Kishen’s life-changing Discovery – Part 11

Kishen hears the men obliging and walking away. He picks up the sound of Usha’s thumping footsteps entering the room and the door closing.

Kishen keeps mum, realizing that his ordeal, albeit remotely pleasurable, is far from over.

“Remember this?” asks Usha. She approaches the bed, holding a stick, tapping it on the palm of her other hand.

Lifting his head to see what Usha holds, Kishen instantly recognizes the stick. It was one of his snare drumsticks from when he was in the school march band. He broke one of the sticks, rendering the pair useless. So Savi gave that unbroken stick to Usha to use as a teacher’s stick.

Kishen had always beamed with joy whenever Usha teacher used it to point to the board or discipline her students. She’d never been a strict teacher who hit her students. But still, she used to harmlessly strike them with it to keep them in place, as and when necessary.

Even Kishen got many such less strict and playful strikes from her with that stick. The sight of the stick took Kishen’s memory back to him witnessing Manoj sir being pleasured by pain.

The ladies saw Kishen’s dick starting to rise. He began mentally prepping to receive several lashes, not knowing how it would turn out. But to his surprise, Usha’s demeanour was of an overtly friendly erotic being. Standing before him with a naughty smile, she licked and mouthed the beaded tip of the stick.

She rubbed it over her nipple. Just then, Savi turned over to his side. Lovingly, she started feeling his nipples with her fingertips. Kishen was confused. It was not what he was expecting. He found it hard to switch from being aroused in anticipation of being dominated to being aroused the ‘normal’ way.

“Are you sorry for what you’ve done to Savi and Deepti aunty?” said Neetu in a sweet tone.

“Yes, yes. I am.”

“What else did you hurl at her?” Usha asks, running the beaded tip across his groin.

“I don’t want to think about that anymore, aunty,”

“No, we just want to know, that’s all…” Savi added.

“I don’t remember…”

“Try,” said Usha.

“Uh…femdom? Oh yes…I called her femdom whore….”

Before Kishen could close his mouth after his utterance, Savi locked his neck with a rear naked chokehold. Little did he realize in her spontaneity that his mother was wrestling him. Like a professional fighter, Savi managed to get under his torso and lock his head with the strong grip of the elbow pit.

With his one hand pinned by her leg, Kishen’s other hand struggled to have his neck released from the tight grip of her arm. “Where and when on earth did she learn such moves?” Kishen wondered in astonishment as he struggled to free himself.

“Struggling will only make it worse,” says Usha with a gangster-like tone.

Kishen obliged. Panting, he tries to understand what’s happening, stuck under his mother’s tight grip.

“Now, where were we?” Neetu asks.

“We were at what other abuse you hurled at Deepti,” says Usha. “What was it? Can you tell me again?”

Kishen stays mum trying to process what’s happening.

“Answer her,” says Savi, jerking her grip. “Femdome whore,” utters Kishen, realizing how hard his torso is pressed against his mother’s.

“Do you even know what that means? It means a whore to femdom. You weren’t hurling it at Deepti. You were subconsciously hurling it at yourself. And we will make you a femdom whore,” says Neetu.

Usha grabbed one of Kishen’s legs by his ankle and slowly moved it aside, spreading his bottom. “Good boy.”

Unable to turn his head in Usha’s direction, Kishen could only look at Neetu in the eye and gauge what Usha would do to him next. He could feel Usha blowing air mildly into his asshole. He suddenly felt the saliva-wet bead of his drumstick teasing the periphery of his hole and going in and out like solid droplets.

With every drop, Kishen’s tool began to stand as though the air was pumped through his hole. Focusing all his senses to nothing by his stimulated asshole, Kishen yearned for Usha to insert the stick deeper. But she continued to tease him.

Kishen was zoning into Usha’s anal teasing. Finding comfort in the cushion of his mom’s tits and tummy pressed against his back. Usha pushed the stick deep. He shrieked in pain.

“You thought this was going to feel good? It’s just going to be as good as it was for Deepti aunty, when you tried to plunder her bottom,” says Neetu.

Cautiously, Usha thrust the stick into his bottom with enough force to pain him without breaking his threshold. Soon, Kishen was getting used to the pain, drawing pleasure from it. Measuring him carefully, Usha slid in a finger, stretching his butthole and setting a new level for Kishen to draw pleasure from.

Neetu began roughly stroking his tool, distracting him from his penal stimulation. Kishen could only wish that his mother had locked him less firmly. He could only wish that Neetu stroked him tenderly in sync with Usha.

But no. He realized that ladies were deliberately trying to make him uncomfortable. Teasing him with just enough pleasure sensation to keep him going. In time, Usha’s thrusts began getting rougher. Not one but three of her fingers stretched Kishen’s hole.

He began to writhe in pain. He could no longer hedge against the pain with pleasure. For the first time, Kishen could feel the ugly side that Deepti and Savi had to endure in his beast mode.

“Please stop…”

Kishen could only beg with tears flowing through his eyes. His dick barely stood even as Neetu stroked it hard and rough. His face became pale from an apparent obstruction in blood flow to the head.

Just as ladies were sure, double sure, and triple sure he could not take it any more, they relieved him. Sliding off from his mother’s body, Kishen slumped chest-first on the bed. Exhausted and bearing a lingering pain in his butthole.   “It’s probably permanently damaged or stretched,” he thought in relief.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the pleasure-lined ordeal was far from over for Kishen. The ladies were uncompromising at the stance that he had to learn to control himself. Kishen was at the receiving end of hard hits from the drumstick and abuses. They slapped, spanked and spit at him at their whim.

His sore hole had to take up the bottle’s neck and, later, Neetu’s toes. Each of them even tried to fist him unsuccessfully. He was made to suffocatingly tongue fuck Usha’s anal hole. Idolizing Manoj sir and understanding Karma, Kishen took it all, aroused or not.

Carried away in their sadism, the ladies lit his dick on fire with alcohol, playfully, of course. They doused it down before it burnt him. They tied his body onto the chair with bedsheets. They tickled his feet to no end and motor-boated him till his suffocation threshold.

They blew cigarette smoke onto his face, one by one until he teared choking. Kishen regretted calling Deepti aunty a sadistic horny bitch. “Never will I put a woman through my aggression without being sure how much she can take,” he promised himself through the pleasure-teasing ordeal.

Whenever he got out of the line, they belted his bare ass, taking turns. At times, he was shocked, grossed and simultaneously aroused by their perversions. Usha and Neetu made him lick-n-sip the alcohol dripping from his mother’s butthole.

But he also thoroughly enjoyed it at times. He was made to sniff and lick their armpits and butt-dipped fingers. Kishen may not have enjoyed all of it. He still liked how he felt aroused being a vulnerable lab rat at their disposal. He discovered their armpits, under boobs, and groins exhibited distinct smells.

He made it a point to feast on their aromas one by one, taking all the time he needed. After what seemed like an eternity, Kishen couldn’t take it anymore. He’s had enough. He broke down crying when Neetu squeezed his head with her thighs as he lay with his neck hanging out from the edge of the bed.

The ladies knew at once that enough was enough. It was fun while it lasted. What transpired was a non-verbal ritual. The ladies sat cross-legged on the bed as they silently observed Kishen. He wept and released all his emotions and reactions to how he was being treated.

They kept observing him silently until his tears dried and until he was composed. Kishen looked at their eyes, and he could see pure apologetic compassion. Kishen began tearing up again. Without uttering a word, the ladies went on to caress him.

Savi ran her hand over his head. Neetu held his hand and rubbed it tenderly. Usha kept her head on his bare back till he regained composure. Sporting mild smiles and sincere affection, they got him up. They gave him water, got him out of bed, and took him to the bathroom.

They started massaging him with oil. Their action spoke louder than words. They showered Kishen with kisses on his face as they applied oil to every inch of his body. They lovingly shushed him when he tried to speak. Enough words have been spoken, and energy expended.

It was time to heal him with actions marked by blissful silence. He wasn’t encouraged to speak. But Kishen knew he needed to convey his gratitude and affection. He wanted to convey that he had grasped what they intended to teach him.

Kishen gestured for the ladies to stop massaging him. They obliged, looking at him curiously. Smiling, Kishen began to worship their bodies, kissing and fondling from top to bottom. His nose mined their armpits, under-boobs, and crotch. The ladies observed him with pride and adoration.

To him, it meant their full approval, involvement, and forgiveness. Kishen then did the unexpected. He went on to apply oil to their bodies. Getting the cue for his invitation for a fun-filled bathing session, the ladies hopped along. Soon, everyone was playfully oiling and massaging each other until the bottle ran out of oil.

Just as Savi turned on the shower, Kishen turned it off. Wondering what he was up to, the ladies looked at him. Kishen needed closure for his new-found submissive before he could come out clean, literally and figuratively. From how he saw it, his breaking down crying between Neetu’s thighs abruptly ended.

Kishen went on to lie on the bathroom floor. His bare back twitched as it came in contact with the cold tiles. The ladies, at once, knew what he was asking from them. “Are you sure?” their eyes sought. Kishen nodded.

“So be it,” Neetu nodded and stepped forward. Standing with her feet on either side of him, Neetu gushed her urine over him. Fingering herself to sprinkle the flow all over his upper body. Kishen’s dick throbbed. His mouth opened, and his tongue slid out involuntarily.

Just as Neetu unloaded her last drop, Usha and Savi stood and began fingering themselves. They positioned their pelvises in alignment with his body. Neetu quickly sat beside Kishen’s crotch and began stroking his tool. Usha cum first, followed by Savi after a few seconds.

Kishen peaked at the peak of the shower. Neetu’s handjob made him cum explosively. A couple of his spurts went as high as the ladies’ hips.

Piss-drenched, he had the spectacular closure just as he sought. Kishen thanked Manoj sir and Deepti for planting the idea of submissive arousal in his head. Tired from being pleasured to the epitome, Kishen wanted to descend to sleep right where he was lying.

“Get up. Let’s bathe and sleep,” Neetu broke the silence. She had her hand extended to him. Usha and Savi stepped into the shower bay and switched on the shower, waiting for Kishen and Neetu.

Kishen grabbed Neetu’s hand and got up after deep breathing. His bladder itched for a piss. The ladies saw him going towards the toilet and lifting the seat cover. They rushed toward him, barely managing not to slip, and knelt before him.

Holding their breasts with their hands, the ladies slid their tongues out. They stared at Kishen’s tool like an ice cream cone. They glanced him in the eye, pleading. Without a tinge of bestial arrogance, Kishen obliged humbly.

With the amount of pee he could gush, he evenly distributed it across their chests and faces. They licked his pee off each other’s bodies like melted ice cream. With a happy grin, they stood up, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the shower.

Cleaning each other thoroughly, they had a wonderful, joyful and playful bath. It was an experience that Kishen equated to a new-found heaven.

Wiping themselves dry, they got out of the bathroom. Each of them craved a peaceful and cosy nap to recharge for the rest of the day. They hurriedly worked together to change the bed sheets.

After a while, Ramesh and Sunil decided to enter the room. They saw the four sleeping like babies with a blanket barely covering their naked bodies.

“It seems like we waited for nothing?!?” Sunil says.

“I don’t think so. I have a plan,” replies Ramesh.

To be continued.

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