Incest Journey – Part 11 (Sister Feelings)

Hi readers, I am here with the eleventh part of the series, ‘Incest Journey.’ I hope you all enjoyed the first ten parts of the series. Let’s start with the eleventh part.

I am very happy with both Keerthi and Krishna as my wives. I also tasted their mother’s pussy. We went to the hospital, and the Doctor confirmed the delivery dates for Krishna and Keerthi. Both were going to give birth on the same date. But the Doctor will do delivery for Keerthi first as she is the older one.

For this entire month, Keerthi and Krishna are not able to share the bed with me. So, my mother-in-law took her daughter’s responsibilities and slept with me for the entire month. She almost feels like my mother. Big boobs and big ass. As a milf lover, those types of aged women always drive me crazy.

Only two days remain for the delivery date. I went to their room and spent some time with them. I gave a deep lip kiss to both and told them to sleep early. Then, I immediately went to my mother-in-law’s room. She just took a bath and came. Her body is looking awesome.

I am waiting outside, peeping at her. She wears her petticoat and blouse. When she took her saree, I entered her room and hugged her from behind. I licked her neck, and it smelled so good. Slowly, my hand reached her petticoat. She is breathing heavily.

I placed both my hands on her chest and squeezed her boobs. She is moaning. Her breathing became so heavy. I place her on the bed. I kissed her lips and went slowly on her neck. She is already wet. Her body is fully covered with sweat. The blouse and petticoat are wet also.

I can spot her nipples inside her blouse. I started licking her nipples, which were covered by her blouse. I went down and raised her petticoat, and started kissing her legs. She is old, but her thighs are tight like an exercised body. Her love liquid is leaking in between her thighs.

I started licking her hot white tights. It tastes like sweet and salt with the mix of her pussy juice and her sweat. I entered into her petticoat and started kissing her pussy. Her love petals were so smooth and hot. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and tried to take all of her love liquid.

She is out of her mind, moaning loudly. She held a pillow with her two hands. I pulled her petticoat thread and removed it. Now she is wearing only her blouse with no inner. Her nipples were also clearly visible. I removed my pants and became completely naked in front of her.

She is pulling her legs to hide her pussy. I sat on the bed and pulled her. Both of my hands were on her thighs, and my head with into her pussy. I spread her legs wide and put my mouth on her pussy. My tongue is playing with her pussy. Soon after, I started licking her pussy, and she cum in my mouth.

After that, I pulled her and made her sit on me. I place my cock on her pussy lips. She relaxed her pussy muscles and took my cock inside her. After that, I went towards her face and said, “Fuck me.” Then I fell back on the bed.

I am watching her straight to her eyes. She is confused about what to do next. Then I slapped on her ass.

Me: Move, dear. Have you never fucked your husband? My cock is squeezing in between your pussy walls. Move and make my cock cum.

She slowly started moving her hip. Her hands were on my chest, and she was rising her ass up and down.

MIL: Haaa, Yeah. It feels so good. Your cock is piercing my pussy.

She moved like that for 10 minutes, and she was out of strength. She started begging me.

MIL: Vijay, I can’t move any longer. But I need to cum after this sex. Please fuck me. Please fuck me hard. I want your hard cock inside my pussy. Please fuck me.

After hearing that, I removed her blouse and pushed her on the bed. I lifted both of her legs and started fucking her. I increased my speed. She is moaning so loudly.

MIL: Oh, yeah. Please fuck me hard. Please don’t stop. Yeah, harder, harder. Please cum with me, Vijay. Please cum with me. I am reaching climax. Fill my pussy with your seeds. I am cumming.

I also cum with her. The bed is filled with her love juice, my cum, and our sweat. I rolled from her top and rested beside her.

Unexpectedly, I saw the room door open. I forgot to close the door. I also noticed a shadow near the door. I went near to the door and opened it. It’s Vidya. I was shocked to see her. She is wearing a gown. Her panty was pulled down, and her hands were in between her thighs.

I pulled her inside the room. Because if someone finds us, it will be a big problem. As soon as I pulled her inside the room, my mother-in-law covered herself with a blanket on the bed.

But she was surprised to see Vidya and her panty pulled to her knee. Her pussy is leaking on the floor. Mother-in-law rolled the blanket over her body and went to Vidya. MIL hugged her, and Vidya started crying. I didn’t understand anything.

Me: MIL, What’s happening? Why is Vidya crying?

MIL: Vijay, You made a mistake. You should not have pulled her in a situation like that. She is a girl. How should you make her stand with her underwear pulled out?

Me: But she is –

Before completing my words, MIL talked.

MIL: I know Vidya is there from the beginning. She can’t express her feelings to others, but she also has a lot of desires. That’s why I allowed her to masturbate by watching us fucking each other.

Mother-in-law tried to calm Vidya. I realized I did a terrible mistake. I went to Vidya and lowered my head.

Me: I am sorry Vidya. I didn’t make you feel embarrassed on purpose. This is my mistake. Sorry.

When I raised my head, Viday’s underwear was still on her knees, and her head was watching the ground.

MIL: Vijay, This is not enough. You need to correct your mistake.

Me: Correct? How should I correct my mistake?

MIL: Pull her underwear up.

Me: What?

MIL: What you heard is right. Pull her underwear up and hug her.

I didn’t get the actual purpose behind this. But I went to do it. I took her panty. My fingers are touching her legs. When I pulled her panty up, my hands also touched from her knee to her waist. She suddenly got goosebumps all over her body. Then, MIL told her to go to her room and sleep. After she went, I asked MIL.

Me: Why did you do all these things?

MIL: Vijay, you still didn’t get it. She is watching you in our fucking time. She fell for you and wants to be your wife.

Me: But she is my sister.

MIL: You fucked your mother and made her pregnant once. Is this a big matter to you?

Me: But I didn’t see her in that way.

MIL: That’s why she is also struggling to get attention from you. You can think about this matter later. First, go to your room and sleep. The day after tomorrow is special. So go and get some rest.

To be continued.

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