My Encounter With My Best Friend Latha

She told me to fuck her now as she was unable to hold it anymore. I said No with a smile and I slowly put my 2 fingers inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She was like in a dream and screaming while I increased my speed. She was almost begging to fuck her. The mixture of my saliva and her love juices made it so wet and smooth for the passage of my 6.5 inch fully erected hard dick. He was grown so bigger like a pole and I brought it into the doors of her pussy. Her pussy was tight and she was a virgin. She was having some pain and told me to put it inside very slowly. I obeyed her orders with pleasure and applied some more saliva on my guy and on her pussy. It slowly went inside and she was almost crying with pain. I slowly started to stroke and she was having very pain. She even told me to stop it as she couldn’t bear the pain. I told her that it will be alright after sometime.

The pain changed to pleasure after sometime and it was becoming a great experience for both of us. I told her to put her legs across my back and her both speeded legs were on my back and I love such position as I get good access to all parts like I can press the boobs if I want and also kiss on lips while I fuck her hard. When you do so, the pussy becomes lighter and it can take more weight and thrust of your stroke. The strokes gone faster and it was hitting her pussy walls and we both were in an ecstasy and her screams and shouts were filled in the room. After 10-15 minutes of stroking, she told me that she was coming and held me so tightly. I came too in between and we both fell so tired.

She was bit sad after that as I broke her virginity and thinking about her lover. I consoled her and promised that we will never repeat this and we will have to forget this incident as it happened without any intentions and it was because of a moment of madness. So that ended up as the only incident we had sex and she left my place in the evening. Later I moved out of New Delhi to Bangalore and she got married next year. I attended her marriage and gifted her some great gifts. Now she is settled with her husband and also got a kid. We still keep a very healthy relationship and she is still my best friend. We have never even spoke a word about that happy time we spent together after that eventful day. We both have moved on and living our life like very good friends.

I am still single and looking for great companions and good friends from all over the world. You can reach me at and I would be eagerly waiting for your valuable feedback and comments about that eventful day and my narrative style. I will be highly obliged if you can write a letter or contact me via Gtalk and facebook. Any girls of any age from anywhere, please contact me and I would be so happy to fulfill your needs whether it’s virtual or via chats or REAL. I wish you all a happy sex life Regards..Roby!!

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