeled in front of him. Dileep moaned as his head turned up. Mom’s head bobbed up and down. Her lips wrapped around his cock.

Soon his cock got covered with her saliva. He tapped on her shoulder she stopped. Told her to get on the bed. When she got on the bed, he grabbed her hips from her back and began kissing her thighs. Mom let out a soft moan. The room was filling with my Mom’s sexy whimpers and moans.

She got louder when he entered two fingers and touched her clit with his tongue. Then Dileep climbed onto the bed and positioned his cock against her pussy. I was disappointed because Mom was covered with Dileep’s ass. But at least I could only see the back of her head.

He slowly entered Mom’s pussy and began pumping in and out. I could hear them both moaning like crazy fucking each other. My hand never left my cock. But I couldn’t last long enough to cum with them, so I shot my load again. They kept fucking for 10 more minutes.

Mom’s moaning and swearing got louder as she came and got quieter after that. When he pulled out of her, I could see his cum dripping down from my Mom’s pussy. I was worried she would get pregnant. After all of the action, they both got out of bed and began kissing.

After making out, my Mom got into the bathroom. I heard the shower running. My leg started to ache, so I climbed down. Now I don’t know what to do.