Lustful Sex story of an Ancient Ruler – Part 2

When Mahalaxmi woke up the next morning, she saw that Suryapratap was fast asleep. She got up immediately. Last night’s escapades flashed in front of her eyes. She felt a tinge of guilt for letting her brother-in-law ravish her womanhood within 15 days of her husband’s death.

Her mind once again started contemplating everything that had happened in the past few days. Mahalaxmi got up and started towards the bathroom. She realized that she could barely walk without difficulty. Her pussy was bruised from all the fucking she had received from her new husband last night.

The bathrooms of the royal family had showers installed. As she felt the cold water on her body, with closed eyes, she remembered the events of last night. Before she knew it, her pussy started producing juices, and she started touching herself.

She felt two huge arms envelop her in a warm hug from behind. Her eyes went wide, and before she could utter anything, Suryapratap kissed her neck and said, “I love you, bhabhi.” She wanted to protest but couldn’t. She felt his huge cock she into her ass globes.

His hands started squeezing her enormous breasts. He left her for a split second only to turn and make her face him. Cupping her face in his hands, he started kissing her full lips.  With one hand, he lifted her left leg and scooted a little low. He aligned his huge cock at the entrance of her already overflowing pussy.

Holding her by her waist with his left hand, he rammed into her pussy in one go. Mahalaxmi shrieked in pain. He stopped and looked at her face with concern. “I’m sorry, baby. Did I hurt you?” he asked with concern. With teary eyes, she saw into his concerned eyes.

Looking at the concern in his eyes, her pussy walls contracted around his cock. She opened her lips to say something, but all she could utter was a lustful moan. He sealed her lips with his in a passionate kiss and lifted her other leg around his waist, and started fucking her pussy.

Now she had her legs around his waist, and her arms were encircled around his neck. He hammered his cock into her willing pussy with utmost power. He fucked her with animalistic power. Within minutes, she came with a huge grunt. Her breasts were swaying wildly with each thrust of his.

Her skin had turned pink. He fucked her through her orgasm and would passionately kiss her full lips. He kept whispering his love for her in her ears.
After continuously ploughing into her pussy for an hour, she started shaking wildly as the second orgasm of this morning hit her.

She crushed her swinging breasts into his chest and hugged him tightly. She bought her mouth close to his ear and whispered in a shaking voice, “Cum inside me, Surya, please cum inside your bhabhi.” This was unexpected of her, and it was too much for him.

He immediately started spewing his load into her pussy. He replied, “I’m cumming inside your plump pussy bhabhi. I cumming.”

After the unexpected fuck from her new husband, Mahalaxmi got out of her brother-in-law’s room. She indulged herself in household work. Suryapratap hopped on his horse and went for his daily riding session.

That night, Prince Suryapratap returned to his bedroom and called for his new bride. Mahalaxmi entered the bedroom with a bowed head and said, “You called for me, your Highness?”

“I’m hungry,” he replied. She knew he had already had his dinner. “I’ll ask the maids to ready the dining table,” she replied and turned towards the door. He held her hand, pulled her onto his lap, and said, “I want to eat you, bhabhi.” His words made her face turn red and her legs weak.

She started feeling a tingle in her already wet pussy. Her pussy was already leaking juices in anticipation of what would occur as the night approached. Though her mind was still in turmoil, her body was reacting to his advances.
She had spent the day thinking of yesterday’s events.

She hated herself, remembering how she was willing to spread her legs and how she lifted her ass to meet her brother-in-law’s thrusts. She told herself that no matter what, she was not going to be a willing participant today. Suryapratap cupped her face and started smooching her mouth.

He loved sucking her full red lips and sucking her tongue. He hugged her tightly and unbuttoned her blouse with one hand. She tried to wiggle and felt his cock harden under her. Once he unbuttoned her blouse, her enormous breasts with huge nipples burst out proudly in their naked glory.

With her still in his lap, he started sucking her soft breasts like a child. After some serious sucking and kissing, he made her lie on her back on their marital bed. He began kissing her feet. Hiking her saree up, he started licking and kissing her thunder thighs.

Mahalaxmi had really thick thighs. Her thighs were cream in complexion with abundant smooth flesh. He licked every inch of her thigh for a long time. By now, she was really agitated and started wiggling her thighs. Her pussy was hot by now with overflowing juices.

She wanted him to take her roughly and fuck her senseless. She had made up her mind to stay a non-participant. But her body wasn’t listening anymore. Her pussy craved his huge cock. Her eyes welled up with tears. She tried to suppress her moans. Right then, he stopped licking her thighs.

Surprised, she looked down at him. He was already looking up at her from between her thighs. Exactly when their gaze met each other’s, he made sure to give her pussy a long slow lick. A huge ‘Aah’ escaped her mouth. He smiled and took her pussy into his mouth, and started sucking it.

She started moaning. This was new to her. She had never been touched down there. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. Her whole body convulsed. And she came strongly into his mouth. He kept sucking her juices through her orgasm.

After a couple of minutes, she came down from her orgasmic bliss. She opened her eyes to find him looking at her with a smile on his face. Never breaking their eye contact, he planted a kiss on her pussy. She felt her body jerk at this. Then he gave her pussy some lapping.

Then he went over to her and kissed her passionately. He lifted both her arms and held them over her head with his left hand, and started licking her armpits. After some time, she left his hard cock nudging at her thighs. She wiggled her ass in anticipation of getting penetrated.

But he just kept licking her armpits and breasts. She couldn’t take this torture anymore. She wanted him to just fuck her. But Suryapratap was smart. He knew what he was doing. Finally, she spoke. “Pleaseeee…” she said. He just smiled and began caressing her body with his hands and lips.

She remembered his weakness from the last night’s sex. Her mind sought to use it. “Please, Surya fuck your bhabhi. Won’t you put your cock inside your bhabhi’s pussy, Surya?” she said with a trembling voice. It worked. He completely lost his control and got over her in a split second.

Sealing her mouth with his, he entered her juicy pussy in one go. They both moaned at the tightness of her love canal. He started moving in and out of her pussy, and Mahalaxmi hugged him closely and bought her legs around his waist. He kept ploughing into her pussy.

Mahalaxmi was in a trance now. Her mouth drooled off their saliva. Her hair was matted on her sweaty forehead. Her face had turned red, and her kajal had spread all around her eyes with her tears and sweat. Her eyes were dreamy now.

Her luscious body couldn’t resist this unknown pleasure her new husband was giving her. She lost count of her orgasms, and her ass got tired of lifting to his powerful thrusts. She just lay there, spreading her legs even wider and taking his cock as deep as she can. Now her pussy was a willing pussy.

It gave his cock some involuntary squeezes now and then. Finally, after a couple of hours, she felt a need to feel his fertile cum inside her. She once again resorted to her trick and whispered in his ear, “Cum inside your bhabhi, Surya. Make me pregnant.”

This was all he needed, and he started emptying inside her tender pussy. Their combined juices started flowing along her ass onto their bed, making a huge puddle. He hugged her closely and whispered sweet things to his new wife. With his cock still deeply embedded in her tight pussy they dozed off.

Suryapratap would take her atleast 5 times a day. He couldn’t keep his hands off of her. He never got enough off of her pussy. Even in broad daylight, he would grab her to feel her up. He would even make her stand against a wall and hike her saree up, and would fuck her there itself.

Mahalaxmi even now cursed herself for warming her husband’s younger brother’s bed within a month of his death. But before she could contemplate anything more, her brother-in-law would fuck her senselessly. And she would once again fall for his sexual prowess.

One night, Surya was waiting impatiently in his room for Mahalaxmi. She had made sure that he couldn’t lay his hand on her for the whole day. So now he was really horny. And Mahalaxmi entered the room smiling seductively, wearing a red saree. She looked strikingly beautiful.

Surya hugged her and started kissing her full lips passionately. He disrobed her and placed her on the bed, and got on top of her to enter her pussy. But Mahalaxmi stopped him and smiled at him. He raised his eyebrows questioningly.

She, for the first time since their marriage, reached between their bodies and held his cock in her hand. She slowly placed his cock between her pussy lips and whispered in his ears, “Please be gentle, your highness, because your bhabhi is pregnant with your child. You have knocked me up, my love.”

Hearing this, Surya’s heart swelled with pride and love. He fucked her with a lot of intensity that night. Mahalaxmi also did her best to match his intensity. She was spreading her legs wider and lifting her ass to match his strokes. But by midnight and after four orgasms, she lost all her strength.

She just lay there breathing, heaving, receiving his never-ending thrusts. Finally, he emptied inside her, held her close to his chest and let her fall asleep. He kept making sweet love to his pregnant wife cum bhabhi.

But after 6 months of pregnancy, the doctors of the royal family advised against intercourse. So Mahalaxmi was sent to her parents’ place until her delivery.

Here, it has been more than a couple of months since Queen Sudharani had given birth to her 4th child. King Jayasuriya was waiting eagerly to have post-birth sex with his wife. That night, Sudharani bathed herself in rosewater. She wore a golden colour silk saree and sat on her marital bed in anticipation.

Sudharani was a strikingly beautiful woman. She was by far the most sexy woman in the kingdom. Every male in the kingdom would agree to it. She was a petite woman with big round breasts. She had big brown eyes with a neat, medium nose. Her mouth was small with full lips.

Her hair was thick and very long. When let loose, her hair would cascade down her ass. Her waist was very narrow, with curves going out to her very wide hips. Her ass was very round and prominent. She heard his footsteps approach. Her heart started beating rapidly.

He came close to her bed and held her arms with his hands. Her body trembled, and her lips started quivering. He made her stand up. She felt weakness in her knees. He hugged her, crushing his chest against her lactating breasts. He lifted her face by her chin and kissed her hotly.

With heavy breaths, she returned his kisses, standing on her toes. Then he directly disrobed her and, lifting her naked glory in his arms, placed her at the centre of her bed. Getting out of his clothes, he gazed at her seductively. She could feel his eyes touching her skin and setting her on fire.

She spread her thighs as he got over her. Their bodies had a natural rhythm, which only practised lovers could exhibit. He placed his raging cock between her small pussy lips and stared deeply into her eyes. Her body began trembling at the touch of his cock.

They shared a desperate kiss. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Please enter your child’s mother, darling. Knock me up once again with that huge cock. Take your woman. Fuck your mother, son.”

And prince Suryapratap pushed his cock into his mother, queen sudharani’s beautiful pussy. Mother and son started a sexual dance. Queen Sudharani’s ass would match Suryapratap’s thrusts with a rhythm only she could create. He fucked with an animalistic strength.

Sudharani was completely up to it and would reciprocate her son’s sexual prowess with equal willingness. Never breaking the union of their cock and pussy they would continuously change positions and fuck each other. That’s how much the mother and son had come to know each other’s bodies.

He would toss her around the bed like a rag doll and fuck her at unbelievable speeds. He had never fucked Mahalaxmi this harshly. Though Sudharani was fragile like a flower, he couldn’t help. But more often than not, he would take her in an animalistic way.

The fact that he was fucking his mother would make him feel that extra edge.
After fucking continuously for over two hours and after experiencing 4 thundering orgasms, Sudharani couldn’t reciprocate anymore. But he was still fucking her like a machine.

“Cum inside your mother, Surya,” requested his mother. Surya, holding her close, kept licking and sucking her whole body. He even licked her asshole. That’s how much he worshipped her body. Once again, he entered his mother’s drenched pussy. After some powerful thrusts, he cum inside her like a volcano.