Loving Mom becomes Sexy Wife

My wife’s phone beeped at 2 am. I wondered who texted her so late. The notification flashed, “Oh, Shriya Darling, can’t stop thinking about you. Be ready for a hard fuck tomorrow.” On reading it, I felt like confronting her right now, but she was in a deep sleep.

I thought of blasting her the next day. I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep thinking of all the possibilities and who could be this guy. I decided to read all her chats. She had been sexting with this guy for a couple of months now.

Either I was a fool for not sensing this for so long, or she was a great actor in bed. In bed, she used to show such passionate love that I could never imagine this. She was an excellent wife.

The next day, I locked our room and confronted her.

Me: Shriya, what the fuck is this (showing her the texts). You have been cheating on me for so many months, and I could not trust you.

Shriya was shocked by my sudden attack but was caught red-handed, so there was no excuse.

Shriya: Sanjay, I am extremely sorry for this. I never wanted to hurt you. My ex-boyfriend texted me one day, and I couldn’t resist. I loved him a lot.

Her immediate acceptance made me speechless. I had lost my temper.

Me: I didn’t expect this from you, Shriya. I felt disgusted by reading your texts. Looks like you enjoy being his sex-hungry slut?

Shriya: Sanjay, this arranged marriage was always a forced agreement for me. I tried my best to fulfil all the duties of a wife. But I always loved him more than anyone else. And yes, I love being his slut rather than being your well-behaved wife.

I was devastated by hearing this.

Me: It’s over, Shriya. After knowing this, I can no longer accept you as my wife. You are free to leave and go to your boyfriend. Anyways he is dying to screw you today. I am sure he might be treating you like a whore, which you are.

Saying this, I rushed to open the door. I saw my Mom standing in front of the door. She heard everything but didn’t utter a word.

In the evening, I found a letter on the dressing table. Shriya’s mangalsutra was holding it from flying away.
“Dear Sanjay, I tried my best to be a good wife. But cannot give you the love you deserve. I think it would be better for both of us if I left this house forever and we moved on. Good Bye forever.”

I had mixed feelings of anger and sadness. I decided to suppress my feelings and act normal in front of Mom. As you know, Indian Moms can sense the slightest discomfort in their child.

Mom: Beta, What happened? You know you can share anything and everything with your Mom.

After hesitating for a few minutes, I showed her the letter and gave her Shriya’s Mangalsutra. She hugged me tight by her chest. I started weeping heavily.

Mom: Don’t worry, Beta. Everything will be fine. I am always there for you.

My Mom is a fun-loving, open-minded woman who loves to live life to the fullest. After my dad divorced her, she maintained herself with daily yoga. At 45, she managed to slay with her 36-32-36 figure. Sometimes I used to get confused between my wife and Mom. Their numbers exactly matched.

I am sure she might be giving a hard time for many men near her. I hope she is getting the fun she deserves. I masturbated thinking of banging her in my teenage, but later I gave up that idea.

The next day, Mom tried all the ways to cheer me up, but nothing helped. Now she often came to my bedroom to check on me. One day there was a party at her office, and like all women, she was whining, “I have nothing to wear.” I ignored it initially, but looking at her helplessness, I suggested.

Me: Why don’t you try something from Shriya’s wardrobe? Anyways they are getting wasted there.

Mom: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, Mom, saying this, I left the room.

After half hour, Mom came wearing Shriya’s designer Black Shiny Saree with a Sleeveless, Deep Neck blouse which I had gifted her on our honeymoon. Black Saree complimented her fair skin. She wore a saree below her navel, revealing her flat tummy. She looked damn sexy, in fact, hotter than Shriya.

Me: Mom, you look like a ticking bomb today. You are surely going to make men cum in their pants today.

Mom: Shut up, Sanjay. I am your Mom. (slapped my shoulder playfully)

After a long time, she saw the spark back on my face.

Mom: Now, I know what makes you happy. I should wear Shriya’s clothes more often (she winked).

Me: Yes, these clothes would be lucky to get the taste of your body. You look more sexy than Shriya.

She slapped my butt and left for the party. I rushed to my bedroom, lowered my boxers, and masturbated, thinking of how I fucked Shriya on our honeymoon with that saree. After a while, I started thinking of Mom instead of Shriya. I exploded like never before. This ignited the lust in me for my Mom.

I started hugging Mom whenever I got a chance, and I no more looked sad. Mom was happy to see that I was finally moving on. She started wearing Shriya’s clothes more often. One day I encouraged her to wear a short one-piece, but she could not zip it up, so she called me in.

The red bra on her milky skin gave me an instant hard-on. I looked in the mirror. Her toned legs looked sexy, like a girl in her twenties. Any man would like to lick her toe to pussy. I hugged her from behind and started flirting with her.

Me: You look super hot in this dress. Even your son would fall for you today. (I winked).

She punched me playfully with her elbow, but I held her tight.

Mom: I hope wearing her dresses fills in Shriya’s emptiness in your life.

Me: Oh, Mom, who would miss a slutty wife when I have a sexy Mom to take care of me.

Saying this, I kissed her neck. When my lips touched her neck, she started shivering. She could feel my rock-hard cock on her thumping tight ass. She was trying to get out of my hold, but her body was not cooperating.

Mom: Stop it, Beta. I am your Mom. I can understand you have been hungry for a long time. We will find a new wife for you.

Me: No, Mom, I don’t want to get hurt again. I want you. I know even you have been sex-starved for so many years. Let’s help each other. I started gyrating my cock over her ass and kissed her neck harder. She controlled herself, but she couldn’t stop moaning.

Our bodies were burning with lust. I cupped her boobs and started pressing them softly. She held my hand to stop me, but her resistance was too weak to stop me. I lowered the left strap of her dress. I was amazed that she was wearing Shriya’s red lace bra, which I had gifted her on her birthday.

I am sure she was wearing the matching red lace panty. It aroused sex-hungry me more. Her white boobs covered in a red bra looked so fucking delicious. I whispered, “Mom, I will fuck you hard tonight. You will forget all the cock you had before.”

I turned her around in a flip, started kissing her neck, and went down to her cleavage. I was about the pull her left boob out of her red bra when Mom pulled me up by my hair and said.

Mom: Sanju…Sanju…Please listen to me. We must stop her. Otherwise, we will regret this forever.

Me: Mom, fucking you has been my dream since childhood. I would never regret a single moment of this.

Mom: But Sanjay, I am not ready for this. I beg you. Please leave me.

Hearing this, my grip loosened, and she pushed me away and ran towards her bedroom. I ran behind her, but she had locked herself. On hearing her crying, I felt guilty about it.

The next day there was an awkward silence between us. This reminded me of the day Shriya left me. I was again in a sad mood. A couple of days passed, and Mom stopped wearing Shriya’s dresses. Mom could feel that I was back in my damaged state. Mom couldn’t see me like this.

On the third day, after dinner, we both went to our bedrooms. After half hour, I heard a knock on my door. I was shocked. Mom was wearing Shriya’s wedding dress. She looked as if she was about to get married.

Me: Mom…

Mom: Stop. Don’t call me Mom.

I was confused. She showed me the Mangalsutra which she was wearing. It was the same Mangalsutra that Shriya had left behind before leaving.
Mom: Sanjay, I can’t let my son fuck me, but if you want me, please accept me as your wife. Give me the husband’s love I have been craving for many years.

Me: Mom…

Mom stopped me by covering my mouth with her hand.

Mom: Shhh…Call me, Savita.

Me: Savita…Darling, I will be the luckiest to have you as my wife. I will give you all the love you deserve.

Savita: I am ready now, Sanjay, to be all yours, whenever and wherever you want.

To be continued…

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