Incest Saga – Part 27 (Auto driver used me)

Hi everyone, how are you all? Hope everyone is doing great. I am also doing well as my son and his friends keep on filling my holes.

Nowadays, my son wants to have my holes daily. I made a deal where he could fuck one each on alternative day. If he fucks my pussy on Monday, he will fuck my ass on Tuesday. Thus, I am sure my holes are well-maintained and tight enough for his dick.

If not, he will lose his interest in me and look for someone else. So let me tell you what’s going on in my life now. Nowadays, my son fucks me either before leaving for college or gets a blowjob from me. I was feeling this tickling in my pussy where something should be in it, filling it.

So, it was Abhay who was there for me always. His room is always filled with the boys who are ready to fuck me anytime. But for the last three days, it was Ravi, the same auto driver who kept on dropping at Abhay’s place.

While dropping me back home, he asked me if he could have some water. I was scared of why he was behaving so strangely and sweetly towards me. Once in the house, I went to get water. He came and sat on the chair as if he owned the house.

I was furious and shouted at him about what he was doing. He got up immediately, and I was in full rage that I spat the water on his face. He gave an evil smile and said, “Sluts like you act as if they are the great beings.” I was about to raise my hand when he caught it tight and took his phone out.

He showed me the video where I was entering Abhay’s flat. The recording was on for 3 hours. After that, I came out sweating and wiping the cum off my mouth and face. I was shit scared and didn’t know what to do. He pulled my pallu off my boobs and saw the bite marks over my cleavage.

I cursed Abhay. That fucker never listens when I say not to make marks over my body. But the point now is Ravi’s dirty hands were moving all over my boobs. I am losing control. My nipples were hard.

He said, “You are really a mal to fuck. That’s why those young guys are after you. But did you ever experience a fuck from a matured huge dick?” Saying he pulled his zip down and took his dick out.

One look at it made my knees weak. It was a big black dick of 9 inches, bushy and dirty. The smell from it hit my nose, and I felt hypnotized by it. I kept looking at it while he caught my hair and closed my lips with his.

I could taste the cigarette and pan in his mouth, and strangely, I loved it. He sucked my lips while I did his. My hand ran over his huge dick and kept on stroking and pressing it. His hands were on my boobs, squeezing them as hard as they could.

But they bounced back immediately. When we parted from each other, he caught my blouse and tore it along with the bra. The blouse and the bra just kept hanging by my shoulders. In the next moment, my boobs, one after the other, were in his mouth, getting sucked, bit and pulled by his teeth.

I was in great pleasure, enjoying his rough treatment. I felt this is how someone should play with my boobs. He carried me to our bedroom and pulled my saree down. I was completely nude, and he became nude too. His huge was hanging between his legs, and he came towards me.

He caught my legs and spread them wide, and hit my pussy with his huge dick. My pussy turned red by getting fucked by Abhay and his friend. Now he was hitting it with his huge dick. He then spat his saliva over my pussy and rubbed his dick over it, spreading all over my pussy.

It was so good that I moaned and enjoyed it. In one quick moment, he turned me around and spat on my ass as well and rubbed it all over my ass cheeks with his dick. He hit my ass so hard that I cried in pain.

That’s when he pushed his huge dick into my tender pussy. I screamed and was scared that the neighbours would come running. But they didn’t, and he pulled me back by my hair and started to fuck me. I was moaning and asking him to fuck me like a cheap slut which he did well.

He caught my throat and lifted me, and fucked me so hard. I had already cum twice when he turned me around. He had my legs on his shoulders and began to hit my boobs hard while he fucked me like a machine. I was in heaven with the great orgasm forming in my pussy.

I was moving my ass towards his dick with huge force. He noticed that and hit over my pussy. It results in me squirting and falling asleep. He fucked me for 10 more minutes and squashed his cum all over my body.

He spat on my face and asked me to get ready for the fun to come.  He wiped the cum over my face and left with his clothes on. I lay there on the bed naked and filled with cum. I dozed off.

When I woke up, my daughter was there looking at me in utter shock and asked me what happened. I told her nothing serious. That was when she climbed over me and locked my lips with hers. She licked all the cum from my face and smiled its yummy. She pushed me on the bed and licked my whole body clean.

Once she was done, she sat over my face. Her hands were in my hair, making me lick her dripping pussy till she filled my mouth with her juices.

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