My Encounter With My Best Friend Latha

This incident happened 2 years ago while I was working in our capital city. I was working in an MNC and Latha was a long time friend of mine. She was actually classmate of my cousin. So we knew each other for a very long time. However, we never had an opportunity to become close friends. About Latha, she is very frank, open minded and a sexy girl of 26 that time and she was working as a staff nurse in the best hospital of India in New Delhi. She was more of slim, but with wonderful curves everywhere they are required. She had an amazing pair of boobs and nice ass and a very good structure. I think she had a structure of 36-32-36. We became friends when my cousin came to Delhi for an interview in 2009. That time we had shared our mobile numbers and we had some an outing and also had some food. Latha was in a long term relationship with a very good friend of her who works in Kerala and was planning to get married that time. I was also in a long term relationship with my girlfriend with whom I later broke up. So we never had any sexual intentions to each other as we both were committed. I have never even thought in my wild dreams that I will have sex with this gorgeous lady one day.

Once we were introduced by my cousin when she visited New Delhi, my friendship with Latha slowly blossomed. We started to call and discuss something about our personal lives occasionally. Once she was down with some problem on her knee and she was on rest for few days. So I went to meet her with some sweets and food items and she was very much happy. There I also met two voluptuous roommates of her. One day Latha called me and said she had to shift her room and she needed my help in shifting. I went there and worked the whole day to shift to the new apartment and it was a tedious task. In the evening we went out and we had some great food also.

After that she had invited me couple of occasions to her new home and prepared some nice meals for me when we had same off days. She was a great cook. We talked for long hours. That time a misfortunate incident happened in my life and I was breaking up with my girlfriend. I was mentally very much down and I needed a shoulder to cry and share my sorrow plight. Latha stood there for me and our emotional bonding became very much strong. She listened patiently my stories and helped me in all ways possible to get out of my terrible times. That time helped us to become so close friends. We never had any sexual interest to each other even when all these things happened and she was my great friend and I couldn’t even think of something wrong with her as it would hurt me a lot. Moreover, she was also in a long term relationship which was going so smoothly and strongly.

However, God will always have different plans than what we think and expect. There was a Trade fare in New Delhi that time and she invited me to go there in Pragati Maidan. It was on off day for me and I dropped there in the morning. It was a so crowded and she turned up in a pink tight suit in which she was looking so gorgeous. We had to stand in a long queue and she was just standing in front of me. We had so many close touches and I was getting bit uncomfortable with the closeness of her body and the smell of her perfume and body. We were also getting pushed in many places because of the long queues and crowd and in one occasion my guy touched her best pair of asses and a current passed through my body. She never shown any disinterest and I thought she was not noticing it.

While we gone through the stalls, my elbow touched her boobs and I was getting some physical attraction towards her. But, I couldn’t express it openly as she may think wrong about me and it will affect our friendship. So the boobs touching, crushing and body touching happened a lot while we roam around the stalls and I actually enjoyed it. As I broke up with my girlfriend, I was missing sex badly. Once we are out of the Trade fare she was so tired and had some pain on her feet. I told her to sit on the bench. I touched her feet and slowly massaged her. She was so happy with my caring acts and told me that she always tells her fiancé to do the same and he has never done it for her. I massaged her legs for some time and the pain was relieved. I dropped her at her apartment and had dinner and left.

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