My hot, innocent mother Laila – Part 1

What a sweet morning at the Sharma residence. The birds were squeaking, people were off to work and the light touch of sunshine slowly called Laila to rise from her sleep.

Laila Sharma is a mother like no other. She is married for almost 20 years and has a naughty son of the same age. She’s mesmerizing and is sweeter than pure honey itself. Her long hair falls to her waist and her eyes show innocence. She is always playful as she uses her thick juicy lips to pout, giggle, and smile. Like a traditional Indian mom, she wears sarees and salwar suits. It’s because of her notorious son, she was convinced to wear clothes that fit her too tightly. Hence, her sarees fall to the waistline showing her deep navel to the world, and her blouse clings to her huge milky boobs.

Laila’s boobs have never stopped growing which is why she makes every woman around her jealous. Her milk production has also never ceased in 20 years as even today she lets her adult son Adit secretly enjoy her breastmilk whenever he pleases!

Her family’s happiness is everything to her, so she succumbs to all their wishes and sometimes, to the wishes of raunchy people as well. She looks at him with her pleasing motherly eyes as he sucks her heavy round breasts and drinks her delicious overflowing milk. She thinks maybe she should stop wearing bras to give her son easy access to her tits also making it easier to cover up in case his father walks in unannounced. This proves that her astonishingly naive nature, especially towards men, tends to get out of control sometimes.

Like the other day, Laila was doing her normal household chores and drying her skimpy panties on the outside rack. Suddenly, her black underwear slipped and flew down to the neighbor’s balcony. The neighbor was her dearest friend Kamini who was married to a bald, fat, and arrogant businessman.

Mr. Chaubey was suspicious and had a huge crush on Laila. She immediately rushed to their house to fetch it and apologize. Then she rang the doorbell and the door opened to reveal Chaubey in his dirty boxers and banyan. She tried to explain the panty situation and saw him hold her underwear between his fingers. He refused to return it as he claimed he had two doubts that proved this panty didn’t belong to her.

Laila pleaded and joined her hands saying she owned the underwear and would do anything to get it back. After much convincing, he said firstly, that panty’s size was extra large and he didn’t believe Laila’s ass to be that big.

Then the innocent Laila lifted her salwar and lowered her tight kameez down to her feet! She stood at her cunning neighbor’s doorstep in her lavender-colored thong. Laila twirled toward Chaubey, revealing her two perfectly heart-shaped ass cheeks.

A thin line of lavender underwear hid her delicate pussy but the shower was hot tight, smooth, and appealing her huge ass was. Chaubey was dying of pleasure as he began sniffing the black pair of panties in his hands and sinking in the aroma of his hot neighbor’s juices.

She asked if the neighbour was convinced, but received no answer. Laila faced the fat bastard again, crossing her arms and making her milk tankers pop up as he shamelessly took a last sniff of her delicate panty.

Then Chaubey said: You have convinced me of the size. But the ultimate test is to see if the smell of both these underwear matches.

Laila sighed a relief and was smart enough to know what Chaubey was asking for. She shyly removed the lavender thong she was currently wearing and gave it to the pervy neighbor.

Oh, the sight was phenomenal! A decent gullible mother in her tight salwar standing naked from her waist down at her best friend’s doorstep. She never once questioned her act and was oblivious to the fact that her heavenly pussy was naked to anyone who could have strolled by.

“Ahhh” exclaimed the dirty neighbor licking the last remaining juices off the lavender thong. Laila was curious and asked –

Laila: Wow Chaubey ji, I didn’t know you liked the taste of chut this much.

Chaubey had lost himself and without saying a word, he took his finger and rubbed against the innocent mom’s wet pussy. Laila was hit with a train of pleasure but she controlled herself by pushing her neighbour’s fingers away. The fat baldy showed her how wet she was before swallowing a fresh sample of Laila’s cum.

He threw the black panty toward her and disappeared in an instant. Laila quickly hurried back home and sat calmly for a second. Her breathing was non-stop and her pussy was dripping as if a whole dam of cum had burst inside her. Her gullible nature did not make her feel ashamed. But she was confused with the fact that why was such an encounter so arousing?

Laila stood up thinking the entire situation was normal and ended up liking Chaubey Ji more.

Coming back to the present, our sweet mommy awoke from her dreams. She doesn’t like sleeping with clothes on, but on the demands of her husband, she was forced to wear a traditional nightie. She turned to look at her snoring husband and started thinking about their dry marriage.

Kishore Sharma was a useless corporate worker. He never failed to realize how lucky he truly was to land a bodacious desi wife like Laila. But instead of satisfying her, he worked like a slave at an IT firm, spending hours with his bullying coworkers. Laila’s innocent nature scared Kishore but he was helpless to do anything.

Laila loved Kishore dearly and made sure she does her duties as a traditional Indian wife should.

The sound of the alarm clock snapped the desi mother out of her daze and she curled out of bed to start her fun-filled morning!


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