My Encounter With My Best Friend Latha

As I was becoming a regular visitor of her apartment, her roommates were bit hesitant with our meetings as they had to sleep during the day because of Night Shifts. That time I was staying alone and I was staying in Mayur Vihar. So when I told about to come to her place that time, she suggested that she will come to my place as her roommate had to sleep during the day. My heartbeats started to beat faster hearing this as we will be alone in our room and I was excited as well as tensed.

She dropped in around 12 pm in a blue jeans and white top which was not very lengthy in size. If she puts her hand up, her stomach will be visible. I noticed it as soon as she came. But I didn’t say anything. She was looking amazingly sexy and I was getting nervous watching her so close to me. As usual, we prepared some great food together and had it. She made typical Kerala food was so delicious and we ate a lot. She was tired and feeling sleepy. Latha laid on my bed and I was also feeling bit sleepy. But I was so hesitant to sleep with her as it may look odd sleeping with her. So I sat opposite to her by keeping my back on the wall while she was laying on my bed. We were talking and it came to exercises to reduce belly and she showed an exercise to reduce the belly by raising her legs vertically upwards. While showing me the same, her top fell a bit and I have seen her abdomen which was so whitish with a narrow line of hair going into her vagina. That sight sent me an alarming signal in my brain and a tent was formed in my Bermuda as my guy grown up suddenly seeing the same. She said sorry as I have seen her belly area and I didn’t say anything. It was a moment of excitement and tension was slowly rising in the room.

I asked her about the pain on her feet, she said that at sometimes she feels the pain. I asked her she needs a massage like that day, but she didn’t say anything. I took her feet in my lap and started to massage it slowly. Her eyes were closed and I realized that she was enjoying it and I was getting nervous as well as erotic. The passion was growing up and sexual feelings were passing in my nerves. I continued to massage her legs and she was enjoying it with closed eyes. I couldn’t control it anymore but I was bit afraid to move to the next step. I watched her face and saw that her eyes are closed and she was enjoying my hand movements.

With some courage I have finally moved my hands to her legs from her feet. She didn’t say anything. I touched her legs and she didn’t stop me. I massaged her thighs and slowly pressed the thighs. She started to moan slowly, her eyes were closed. I bent down and put my head on her thighs and slowly moved towards her belly area. I planted a kiss on her naval and she said ‘ouch’ and put her hands on my hair. I was becoming unstoppable and I unhooked the top and kissed on her naval and belly area. Her hands were on my hair and pulling it hard. I kissed madly and wildly on her stomach and gave love bites on her boobs. I went up and kissed on her and we smooched for a very long time. I kissed on her earlobes and neck and she was so excited and uncontrollable.

She was moaning slowly and responding passionately to my movements. I realized that she was on full mood. I removed her top and the unhooked the bra with my mouth. She liked it and the boobs jumped out. I kissed on them one by one and sucked it so deeply. Her moans became louder and started to bit on my ears. Her hand was on my shoulder and she started to scratch here and there. Her movements made me so mad and sucked the watermelons with so much passion. I removed my Bermuda while she had removed my T-shirt. I undressed her jeans and she was on her undies. I went to her feet and started to kiss from there to top. She was making so much noise as she was getting on an ecstasy. I removed her panty and she was nude with very wet pussy which was neatly trimmed and brownish in color and it was dripping with love juices. I kissed on top of her pussy and I slowly bit on the upper part of it then to the lower part and then totally into my mouth. She was pressing my head into her pussy while I was sucking it madly for 15-20 minutes and she had her first orgasm which flew into my mouth.

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