Fucked My Cousin Who Visited For Festival

Hello buddies, I am Ravi from Vizag 24 yrs old 5’10 height, back with another story. I am working as a junior doctor.This is my second story sharing with you so please ignore mistakes if any.

This is Ravi, age 24, I am about to tell all my romantic story which took place just 8 days back with my cousin who is elder to me.

After having sex with the woman I met in the hospital and after 3 months of our relationship, she left for Mumbai as her husband got transferred. My sexual desire was growing as I have seen my uncle and aunty doing sex a lot of time when we all use to live together.

One of my uncle’s daughter came to visit us for Dussehra festival for 1 week.She completed her m.Tech and was searching for a govt job.

She was 27 with exact and perfectly shaped boobs and ass.She always wears tight churidars and leggings which fit her so tight and reveals her sexy curves.

After seeing her, I was dumbstruck and in my mind, it was like I have to fuck her at least once by any means.

Ours is a duplex house and so my parents’ room is on the ground floor and other 2 bedrooms are on the first floor in which one is my bedroom and the other one is for guests. So mom asked me to take her and show her the guest room. She told her to get fresh and come down for lunch.

Since childhood, I was always close with her and we use to share all the things. I use to touch her waist and ass while dancing and playing games during Dussehra and she won’t say anything. By the way, her name is Swetha.

The next day my dad’s sister and her husband came to the house for Dussehra unannounced. Their kids live in Australia.

So now the guest room was occupied by my aunt and her husband. My mom asked Swetha if she could adjust and stay in my room. She said yes and in my heart, it was like laddu phutaaa! I was very happy.

After dinner, all went to sleep in their rooms me and Swetha talked for some time and she slept. I was not able to control my feeling but I had to control. So I took my phone and started watching sex videos with earphones.

When watching the videos, I looked at my cousin. She was sleeping in a nighty which looked like a fashion night dress. Half of her body was covered in the blanket, her nighty was up to her legs which are white and shiny. I thought maybe this is wrong but why can’t I try to see it live instead of through videos.

So I was looking at her legs and her sexy cupped boobs.My dick was getting harder after seeing her in that position and it was becoming very hard to control.I kept my hand on her waist acting that I was in deep sleep.

I was in shorts and I slowly started pressing my dick on her ass. Also, I was rubbing my legs with her legs. It was very exciting. But if she wakes up, then this would turn into a horror movie. I pressed her waist slowly. She didn’t respond as was in deep sleep.

I thought it was the right time and slowly started moving my hands on her boobs. They were soft and smooth. I started circling my fingers on her boobs carefully.

Then I raised her nighty till her thighs. I could see a part of her triangular vagina. She was wearing inners. Slowly I opened my shorts and brought my dick out.

I took her hand and placed it on my dick. Suddenly my fate changed as she woke up but to my surprise, she asked, “How much will you take to fuck me Ravi?! You are too slow”

I was like wtf. She looked at my dick and said, “Ravi, your dick is too horny yet you couldn’t fuck me?”

I said, “It got hard like a hammer just looking at you.”

She asked, “Do I look sexy?”

I said, “Of course, yes my darling. You were making me mad with your beauty.”

“I want to fuck you every day 24/7 if I get the chance”, saying that I kissed her on her lips. She was also very horny by then. She responded very well. We kissed for a while, continuously playing biting each other with our tongues and without stopping even to take a breath.

We were breathless many times and then I started rubbing her waist and pressing it. My other hand was pressing her boobs over her dress and she was moaning a little and saying, “Press them harddddd much hardddd”. I didn’t know that she was such a sex bomb.

Then I started removing her dress. She was in her inners now. What a sexy figure! It was mind blowing 32-26-34. I kissed her neck and her boobs. Her boobs were so white and round. Soon I biting them hard and her nipples were hard. I played with her nipples more, biting and chewing them. She was moaning sexily, “Ahhhhh Raviiiiiii.. Bite them much more harddderr…”

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