My Love My Lecturer

I’m ladiesman007. I’m 22, 5’10” tall, fair, slim smart guy, and the heroine Sofia(Name changed) my lecturer, she was 22 at that time now 25, about 5’3” tall, fair and beautiful given a chance I’ll keep on writing about her (I still wonder why CSE chicks are so hot). This was during my under graduation days, I studied in a famous engineering college. During my 2nd year of ECE we had Java as a subject and the heroine of the story, Sofia. Like all others lecturers she was a very strict. She used to scare the shit out of us and I was no excuse she used to scare the hell out of me too, but gradually she started being loose and finally started being friendly.

We used to crack jokes on other lecturers and had a lot of fun and chatting was our daily routine. My classmates on the other hand used to talk about their fantasies with her and I never liked it. Our semester came to an end and her classes were over. It was then I started having weird thoughts about her. So one day I went to her cabin she smiled at me and asked me “What brings you here?” I was straight forward and said “I miss you mam.” She said “Awww so sweet” the way she talked to us was really seducing anyone will fall for her words. We had a little chat, bell rang and I left for class I was on my way back to class when she rang me and called me to her cabin again I went in and she asked me if I’d like to come to her birthday party which was about a week from then. I said yes right away she smiled and asked me to go. I used to meet her in her cabin everyday from then on, we used to chat. After a week her birthday came and she remained me about the party.

After college I went home got ready went to her house and to my surprise a couple of my classmates were already there and to be frank I didn’t like their presence but still kept my nerves cool and tried to enjoy the party. The party came to an end everyone was driving home I went to her and told her that I was leaving but I wanted to spend some time with her she simply smiled and asked me to wait for a few minutes so that she could give send off to some of her relatives who were leaving. It was already late so I said I’ll leave and went home. The whole night I had wet dreams about her. The next day I went to her cabin again we talked and when I was going back to class she invited me to her house I said Ok and left. In the evening I went to her house her mother answered the door and asked me to come in.

Sofia came out and asked me to come into her room I went in and started chatting I told her I didn’t enjoy the party because she didn’t pay much attention towards me. She smiled and said sorry. I told her she was really pretty in her birthday dress she smiled and called me a liar. During the chat I told her I had feelings for her and how I felt. She was not amazed but tried to talk me out of it but I didn’t listen I kissed her on her cheek and said I loved her and went home.

At home I stated feeling really tensed not because I proposed her but because I kissed her. At night she sent me a text saying “We need to talk. Tomorrow, lunch break, in my cabin.” I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Next day I was sitting in my classroom during lunch break and my phone rang it was her I didn’t pick up so she sent me the same text she sent me the day before. I decided to go and went to her cabin my heart stopped for a moment when I saw their HOD at the cabin she asked me to wait and to my relief the HOD came to her with some work issue.

She smiled at me and asked me why I wasn’t answering the phone and I told her I was freaking out and told her everything that was going on in my mind she smiled and said if you don’t have the guts to face me after the proposal how should I trust you? My mind was blank I didn’t talk she continued and asked me if I was serious I said I was she said she will think about me and asked me to stop freaking out told me that she was going to be on leave for a couple of days and asked me to leave I felt relieved.

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