Mother’s Accident – Part 1

Hello everyone. This is my first time writing a story about personal experiences here. This is a real story about how I developed sexual feelings towards my mother and eventually managed to satisfy my urges. So sit back and enjoy part one.

A little background about me. My name is Akshay. Thin build and am about six feet tall. Many people often tell me that I look like a stick figure. I won’t pride myself as a good looker. I have a decent penis size of 5 inches. I just graduated as an architect last year and am 24 years old.

Before this, I was not inclined to have sex with my mother. I come from a small family. It used to be my parents and me until we lost my dad to covid. So it is just my mother and me now.

We live in a small 2BHK apartment in Mumbai. We are financially a middle-class family, and due to my dad’s insurance money, we are doing fine.

My mother, Deepti, is a 47-year-old woman, about 5.5 feet tall, fair complexion and long hair. Her hair is so long that it reaches her waist. She used to be a dancer and dance teacher until the accident that happened this year. Her right leg got fractured, and she is temporarily wheelchair-bound at home.

She looks young for her age, not a day above 35. She used to be toned but became a bit fat after the accident. People have always ogled at her body as she was a dancer. Her hips are huge, and her breasts are massive, like coconuts.

This story starts with a regular doctor’s appointment my mother had to attend after the incident. She generally used to have a male domestic helper to take her around, Arun. More on this guy in part 2.  He was not available, so I accompanied her this time.

We had to visit a small clinic to get her fracture casts changed.

Me: Maa, shall we leave now? Otherwise, we might get late.

Mom was wearing a long skirt and a t-shirt with a jacket on top of it. I was used to seeing my mom like this for the past few months. These were easy for her to change into. She generally wore traditional Indian dresses. She could balance herself these days on her feet as she was almost healed.

Mom: Chalo beta, in 5 minutes as I need to tie my hair.

She came rolling her wheelchair soon. Her hair was tied in a knot. Her voluminous hair had now been tightened into a small knot.

I had to help her into the car, and my hand slipped up her skirt and touched her inner thigh.

Mom: Oh, beta. Your palms are cold.

Me: Sorry ma, my hands slipped.

My mom just smiled, and it was quiet during the drive to the doctor’s place. We reached there, and the doctor was not in yet. So only the receptionist was there.

She asked if my mom wanted to change into patient robes as her dress might get dirty during the PoP casting. My mom was ok with it, but the nurse was also running late to help.

Mom: Beta, can you help me with this change? We can save time and leave early as the doctor will come in before the nurse.

Me: Sure, maa.

I didn’t think much of it at first, but here is where it all started. I wheeled my mom into the changing room. It was a small bathroom with a commode.
It got cramped as there were two people and a wheelchair.

My mother stands up and unzips her jacket with her back facing me. I help her with the sleeves. Underneath that, she was wearing a plain white t-shirt.

Mom: Beta, I will remove my top now. Can you help me with the robe? You can close your eyes if you are shy. She chuckles.

My mom raises her top, and I immediately get a boner. I had never felt like this towards my mother before. Her back was still facing me, and I could see her flawless skin. She was wearing a white bra. Her body was shaped like an hourglass, with her boobs slightly jiggling.

So patient robes are worn as sleeves first from the front and tied from the back using laces. My mom turns towards me, and I see her front. Her breasts were significantly bigger for her body type. Her stomach was slightly drooping from fat and inactivity.

Mom: (laughing) Beta, will you keep staring or help me? I’m your mother.

I quickly put the robe on her and tied her laces.

Mom: Just pull my skirt down, beta. It might get dirty.

My hands go near her waist and pull the skirt. From one side, I pull the skirt down. From the other, by mistake, pulled both underwear and skirt in a hurry. My mom realizes this and tries to stop. I notice her white panties with flower patterns. Since one side came slightly lower, I see her thick pubic hair as well.

Mom: No problem, beta. I will handle it now. She quickly adjusts and asks me to put the clothes in a bag.

She asked me to leave the bathroom as she wanted to use it. Outside, I only think of her breasts and the urge to squeeze them. My mother probably also noticed my boner inside. I wonder why she didn’t say anything. I hear the flush and help her to the doctor’s bed after that.

The rest of the procedure was usual and doesn’t contribute to this story. We returned home late in the evening. Much to my disappointment, she was helped by the nurse to change back.

At home, my mom came back and rolled into her room. I only saw her at dinner after. She was wearing a pink nighty and no bra. This was visible as her breast moved freely when she rolled the wheelchair and were saggy.

We used to get meal boxes as mom could not cook. I finished mine early and was waiting for mom. We heard the doorbell ring, and I checked who it was. A delivery guy gives me a small package and smilingly says, “Lucky hone wale ho, Bhaiyya.” (You will get lucky today).

The delivery was from a medical shop. I was confused and closed the door. The package was registered to my mother, and I gave it to her.

Mom: Oh, thanks, beta. One more thing, Arun said he’ll be coming at midnight today. You can go to sleep. I’ll open the door for him.

Arun was my mom’s helper. He used to work as an attendant at a mental hospital. He was helping mom out by staying as an in-house help. He’s very important in this story. I will explain more about him in part 2.

Me: Sure, maa.

The next morning I woke up a bit early. I noticed my mom’s room door was closed completely. Her room door generally is kept open if she calls for help. Arun used to sleep in the hall. I see his bed made, but the sheets are still perfect, as though he hadn’t slept there.

I think he might have made it in the morning. I go towards the fridge. I see a sticky note on the fridge, “I have gone for my early duty at the hospital. I will be back in the evening. Please remind madam about my extra fees. -Arun”

Arun sometimes left notes as he needed to leave at odd times. But this note was surprising about extra fees. I go to check on my mom in her room. I open the room door, and I get an instant boner. I see mother sleeping completely naked. The only thing covered is her right leg cast.

She’s sleeping on her back, and I see her breasts plopped to each side. Her nipples are huge and dark. Her vagina is perfect. It’s as though she has not had sex at all. Her pussy is covered in thick pubic hair. I noticed her bedside table with yesterday’s package. It was a pack of chocolate condoms.

Her face looks tired, as though she has been up late. I feel my dick rising even more. The only thing I feel like doing is squeezing those huge breasts in front of me. I had never felt anything like this towards my mother before.

I move towards her slowly to not wake her up. I touch her left breast. The skin is smooth and wrinkle-free. I press it slightly. My palm doesn’t even fit on her breast. It is that big.

My mom mutters in her sleep, “That was good, Arun. I hope we do this again.”

I realized with a shock. My mother had paid Arun to sleep with her.

This is the end of part one. Please leave your feedback on [email protected] I will only write the next part if there are good responses. This story has a lot of fun in the next few parts.