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Hi Readers I’m Sandy from Delhi. I work in an MNC here. From my college days I was always attracted to housewives but as I was a bit shy; I could not dare to express my feelings to someone not even my close friends. I was always in looking for an opportunity to have sex with a housewife but could not succeed. I stay with my one of my best friend in South Delhi. My office is in North Delhi in Azadpur Area. Every day I commute by Delhi Metro (Yellow Line) which is the safest & cheapest way to travel in Delhi.

So here comes the real true story which happened last week. It was a rainy morning. Still I could feel the rain droplet on my sweat shirt. I was half wet by then when I boarded the metro from Hauz Khas Station. Then came the metro which was not full as most people have preferred to take a leave from their office because of the pleasant weather. I boarded the metro. I was next to the ladies compartment. I took an empty seat in the corner. The next seat to my left was vacant & one senior citizen was seating on the next to next seat.

Then came the next station (Green Park) wherein a beautiful housewife who was aged around 35 36 years; entered our compartment. There were many vacant seats in that compartment. But to my surprise she took her seat between me & that senior citizen only. I could smell the light perfume which was coming from her body. She was also half wet & and she was wiping her face. She was also wiping her hair with her hanky. By the mean time two more station passed. Then suddenly I could feel her leg getting in touch with my legs. At that time I felt like a current running through my body. Was this lady wanted to go ahead with me.

But I did not took this seriously as I thought it might be my mistake and the lady just touched it by mistake. Then I adjusted myself on my seat so that she does not think I’m doing it intentionally. Then after a minute her legs again touched mine. When I was again adjusting myself; she asked me whether I’m from Delhi or not. I said to her that I’m not from Delhi & I work here.

I told my company’s name to her & gave her my visiting card. Then we had some normal talks & I was asking about her family & she said her husband works in an MNC in Gurgaon & she is doing her PhD from Delhi University.

Suddenly she said from her side is it possible we both get down from the metro & have coffee at a coffee shop. I called up my boss & took his permission for coming to office in the second half that day. Then we both went to Nirulas situated in Rajiv Chowk metro station. I have never taken coffee with a woman before prior to this meeting. Then after some casual talks with her I did not know what was going on her mind. she said can you accompany me to my home as I’m not feeling to attend my class today. You can have lunch with me & then go & attend your office. I was so excited to hear this as I was dating a woman for the first time in my life & I do not want her to go so soon. I readily agreed to her proposal & we boarded the metro to Green Park. She was married for last 8 years & they were not having a child till now. Was she doing this all to get a child from my sperms? I have heard about so many Indian aunties and bhabhis fucking with guys for this reason only.

We reached Green Park again & reached her residence in 15 mins. She was staying on a rented house with her husband. It was a one bed room flat. We both entered her house & she locked it from inside. She had decorated her house so nicely. She told me to sit on the sofa & make myself comfortable & she went inside to her bed room. She came within 3 mins after changing her dress which was 75% wet because of the rain. She was wearing a white skirt till knee length & a blue top. Her black bra tap was visible at her shoulders. She came with a towel & started wiping my head which was a bit wet. She told me to open my sweat shirt & the shirt which I was wearing & said she will iron it so that it becomes dry. I was not ready at first but after her several pleadings I gave both the things to her & I was only on my Jeans & shoes. She again came to me with the towel & started wiping of my body. I was getting mad feeling when her hand touched my body as I’ve only masturbated till now by fantasizing all those blue films I’ve seen but have not done sex with any woman. When she was wiping my body from the front she marked the bulge on my jeans. I tried my best not to show it to her but it was visible & I saw a naughty smile on her face. She told me to open my shoes & be comfortable & went to kitchen. I was seating in her drawing room watching the TV.

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