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Hi Friends, I am Vino from Chennai and would like to share my 1st experience with you all. I’ve been reading stories for many years and watched many porn movies as well and now am happy to share my own experience. I am 23 years and doing Master’s degree in reputed College in Chennai.

Let’s go to the Story. Her name is Anitha (Name Changed for privacy reasons). I saw her in my 1st day of my UG class. She was searching for her class and so do I. We were standing near notice board and she asked me where her class is mentioning her department. I helped her finding her and found mine as well. She was not of my department but we became friends. Her Stats 32, 28, 32, Slim and was wearing shy blue color salwar kameez. I didn’t have any bad intention on her. After the college hours I saw her walking to bus stand and I too joined with her. We exchanged numbers and started our regular chat.

One day I saw her in Red color Saree and my heart skipped for a second. She was damn hot in that saree. I went near her and said she looks beautiful in saree and she smiled back and she called me to canteen. I went with her and was able to see her boobs in side view and I was literally controlling myself from pressing her boobs. In the night chat I praised her beauty and she was melted for me.

Now I wanted to give her a try. So I called her for a Movie on Saturday. She replies as Yes and I was in heaven seeing her sms. I asked her to come in saree as I want to touch her boobs somehow. Saturday came and I picked her in my bike from Bus stand, she was wearing blue saree. Thanks to the roads, I applied breaks often and felt her boobs touching my back and had hard on. All these time she was laughing and talking with me. We reached theater and took English movie ticked and I was extremely happy to see fewer crowds in the theater.

The movie started, I placed my hand on her solder and was looking at her face in side eyes. She didn’t say anything and I was happy. Slowly I moved my hand down to her boob and landing there. She suddenly pinched my hand and looked at me with a naughty smile. I got confidence and did the same, she came near my ears and whispered please take your hand, I feel uncomfortable (kaiya eduda, enaku orumathiri iruku please). I didn’t listen to her and place my other hand inside her saree and reached her left boobs. I was pressing her boobs and I couldn’t believe my reality. She stated to moan and my cook was rock hard. I took her hand placed on my dick; she was surprised by my act and removed her hand. I somehow convinced her and made her to hold my dick. I removed my rip and took my cock. She was feeling my head in the cock. Unfortunately Interval came, we adjusted ourselves. I said I will buy some snacks for her But she insisted to go back home. I tried to convince her but all in vain.

We stared from there and I was cursing my fate. She asked my where I am going now (eppo nee engada pora), I replied as to leave you in bus stand. She said to leave in her home with a naughty smile. I asked about her parents in home. She said they are not in home and will come only at evening (avanga vitula ella da, evening than varuvanga). I was extremely happy and was praising my fate now.

We entered her home. She locked her front gate and came in. I hugged her and planted French kiss. I slid her saree down and pressing her boobs while kissing. She was breathing heavy. She broke the kiss and I hugged her from front and pressing her ass. We both were feeling the heat. She asked to move to bedroom (room ulla pogalam da). I lifted her and placed in the bed. Again we had French kiss for 10 mins. Then I removed her blouse and saw my beauty in bra. I lifted her bra up and stated to suck her mangoes. She was moaning heavily (heyy enaku orumathiri irukuda, nalla amuku plz).

Slowly I went down and started kissing her navel button. Then I went to the treasure zone. I removed her petticoat. Saw my beauty in black color bra and panty. The scene was wonderful. I removed her panties and threw it away and saw my love hole. She opened her eyes and asked what are you looking for (ennada pathuka, enna panna pora)? I replied I love you Anitha, and placed my middle finger in her wet pussy (yen nadu virala ava pundaila vitten) and I was finger fucking her. I became nude in no time and she saw a dick for 1st time/ She asked me can I touch it (hey na atha thodalama). I said No, you have to suck it babe (Mudiyathu, nee thodakudathu, atha un vaila vache sappanum). Che, how to suck it, (che etha epdi sappurathu).

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