Losing my Virginity in Massage Center

Hi all. I am a fan of ISS, and I read all the stories submitted on this site. I thought that I should also share my experience for you all to enjoy. Get your dick hard, think of the story at night and shag well.

Basically, I am versatile, but on that fateful day, I forgot everything and just enjoyed the moment with him. I also lost my virginity. What an experience and an awesome feeling. Just words can’t describe it.

Coming to the story, I am a professional in a company in Mumbai. I was under ayurvedic medication, and that hospital also had a massage centre. There was a guy named Abhijeet (name changed) who worked in this massage centre.

During my first visit, the doctor advised me for a full body massage. 3 people were standing there to do a massage. I asked this guy Abhijeet (a well-built guy), and that decision changed my life.

He took me to a room and asked me to remove all my clothes in front of him. I slowly started removing my clothes. First, I removed my shirt and vest and hung it, then my pants. Now I was only in my underwear, showing my beautiful ass 2 him. He came near me and asked me to remove it, too.

I was a bit shy, so he placed his hands on my forehead. He said, “Close your eyes,” and started uttering these words. “Relax, relax. Rest your mind.” His voice was so seductive that my dick had already made a tent inside my underwear. He bent down and said, “Set it free,” and pulled my undi down.

I was fully naked in front of an unknown guy who was fully dressed. Thinking about that, my dick was increasing. It became almost 6.5 inches long. Abhi commented, “Your dick is so huge.” His dick was only 4 inches (but you know size doesn’t matter).

He touched my dick. I felt a real shock in my veins, and my heart was pumping like anything. He then caught my hand and made me walk. I was totally into him and was following him as an obedient wife. He then made me sit on a huge massage table which was very oily, and started sucking my cock.

I was in seventh heaven. What a feeling it was! Then he took the balls in his mouth and started sucking one by one. Then he made me sleep with half of my body outside and the other half on the table and started licking above the dick. He moved to lick my stomach and my nipples.

He now rotated his tongue around both the nipples and started sucking and biting them one by one. My nipples became red and hard. At this moment, my dick was pressing on my stomach because of his weight. I could feel his dick under his pants.

Now, he was kissing me, and we were lip-locked. He also body-locked me by putting both my legs around his waist. We were kissing like we were lovers and had known each other for a long, long period. We were lip-locked for more than 10 minutes.

Then he went down and took my cock in his mouth and started deep-throating. I felt that he has very good experience in sucking cocks. I was moaning and holding his head and pushing it downwards. He was sucking it like a lollipop and even sucked my precum.

I could not resist it for more and I was about to release it. I was breathing heavily. He sensed it and removed my cock from his mouth, and started shagging me very hard. I cum, and he changed the direction of the dick. All the cum fell on my stomach. The last shot to my face as I bent my body at the time.

I thought it was over, and my little dick was lifeless. I was breathing heavily. But I didn’t know his evil plans. “Picture abhi baaki hai, dost.” ( The movie is not yet over, my friend.) He then made me lie on the table and started massaging. His nails were teasing my body now and then.

He asked me to close my eyes and enjoy it. I was feeling that I was a woman and enjoying this move on my body. He knew a lot of pressure points by which I was in seventh heaven. Now, he turned me upside down. His hand was above my head, and he started massaging my back.

The hot oil used for massage was also playing its role. He started massaging my back and reached the ‘love hole’. He was teasing it with his nails, moving it around the hole. I was enjoying and moaning, and then he suddenly inserted his thumb in my ass.

I was in shock and pain, and all the enjoyment that I got in the past half an hour was lost in a moment. I was crying in pain and started begging, “Please no. Leave me, leave me.” He removed his thumb, but the damage was done.

He came near my ears and said, “Relax, if you bear a little pain in the beginning, you will enjoy it later. I love you. Please let me make you satisfied.” These words acted like a magic spell on me. I said, “OK, but please do it slowly.” He said, “I can’t hurt you as I love you.”

He poured hot oil into my ass, made it lubricated. He inserted one finger and started finger fucking me. After a little pain, I also started enjoying it. He saw it and flipped me. Now I was lying on the table with my face facing him and my dick free in the air.

My dick was also gaining energy, and he started sucking it and at the same time finger fucking me. I was also jumping on my back so as to lift my body. Now he can both suck and fuck together. I was in heaven and moaning like anything. Seeing my cooperation, he was also excited.

Inserting a second finger also, he started fucking vigorously. I was enjoying it a lot, and suddenly he stopped. I fell straight on my back and felt relaxed. By this time, his dick was also hard. He removed his dick from his pants. It was the first time I saw his dick. It was black and 4 inches long.

He then lifted me like a baby. I have a very slim physique and almost size zero. He started kissing me like a mad dog. I caught him very tightly. With one hand, he adjusted his dick to my ‘love hole’ and, in one jerk, inserted it inside me. I was about to shout, and he lip-locked me.

I understood why he chose this position. We were kissing while his dick was inside me. He moved to a corner of the room to take the support of the wall and started fucking me like an animal. Then he changed his position, made me lean on the table and started fucking me.

I was also moaning and shouting harder. “I love you. You are my man. Come on, fuck me fuck me.” With one hand, I was shagging my dick, and he was fucking me harder. His balls were hitting my ass cheeks. He could not hold his pressure any more and shot it in my ass.

He fell on my back, his dick loosened and came out of my hole automatically. His cum was dripping out of my hole. He collected a little bit of the cum in his hand and put it in my mouth. He started kissing my lip. We were again lip locked with my cum in between and slowly mixing both salivae.

Then he asked me to drink it, and as an obedient fucked woman, I drank it. The taste sucked, but the feeling was mesmerising. Now, I was feeling shy and could not match my eyes with him.

He lifted my face and kissed my lips, and said, “This is how a woman feels after having a fuck. Will you marry me? I can give you such enjoyment daily. Please become my wife, dear.” I was slowly regaining consciousness. I suddenly remembered that we had fuck without a condom, and I raised my concern.

Then he said that he regularly has an aids test and he doesn’t have aids. By listening to this, I hugged him. Then he took me to shower and cleaned me. He fucked me a second time there, and I enjoyed it a lot.

After this incident, I used to go regularly to that massage centre to have fun. But now on with condoms and never allowed him to fuck bare dick. Later, he said all were suspecting us at the massage centre, so he invited me to this room. What happened at his home? I shall let you know in another story.

This is a real story. While writing it, all the moments were in front of my eyes, and my fingers were typing. Please leave your comments or mail me at [email protected]. It will encourage me to write about my other experiences. Thank you for your patience.