Kishen’s life-changing Discovery – Part 10

“I’m sorry, Mom, Dad, and Usha aunty, I have to confess something,” Kishen says, tearing up.

“What is it, son?” asks Savi.

“I am a fucking aggressive degenerate,” says Kishen, realizing the next moment that he said the f-word in front of his elders.

“Why, son? What did you do?” Usha aunty asks.

“I fucked Deepti aunty like a beast while her husband watched. It was worse than how I just treated Mom.”

“What?” Everyone except Neetu was taken aback.

“When did that happen?”

“Let me explain, Savi aunty. After I had with Kishen, I set him up with Manoj sir and Deepti aunty how they liked it. From what I heard from Deepti aunty, he seemed aggressive at some point. But she wasn’t complaining,” Neetu interrupted.

Savi responded, taking a few moments to digest it, “Were it not for my alcoholic buzz, I would have been more shocked.”

“I’m sorry, aunty, but they’re also part of the circle, so I felt it was ok,” Neetu responded.

“Well, it IS ok because you didn’t force him. And as an adult, he chose to indulge. But as a mother, I feel I missed out on my son’s important phases,” Savi responds.

“Seriously, Savi? Did you inform your parents and get their clearance before you lost your virginity?” Sunil asks.

“Well, put it that way, you’re right.”

“And this is no different,” Remarks Sunil.

“If you’re feeling guilty for hurting Deepti aunty, don’t. Yes, she told you it was too harsh and beyond what she expected. But she also told you were apologetic. Just learn to be in control better,” Neetu tells Kishen.

“Is she angry at me?”

“Not at all, Kish,”

“Okay, I also have another thing to confess.”

“Kishen, if it is something you have done without harming others, then I don’t think you need to tell it, even if it may involve any of us. Everyone has their secrets. You don’t need to reveal it all. Most of this is the alcohol talking,” Savi says.

“No, but I need to confess. I feel like a cheater,”

“Okay, this is getting interesting,” says an eager Ramesh, stroking his cock.

“What are you doing?” asks Usha as Kishen leans over to her in his alcohol-induced dramatic state of mind. He extends his hand towards her crotch, rubs and semi-fingers her wet vagina and clit.

Usha wears a confused-cum-aroused smile and looks around at others. Kishen proceeds to deeply and audibly sniff his hand.

“I have known this heavenly smell much before today, Usha Aunty. I’ve been stealing yours and, sometimes, Neetu’s panties….”

Usha blushes while Neetu and Savi give a “Is that it?” look.

Taken aback, rather anticlimactic, Ramesh and Sunil look at each other and laugh. By the time Neetu tried to shush the men for being too loud, it was too late. The baby’s cries echoed into the room.

“Happy?!? Now he won’t sleep for a good while. Deal with it, you two,” ordered an annoyed Neetu.

Giggling, Sunil and Ramesh proceed to the bathroom, naked as the day they are born. Having cleaned themselves up, they exit towards the baby’s room.

Kishen kept his head down in embarrassment. Sitting united in their desire to console him, the ladies observed Kishen silently.

The baby’s cries began to subside, thanks to Ramesh’s humming–the faint sounds of which entered the room. Leaning over, Usha plants an affectionate kiss on Kishen’s cheek.

“There is nothing wrong with it, Kishen. That’s very sweet. And, by the way, you’re in for a real treat,” she says. With a blushing grin, she looks at Neetu and Savi.

Kishen looks up to see the ladies looking at him, smiling.

“I’m sorry, mom. Did I hurt you back then?”

“It was pretty aggressive and unexpected. I didn’t mind. But you have to, HAVE TO, ensure the receiver is comfortable too. Get the cues, and tone down and ramp up accordingly,” replied Savi.

Kishen nods and looks down.

“And we’re going to teach you that. With Karma,” said Usha. The ladies non-verbally acknowledged then and there that it was time to give Kishen a taste of his own medicine.

Getting up on her knees, Usha moves close to Kishen. Rubbing and fingering her pussy, she extends her pussy-wet hand to Kishen’s face. Lifting his face by the chin, she rubs her fingers over his lips and the base of his nose.

“Here, sniff all you want, you little beast brat!” Usha announced in an assertive tone—a subtle but noticeable shift in her demeanour. Kishen was too hooked on Usha Aunty’s pussy aroma to even give a second thought to her change in demeanour.

Kishen got up on his knees—as though the smell from her fingertips was elevating him. Teasing him, Usha slowly and playfully moved her hand away from his face. Unable to resist departing from the aroma for even a second, his hands involuntarily grab her hand.

“Learn to control yourself no hand, beast!” Usha shouts as she forcefully pulls back her hands away from his grip. Aroused and helpless, yet acknowledging the need to tame himself, Kishen reluctantly keeps his hands down. In response, Usha places her hand back on his face.

Licking and smelling her fingers, with each sniff more intense than the other. Kishen resumes his olfactory high. His eyes closed, and his nose and lips appeared to stick to the back of her fingers. He began hovering on his knees, his body manoeuvring in response to how she playfully swayed her hand.

Sporting a naughty controlling grin, Usha sure enjoyed teasing the son in front of his mom. As Kishen stroked his tool from the olfactory pleasure he was receiving, Savi ordered, “Don’t stroke. Keep your hands behind your back.”

The sternness in Savi’s order aroused Kishen, and so did oblige to her. “Yeah, sniff that like a horny scent-picking dog,” Neetu chimes in. Immersed, Kishen says nothing.

“He’s hungry and desperate as fuck for the smell of my mature pussy,” says Usha. Neetu proceeds to get up from the bed and close the door to the room.

Sensing the wetness in Usha’s palm drying out, Kishen speaks in a trance, eyes closed, “Gimme more!”


Jolted back to his senses, Kishen looks at her in utter disbelief of having received a tight slap from her out of nowhere. Looking into her eyes, he saw a version of Usha’s aunty he’d never seen before. Still, it was a being he could recognize—a feminine beast nonetheless.

He could sense the same bestial vibe emanating from his mother, who now was on all fours, ready to prowl. Locking the door, Neetu joined Savi by her side. A prey to three she-wolves, Kishen’s eyes searched for subtle hints of mischief or playfulness in their faces. There wasn’t any trace of either.

Kishen was also getting aroused in a way he’d not known before. He readied his mind to play along seriously by submitting to the ladies. He excitedly realized he’d gotten to see what being Manoj sir is like (Part 5.1).

Just as Kishen broke a mild smile at the three women fiercely staring at him, Savi’s right hand landed hard on his cheek.

“You think this is fun? You think I’d let you get away after choking me like a rug doll?”

Kishen froze at his place. He didn’t know how to react. Was his mom dead serious? Or dead serious in a kinky way? He began to feel guilty increasingly. The feeling was more real this time than the alcohol-induced melodramatic guilt that teared him up a while back.

His losing his erection reflected his conflicted state of mind. The ladies could gauge what Kishen was going through. They wanted him to be in that state, more or less. Still, they were uncertain about his appetite for submissiveness—the polar opposite of his bestial mode.

But they also knew that he needed to be shown what it felt like to be treated how he treated Deepti and Savi. With little clue as to how it would all turn out, the ladies risked it, turning the scenario into a delicate erotic gamble. They wanted to see how far Kishen would bend without breaking.

After all, Deepti never broke (part 5.2) despite how much Kishen pushed her to the limits with his aggression. And so did Savi, having taken all of his head fucking like a punching bag. Not that either lady didn’t enjoy it.

“I’m really sorry….”

“Chup!” shouted Savi. She grabbed his dick hard and stroked it rough, disregarding whether her strokes pleased him. “Does this pleasure you?” asks Savi with a clenched jaw.

Savi’s well-timed rough strokes tipped Kishen’s mental balance in favour of arousal against his sexually averse feeling of guilt. Kishen felt what it truly meant to be submissively aroused for the first time—to be like Manoj sir.

The sound of Ramesh and Sunil knocking on the door filled the tense air at once.

“Leave us alone!” Neetu called out authoritatively. Silence ensued.

Usha clutches Kishen’s jaw hard, forcing his mouth open. With a dominatrix look, Savi brings her face closer to Kishen while still roughly stroking his tool.

“You think you’re good at mouth-fucking to be announced? Eat this…” she says and spits onto his mouth.

Scooping the portion of Savi’s spit that landed on Kishen’s lips and chin with her fingers, Neetu stuffs it into his mouth, causing him to gag.

Pinching Kishen’s nose shut with her other hand, Neetu asks, “How does it feel to obstruct your breathing?” Kishen struggles to take in air.

“You sure did enjoy suffocating poor Deepti aunty by pinching her nose, didn’t you?”

“What? He did that?!?” asks an astounded Savi, to which Neetu nods.

“Well, let’s turn the tables,” Savi adds. She stops stroking Kishen and grabs his balls hard. He lets out a gurgled shriek.

“What else did he do to Deepti?” Savi asks Neetu.

“Deepti aunty told me he hurled abuses at her.”

“Is it? Like what?” Savi asks.

“Let him only confess….” Usha says, letting go of his chin from her grip just as Neetu removes her fingers from his mouth.

Relieved from the grip of the ladies, Kishen pants. Just as he looks up, he receives another slap from Savi, followed by a spit on the face by Usha aunty.

“Tell us, what the fuck did you call her?” Usha demands.

Kishen was being subject to physical unpleasantness and guilty recollections. However, the fact that his mother and now Usha aunty was using the f-word to cuss and get dirty at him continued to hold up his arousal.

“I don’t remember….”

“Oh, isn’t that convenient?” says Neetu and pinches his nipples hard.

Struggling to recall what he’d hurled at Deepti aunty while being subject to nipple-pinching pain for several moments, Kishen somehow recollects and yells, “‘Slut cunt!’ I called her slut cunt.”

“Do you know who the real slut cunt is, you bastard? It’s the cunt YOU came out of…here, sniff it,” says Savi. She fingers herself a couple of times, shoves her hand at Kishen’s face, and slaps him.

“Why don’t you make him eat some of that slut cunt?” Usha suggests.

Grabbing Kishen by the neck, Savi pulls him over and makes him lie on his back. Usha sits on his groin to subdue any lower body movements. Neetu squeezes his chin hard. Pinning both his wrists against the bed above his head, Savi rubs her pussy on his face, vigorously—suffocating him.

“Does that feel good? Answer me!” Savi screams.

Barely able to nod, Kishen could only respond with a muffled “No.”

“This cunt has had many cocks, some of which you can never match up to. His cunt belongs to your dad. Don’t ever act like you own it. It owns you! “This is the cunt that Maonj sir has worshipped. How dare you disrespect his wife?”

Having rubbed her pussy on her son’s face for as long as she could, which, to him, appeared to be endless, Savi stood up on the bed and stomped his face. Kishen could barely move his face in the force of his mother’s feet pressing against his face.

Savi asks, “Find that pleasurable?”


“Be honest,” Savi asserts, pressing harder.

“Aaahh, a little bit, but please stop.”

“Stop? Why should she? Did you stop being aggressive to Deepti?” Usha asks.

“She didn’t ask to stop….”

“How dare you back answer to us!” Usha shouts. She leans over and squeezes his nipples hard.

“I’m sorry… please stop,” Kishen screams in agony.

The ladies free him at once, giving him a much-needed breather. Choking, panting and teary-eyed, Kishen takes moments to normalize.

Rather tired, Neetu and Savi also proceed to lie to either side. Kishen notices Usha getting up from the bed. He hears her open the door and leave. He also hears a faint commotion coming from outside the room. He feels Ramesh and Sunil watching him from the doorway.

“May we come in?” asks Sunil.

“No…” responds Savi, still lying flat on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

“Go away…” Neetu adds.

Kishen hears the men obliging and walking away just as he picks up the sound of Usha’s thumping footsteps entering the room and the door closing.

Kishen keeps mum, realizing that his ordeal, albeit remotely pleasurable, is far from over.