Just a Quickie With a Mature Woman

My sister’s MIL is 48 years old, and I am 24.

Since the day of my sister’s marriage, we have been having a hot fuck with each other. Her name is Madhu. She is a very fair, voluptuous piece of cake for whom every man gets a hard-on.

On the evening of my sister’s ‘God bharai’ (baby shower) ceremony, my sister and all her in laws visited our place. We had the ceremony at a venue 15 minutes away from our house.

Her MIL and I haven’t had a chance since they came to live with us because all the relatives were also there. When the ceremony started, her MIL told my mom that she forgot to bring her gift for my sister. My mom came to me and said, “Madhu ji forgot her gift. You take her home and help her.”

I understood the play. Madhu had shown me the gift and packed it inside her purse in front of my eyes. But she purposely did not bring it with her. Madhu’s husband also did not mind, as he had no clue what was happening between the two of us.

Madhu and I went home in my car. As soon as we entered the house, we locked the door and started kissing passionately. There was no one at home as everyone went to the ceremony. We did not waste any time in foreplay.

I straight away slid my hand inside Madhu’s ghagra. Lifting it, and to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I fingered her for some seconds. Her pussy was already wet.

I came behind her. Bent her forward, lowered my sherwani lifted her ghagra. In one push, I inserted my entire dick in her pussy. She was not expecting this and moaned very loudly.

I started pumping her fast and hard. With every stroke, she was moaning loudly. Her jewellery was making noise. I pulled her hair with one hand, and I held her by her waist with the other. I started pulling her ass more on my dick.

I fucked her real fast and hard for like 15 minutes. She already had one orgasm. After such a hard fuck I was about to cum. I slapped her ass real hard and pulled her hair strongly. In one hard push, we both cum at the same time. I emptied all my juices into her.

Her pussy wasn’t able to contain all of it. So a lot of my cum started flowing from her pussy through her inner thighs till her knees. We stayed in that postion for like 5 minutes. I pulled my cum covered limp cock out.

She knew what to do. She sucked my cock dry. As we had already wasted about half an hour, we grabbed the gift and started towards the venue. She fixed her make-up and lipstick in the car.

My cum was gone dry in her pussy and on her inner thighs as we did not get time to clean up. She completed the whole ceremony with half of my cum in her pussy and half of it on her thighs.

After the ceremony, all our relatives, including Madhu’s husband and son, left. But Madhu stayed with us for a good one month to help my mom and my sister through the pregnancy.

In this one month, there was not a single day when I did not fuck the lady of everyone’s dreams. On such a day, my mom and dad went to my maternal granny’s house with my sister to take her blessings.

Madhu stayed at home, saying she wasn’t feeling well. That day, we stayed naked all day in the house. We had our lunch and dinner with Madhu sitting naked on my lap with my dick inside her. We fucked about 5 times in those days.

My mom and dad were returning in the evening. So I told Madhu I wanted to try anal. To my surprise, she said, “I would give you that pleasure also, honey. When I was pregnant with your jiju. His father used to fuck my ass every night. But after jiju was born, he somehow lost interest in sex, and I never got any pleasure from him. So my ass had also gone tight like my pussy.”

I loved it. She wasn’t new to the idea. Rather, she taught me a lot. She got on the sofa on her knees and hands. Bent her back and lifted her ass high, and instructed me to put Vaseline on her asshole.

After I did so, she said, “Now insert your fingers inside and finger fuck me to loosen my ass.” I said, “No. I want the real experience.”

She agreed and said, “OK. But you will do it only as I instruct you. This a different type of sex, and it can hurt me as your dick is bigger and thicker than my husband’s dick used to be. So be a good boy and follow my instructions.”

She started instructing me, “Now first apply some Vaseline on your cock also.”

I did

“Now rub your cock on my asshole and insert just the tip of it. If I say stop, you stop.”

I inserted my cock tip into her. She moaned with pleasure. “Now insert more of it till all your cock head gets in.” I did, and she moaned in more pleasure. The way she was moaning it was making me more horny.

“Now give soft strokes. But not with your dick. Move your waist to and fro.”

I was obeying her, and I could feel the grip of her tight ass on my dick. It was way too tighter than her pussy. I started pumping her ass using my waist. This way it was more pleasure for me as well.

“Now push it more till your half cock goes in. And you will feel my rectum opening like you fuck a virgin for the first time.”

I did so. And OMG, I inserted half my cock in her ass. I felt a pressure on my cock I never felt before. I had never fucked anyone else till then, so I did not know how it feels to take girls virginity.

I was fucking Madhu for the last 3 years. So I never wanted to fuck anyone else. I pushed my cock, opening her rectum. She screamed in pleasure.

“Aah. Kedar. You are so amazing. Don’t give strokes just yet. Wow, you have such an amazing long cock. Aah, let me get adjusted to it.”

We stayed like that for like two minutes. She again yelled, “Ah, now, my baby. Slide your entire cock in and just tear my ass apart. Oh, please don’t stop. Don’t make me wait any longer, my darling.”

I was waiting for her to say this. As soon as I got the green signal. In one hard push, I inserted all of my 7-and-a-half-inch cock inside her ass. I could feel every inch of her inner ass.

Without waiting any longer, I started fucking her ass hard. It was really tight even after lubrication. I was feeling the tight grip of her ass on my cock. I fucked her furiously.

After about 10 minutes, we changed from bareback to cowgirl style. I laid on the sofa on my back, and she came on top of me with my dick still in her ass. She had gone absolutely wild. She started riding me very fast. We were moaning loudly and fucking hard.

Now as I fuck her ass, I started inserting my three fingers in her pussy and started crushing her breasts and nipples as well. This gave her extra pleasure, and she increased her speed. We fucked like that for another 20 minutes. By then, she had orgasm after orgasm, which I lost count of.

After about 20 minutes, I also started pumping her from underneath as I was nearing my climax. I gave a few hard pushes. With one large stroke, I came inside in her ass. I had already cum for 5 to 6 times in her pussy that day. Still, I cum a lot this time.

I sprayed all my juices in her ass, and now my penis was completely dry and swollen. She collapsed on me. We were out of breath and panting heavily. We stayed like that for about half an hour till my cock came to its normal size.

We both were so happy. After one month, she returned to her town. And we are still in touch with each other and have sex whenever we get the opportunity.