My Maid From Paradise – Part 2

I went to the hall, preparing a list of things I needed to buy for her, including toiletries. I went to my bedroom and said, “I am going out for some shopping, and I will lock the door. You take rest.”

I went to the medical store and bought a pack of sanitary pads and a box of KS honeymoon special condoms. Then went to the supermarket and bought the toiletries, etc.

I went to the local garment store, and I asked the man at the counter, “I need to buy some clothes for a woman.” He asked, “Do you know her sizes?” I went blank, asking what he meant.

I said, “I want to buy bras and panties and some nighties. Etc.” He looked at my face and smiled, asking me, “Is this your first time.” I said, “Yes,” I showed him the sanitary pads. He said he had panties, which should be enough for this purpose.

He suggested I buy 7 of them because sometimes full cycles can last 7 days. I asked what he meant. He took me inside to the underwear section and showed me lacy underwear, mostly fancy for special occasions like honeymoon, etc.

He showed me many different types of bras. He said to buy the correct type, I need to get her measurements. I asked, “Can you show me what measurements I need to take and if I could borrow your measuring tape. I will be back in 1 hour with the measurements to buy the rest of the clothes.”

Then I saw one of his saleswomen in the store who was nearly like Uma except for her height. I told him about it. He called her and asked me to take a closer look to be sure. I said, “I may not be very accurate, but I am 90% sure.” He told her something.

She went to the bra section, brought 4 different size bras, and introduced herself as Mary. She asked, “Are you buying all these for someone important,” I said, “Yes, very special.” She was happy to hear. I said, “The lady I am buying all these for has never before worn any underwear.”

While talking, I slipped a 2000 note in her hands. Mary looked at me, very surprised. I said, “Keep it because this is my first time. I am going to need a lot of your help, even the unusual kinds.”

Mary understood and said, “I will help you as much as I can, but don’t tell anything to my manager.” I winked at her and followed her through the women’s dress section. She went to the back of the store inside a store room.

She said, “I have given you 4 different sizes of bras. Only one of them will fit correctly to your woman.” I saw this room was very big. She said, “Step inside, lock the door and stand opposite.” She removed her pallu, exposing her blouse to me.

I was staring at her BIG boobs with deep cleavage because of the low-cut blouse. Mary said, “I am going to teach you how to take correct measurements to make sure the bra fits your woman correctly and comfortably.”

I could not take my eyes off her chest and nodded while she was talking. Mary unhooked her blouse from the front. My throat went dry, and my eyes popped out. Mary said, “I have never done this before but felt like doing it to help you.”

She spread her blouse and turned around, asking me to remove it. I removed it and put it on the hook behind the door. I had a monster hard-on in my pants now. She turned her back to me, raising her hands and asking me to hug her from behind.

She held my hands and made me cup her boobs. This made both of our bodies pressed against each other, and my erect dick was pressing into her butt. She said, “Your woman is very lucky to have you.”

I asked her why, and she said, “It is the size of your manhood that I can feel.” I immediately removed my hands, stepping back and telling her, “I am sorry.” She said, “It is ok,” and turned around and touched my dick thru my pants.

Mary, softly rubbing my hard-on, said, “I wish I could have been so lucky myself. After looking at a woman’s boobs so closely, if a man does not get aroused, then that is a big problem. So it is very normal, and I do not mind.”

Mary asked, “Can I take a closer look?” I nodded yes. Mary pulled down my zipper and took my cock out from my underwear, stroking it with her hand. She said, “You have a beautiful size. If I were not committed to someone else, then I would have asked you to fuck me right now.”

She got up and turned around, facing her back to me, but only this time she raised her sari. I lifted her sari while she bent forward, telling me to raise it till I could see her panties. I raised it till I saw her black panties.

She joined her thighs tightly together and pushed her butt towards my cock, guiding it between her legs. She stood up straight, telling me to let go of her clothes. Mary raised her hands, and I quickly cupped her boobs over her bra.

I was tightly hugging her with my dick rubbing her pussy over her panties. She said, “I did this to make you comfortable. Otherwise, your erection in your pants would be hurting. Except for putting your cock inside my pussy you can do anything.”

She raised her sari from the front while she slowly did a to-and-fro motion as if we were fucking. I got the signal and started humping her from behind. I pushed my hand down from below her sari, slipping it inside her panty. I felt her wet pussy.

My cock was feeling great buried in her triangle of heat and wetness. I pulled one side of her panty a little and pushed my cock in it, now directly rubbing her pussy. Mary tried pushing me away, saying, “I said no, putting it inside.”

I hugged her, saying, “I am not inserting it, just feeling your love hole to enhance pleasure for both of us.” I began giving strokes, and she calmed down. She unhooked her bra from the front and took it off.

I grabbed her left breast and started squeezing it hard with my left hand while my right hand was busy fingering her clit. I continued stroking her from behind, and soon, Mary was on fire. I turned her face sideways and placed my lips on hers, and she went mad kissing me.

We were like this for some time, and I was getting close to cumming. Mary suddenly jerked like crazy, pushing herself up on her toes and wriggling her body, having an orgasm. Lowering herself down while I was humping her from behind.

This caused the tip of my cock to enter her pussy. I was sure she knew what had happened. She turned her face sideways, locking her lips in a kiss with mine. She pushed her hand inside her panty, guiding my cock further inside her pussy.

She gave a few strokes, pushing her butt against my crotch, helping my cock to enter inside fully. I broke the kiss and was about to speak. She looked at me and said, “Forget everything and fuck me now and make me your slave.”

I gave a few long and slow strokes, enjoying the tightness of her pussy around my cock. As I was close to cumming and the real fun had just started, I wanted to prolong my release. I turned her around. I kissed her and held her boobs with my hands squeezing and massaging them.

I took her puffed nipples in my mouth, sucking on them hard. Mary was still stroking my dick with her hands. I kissed her again and made her sit on some carton boxes. They seemed to be strong and took her weight. I raised her sari, removing her panty completely.

I spread her legs, revealing her brown shaved pussy shining with her juices. I put my mouth to her pussy and started licking it. Mary was going mad with pleasure and said, “We need to hurry up.” I continued eating her pussy and drinking all her juices, and she had another orgasm.

I got up and placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. Mary kept saying, “Oh my god, oh my god,” all the time I was fucking her pussy. Her pussy was tight like a virgin, and I was enjoying fucking her with slow strokes.

I fucked her for about 7 odd minutes, and I wanted to pull out before I cum to avoid pregnancy. Maybe Mary, too, felt it and locked her legs behind me, taking me deeper into her. I emptied my balls inside her and fell on her, panting.

She held my face and kissed me, saying, “I have no regrets breaking my oath for you and am happy to be available whenever you need me.” I asked, “What if you got pregnant?”

She said, “I want to get pregnant because I and my hubby have been trying for over 10 years without luck. I had the best sex ever today, and you clearly have lots of experience.” I kissed her, saying, “Today was my first time, and you have taken my virginity.”

Mary could not believe it and asked if I enjoyed it. I said, “I will never forget this day because it was the best time of my life. I want to fuck you again.” We went to the small toilet to clean and sneaked out of there as if nothing happened.

Mary taught me how to measure a woman’s bra size correctly. She asked me what kind of clothes I was looking to buy. I said everything from daily wear to some special ones. She understood and took me to the nightwear section and showed me some cotton nighties.

I told her to give me about 4-5 in bright colours. Then she showed me the special collection in satin to silk, which was of various types like two pieces, 3 pieces, etc. I tried visualizing Uma in these and decided to buy various types and colours, about 5 sets.

All of them shared one feature: they were max knee or mid-thigh length. Mary suggested I come back with the right bra measurements, and then she will help me select the rest of the clothes.

I whispered to her, “I am hard again and want to fuck you one more time.” She looked at me and smilingly said, “I also want it desperately, but doing it here could be risky.” I asked, “Can you step out of the shop for a break?”

She said, “Definitely.” I said, “I will pay the bill, and after I leave, you should take your break and come to the street behind the shop. I have parked my car there.” I was back in my car, desperately waiting for her to arrive.

Mary reached a while later, getting in the front seat. She said she got delayed because her manager stopped to ask her why she was missing a while ago. She told him she was teaching me how to take measurements.  I looked around and did not see anyone on the street. I grabbed her boobs and kissed her lips.

Mary kissed me back with equal passion. After the kiss, I said, “If we can go to my place, we can do two things. First we can enjoy each other with full privacy. Then, you can take the measurements. I will drop you back, and we could buy the rest of the clothes.”

Mary asked what about my princess at home? Will that not be a problem? I said, “Leave that for me to sort out.” As my house was close by, we reached within 5-7 minutes. Mary said she stayed not too far from my house. We went inside carrying the 10-odd shopping bags.

I unlocked the door to find Uma nowhere around. I kept all the bags in the hall and asked Mary to sit on the sofa. I locked the main door and went to the kitchen. I found Uma cleaning the entire kitchen piece by piece. She turned to me, and I saw she was looking like a sex bomb.

Uma was kneeling while cleaning and now stood up as I went closer to her. I held her by her waist and turned her around. As I guessed, my t-shirt was very tight around her chest, showcasing her big boobs and nipples. My tracks also fit her very well. They were deep between her ass cheeks, highlighting her curves.

When she turned around to face me, she was blushing with her head bent. I lifted her face by her chin and asked how she was feeling in these clothes. She blushed, burying her face in my chest and softly whispering it was nice. I held both her hands, threw them around my back, and hugged her tightly.

Uma hugged me back, saying, “Thank you for everything. I am very happy now.” I said, “This was not even the beginning. Follow me to the hall.”

Uma followed me, and when she saw Mary, she ran back inside. I went after her and asked what happened. She said she was very shy to face anyone wearing my clothes. I said Mary was here to take her measurements so I could buy clothes for her.

I held her hand and came back to the hall. Uma kept staring at the floor. I told Mary that Uma was feeling very shy because she was wearing my clothes. Mary told Uma she was looking very nice and pretty. I picked up all the bags and gave them to Uma to take them to the bedroom and see what I bought for her.

I said I had some important things to do with Mary. I will take 30 minutes with her. Uma was surprised to see so many bags. She asked why did I buy so many things. I said not to worry and to check if she liked what I bought. After Uma went inside the 2nd room, I grabbed Mary’s hand and took her to my bedroom.

As soon as we got inside, I locked the door. When I turned, Mary was already removing her clothes, and I removed mine. We both got naked in seconds and were hugging and kissing each other. After a few minutes of kissing and feeling each other’s bodies, I took Mary to my bed and got on top of her.

I started kissing her from her forehead to her earlobes to her upper neck to her neck down to her boobs, stopping at her nipples. She had big boobs, which I could barely grab with one palm. I held her breast and started rubbing my face all over it.

I kissed all around the breast in circles before coming back to sucking and chewing her nipple. Then I moved to her other breast and did the same. Mary was squirming with pleasure and had started moaning, “Oh god, oh god.” I kissed her on her lips, reminding her not to be loud.

I came back to her nipples. After nibbling on them for a few minutes, I went down to her waist and kissed all around it, stopping at her navel. I started kissing, pushing my tongue into her navel, sucking on it. I kept doing this for some time.

Mary had her hands behind my head, pushing me to do more. I came down to her shaven pussy and kissed the tip of her pussy, pushing two fingers inside at the same time. Mary jerked at this. I spread her legs and continued kissing and licking her thighs all the way down to her feet.

Mary luckily had clean feet, and I spent time sucking her toes while she was wriggling with pleasure. I moved back and kissed her wet pussy again and kissed her other leg. I came back to her pussy, spreading her legs wide, folding them. I dived with my mouth, licking the length of her pussy crack.

I licked her pussy with my tongue alternating between licking her clit and tongue fucking her love hole. Mary had another orgasm while I was at it, and she was squirting. I stuck my mouth harder and drank all her juices that flowed out.

After her orgasm subsided and her juices finished flowing, I climbed up on her and kissed her again. Mary had tears of joy in her eyes and said, “I had never experienced orgasms before till I met you. I had only heard about it, and I am so happy now.”

I said I was thankful to her for giving me the chance to make love to her. It was also my first time, and I want to keep making love to her forever. She smiled, saying I was a pro in bed, and today was the first time she experienced foreplay.

She said all her hubby did was strip and get on her squeezing her boobs a little. He put his thing, which was not even half my size, inside her and gave between 5 to 10 strokes and was done and rolled off to sleep.

This has been her once-every-few-weeks sex life for 10 years. I kissed her again and said now we both are there for each other. We will do everything she longed for but could never do it. I was constantly fingering her pussy while we spoke.

Mary held my face and kissed me hard. She said she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her. I grabbed a pillow and asked her to raise her butt and place it under her butt. I spread her legs wide. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her love hole and slowly pushed it inside.

She seemed to be in pain. So I slowed down and inserted it in her pussy and started giving strokes. When the look on her face eased, I pushed a little more and kept doing this till I was fully inside her super tight tunnel of love. I pushed my dick to maximum depth inside her, and she was kissing me wild.

I started picking up speed. I fucked her like this for about ten minutes before I could feel my balls getting ready to shoot. I pulled out and asked her to get into doggy style. This time I easily pushed my dick into her from behind and started fucking her hard and fast.

Mary buried her face in the pillow to silence her moans. I fucked her for a few more minutes like this and then pulled out again. I brought her to the edge of my bed and asked her to remain in doggy style. I stood behind her pushing my dick inside her pussy fucking her with all my strength.

I was not able to hold on much longer and came deep inside her pussy. I collapsed on her with my dick still inside her pussy, emptying every last drop of my seed. Mary said she was already a slave of my lovemaking. I really knew how to please a woman.

I told her I was happy to hear this because I was putting a theory (gathered from watching porn) to practice. I got off and pulled her to her feet. We both went to the attached bathroom and showered together. By the time we were towelling, I was getting hard again, and Mary saw it.

She said, “My god, you have so much stamina to get ready for another round so soon. The princess outside is a very lucky woman, and I hope Uma has the appetite to satisfy me.” I joked at Mary’s statement, saying if Uma alone cannot handle it, then she is also there to fill in right.

Mary blushed, saying she was going to try to come often because she was addicted to my cock. We got ready. Just before unlocking the door, I pushed Mary to the wall and kissed her again, squeezing her boobs.

She, too, was running her hands below, rubbing my erection. We broke the kiss and stepped out of the room.

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