Me, my friend and my strict but sexy mom – Part 1

Hello, my name is Suresh. We live in Bangalore. We consist of 4 members: myself, Suresh (19), my dad, a businessman, my grandmother, and my strict and traditional mom. Her name is Shobana. She is chubby, around 40 years old, with a well-maintained figure of 35-30-35 with a height of 5’4″ and a weight of around 69 kg. She is a teacher who teaches mathematics in her school. This is a simple introduction to my family.

My friend Arun is very close to me and he is around 20 years. We both are in the same college and he used to stay in the hostel. He is a huge fan of aunties and married women.

I and my family used to stay in a 2bhk, where my mom and dad used to sleep in one room and I and my grandmother used to sleep in another.

Mom Shobana is a very strict and dominating lady. She always wears a saree, sometimes a chudidar (salwar). She is like a typical south Indian woman, with sindhoor in the head mangalsutra and a gold chain on her beautiful neck. She is fair in color, having thick and long hair till her lower back.

As my mom was a teacher, she always wanted me to be perfect in everything, especially in my studies. But I was poor in my studies. I was interested in sports, but my mom didn’t like that, so she started to scold me in front of everyone, dad, and neighbors. I used to get angry inside, but I used to ignore it.

One day, due to a family function, I didn’t go to college for a few days. Later, I went to college and met my friend Arun.

Arun: Hey bro, where are you these days? I tried to call you but got no response. What happened?

Me: Nothin bro, I went to the village for a family function, so I couldn’t communicate with you.

Arun: That’s fine, bro.

Me: When is the final year exam?

Arun: I will be there after three months; there is not much time left, bro.

I was a bit sad. He asked me what happened. I told him, “Nothing, bro. I need to study a lot or else my mother will kill me by torturing me.”

Arun: Bro, nothing to worry about, I will help you. By the way, you said your mom is a teacher, right?

Me: Ha, she is.

Arun: It’s not fair, bro, you never introduced me to her since being my best friend.

Me: Hey, nothing like that.

By saying that, I took my phone and showed my mom and dad’s photo and her single photo inside a train. She’s my mom.

After seeing her pic, he said, “Nice bro, looking good, nice family, and she is beautiful.”

I ignored his comment.

He went to the hostel and I came back home. I saw no one was in the house except my mom. I think she just returned from school. Without making noise, I entered my parents’ room. To my luck, the door was not locked; it was slightly open.

Slowly, I peeped and was stunned and shocked. I saw my south Indian traditional strict mom removing her saree and she was in a blouse and petticoat. Her mangalsutra was hanging sexily, her sexy milky cleavage was out of the world. Slowly, she removed her blouse and petticoat. I was shocked more. I was sweating throughout my body after seeing her in a white bra and red pants. Her thighs and her ass were next level. It was a stiff and tight body. Her body was fully white. Her boobs were also stiff and hard.

My dick got hard and for the first time, I was seeing my mom like this. I got clean bowled by her body! She put chudidar (salwar kameez). I came back to my senses and ran toward the bathroom and locked from the inside. I started masturbating. I was doing it hard and rough while imagining my mom’s hot body. Finally, I cummed and freshened up.

I came outside, went toward my room, and changed my dress. Mom came and asked –

Mom: How is your college today?

Me: It’s nice, mom (I was still imagining her in a bra and pants). Mom, we got the exam timetable.

Mom: Omg, when is it?

Me: After 2 months. my friend Arun informed me.

Mom: Who is this Arun whom you never mentioned?

Me: He is my best friend, mom. He stays in the hostel. He is a class topper.

Mom: And you are looser in academics. At least get a pass, or else I will throw you out of this house. You are very arrogant.

Me: I will study well mom, don’t worry.

In the meantime, my dad and grandmother came. My dad was never a problem for me; he was my mom’s slave and always said yes to her decisions. My grandmother didn’t even care about my academics.

I had my dinner with my family. Mom told me to study till 12 am, wake up at 6 am, and study during the entire day. She told me she would come and check on me at 12 am again. I got irritated and came to the room.

In the meantime, I was also thinking that I should really study, or else it would be a shame for our family. After some some time, I got a message from Arun.

Arun: Hey bro, have you slept?

Me: No bro, sitting and studying.

Arun: Nice, bro. Had dinner?

Me: Yes. What are you doing, bro?

Arun: Nothing, just thinking about your family.

Me (I was surprised): What?

Arun: Nothing, bro. I was missing my own family.

Me: Don’t worry, bro. After the exam, you can spend some quality time with your family.

Arun: If you don’t mind, send your family pictures.

Me: I sent pictures of my mom, dad, and myself together.

Arun: Really nice picture, bro. By the way, aunty looks very young.

I was shocked. I wanted to know his intention toward my mom. So I sent a single photo of her in a saree.

Me: Yes bro, but she is very strict.

Arun: She is beautiful and sexy.

Me: What are you saying, bro?! She is my mother! (angry emoji.)

I understood his intention clearly. He wanted to enjoy my mom.

Arun: Sorry, bro. I didn’t mean to say that. Sorry, extremely sorry.

Me: Ok, good night.

I switched off my mobile and started to study.

The time was around 12 am, mom came from her bedroom wearing a nighty and asked me.

Mom: Still studying? Good. Okay, now that it is already 12 am, get some rest. Good night.

I was stunned by her looks at night. She was looking sexy. My dick got hard and did masturbation twice that day. I was very happy to see my mom in a bra and panties during the dress change. I was seeing her at night for the first time after knowing my best friend had lusty feelings for my mom.

The next day morning:

It was Sunday and the house was still empty. Mom was watching the news and I asked her what was going on. She told me that dad and grandmother had gone to the village for a week due to some farmland issues. I was very happy to hear this. So, now me and mom were alone at home.

In the next story, I tell how I convinced my mom to invite my friend Arun to our house for combined studies and how me and my best friend Arun seduced my strict mom in the absence of my dad.

Thank you for reading. I know it is lengthy, but hotter parts are coming soon.

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