Hot Massage For Indore Salesgirl

Hi Friends I’m AMAN. I am regular reader of ISS and thought of sharing my story today. This is my first story hope you guys will like it. I’m 5’6 tall and 8 inched hard. The girl is about 28 years but looks mature at least 32 yrs; her figure is 35-29-33(approx). I was on a one day tour to Indore (MP) from a nearby town and was roaming in a mall. As I entered an electronics store I saw a salesgirl and suddenly I thought of having fun with her hit my dirty mind. She was there in the mobile section. I went to the mobile section and started looking for mobiles. I cleverly called her for my help. As she came closer I asked her about some mobile features which she explained.

While taking; the mobile from her hand I hold her soft hand for a few second to which she looked at me and pulls her hand back quickly. In response I smiled back. After this I ask her about a mobile which was not available in that store. So she told me that the model is currently unavailable but will soon be in stock. I quickly took out my mobile and asked her; she could give me her contact details so that I can ask her when the mobile is available. She first provided me the stores land line no. But on insisting she quietly gave me her cell no. The next day I called her and asked if the mobile was available to which she refused. Then I started sending her messages (forwards and jokes) to which she responded. We started chatting day by day and slowly I came to know that she is about to get married in an year or so. Slowly we become friends and our friendship is very different as I’m younger to her and she does not feel anything wrong about me. After that I had to leave Indore. But I thought in my mind that I will surely come to Indore.

Now again I planned a 2-3 hr. Visit to Indore as I had to change bus from there and asked her if she was free. She readily agreed as it was her weekly off from work. She agreed to meet me at the bus stand. As I got down the bus she was waiting for me on her scooty wearing a normal salwaar suit. It was lunch time so I offered her to have lunch together. She agreed. We went to a normal hotel on her scooty and have lunch. Now we waved goodbye but suddenly she offered me a drop back to bus stand I agreed and sat on backseat. On the way I asked her if she ever had a massage. She refused and I asked if she wanted one now. She first refused but on insisting she agreed for a shoulder massage. I properly massaged her a sensual shoulder massage while on the way to which she enjoys a lot and gets aroused. I got down and caught my bus waving goodbye.

We continued to talk on phone and I offered her a body massage next time. She refused right away. On my way back I met her again in Indore but my buses had 15 hrs gap so I planned to stay on the bus stand in night. To my fortune when I met her in the evening she offered me to spend night at her friend’s room as she was not there. I agreed quickly and we went to the room at 8 pm. At 9 pm she started to leave for her home but I insisted to stay for the night. She thought a bit and agreed. Now we started talking casually and she was carefree as I was younger to her.

The topic moved to massages. I insisted her to try my body massage once. She refused but I kept on insisting so she agreed. I asked her to change and wear minimum possible clothes so she went and returned in a bra and panty only. I was shocked to see her like that. I asked her to lie down and I removed my shirt (wearing only boxers) and started rubbing her thighs with oil. I rubbed her thighs and took my hands to her hips and shook the hips flesh. Now I massaged her tummy and back, arms and shoulders but did not touch her boobs or pussy. This made her horny and I kept on rubbing her everywhere. Now I took her permission to remove her bra and panty. She did not respond so I unhooked her bra and started rubbing her boobs. I applied oil on nipples and pressed her boobs. While doing this my 8 inch cock was touching her body from inside my boxers.

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