Fucked A Lusty Aunty In My Brother’s Marriage

This is raj from kolkata 23 years male. Doing job in Kolkata in an international call center. Please send me your feedbacks on this is my 1st story so friends please comment on the story and give a positive feedback on [email protected] .. My family lives in kharagpur. Well it started when we all went to village in srikakulam for my brothers marriage, so my dad told me to reserve tickets of all of us, so i did that at the same day.. N it was confirmed.

At last the day came, we all packed our stuff and started to leave. We approached the train n seated on our seats.. On our journey in train at night around 11:48 i was awake because i got piss so i went to toilet, after finishing my toilet i herd sum noise from outside the toilet like (wait i’ll handle him he’s coming) im little scared may be some thieves or anyone..! As i am a brave boy i know kick-boxing, i thought i’ll bang them who ever may b,.. I opened the door and i was shocked there were sixers i mean (chakkhas), 3 of them, among them one was looking good..She was telling me that lets go in i’ll massage u n your****. I was in no words two of them was already in contact with my body.. One was massaging my back inside my t-shirt n one was massaging my cock over my jeans, my cock, was rock hard.. I was in full mood, i went inside the toilet with one of them who was looking good. She opened my zip took my tool out n started stroking as it was rock hard, she opened fore skin n jerking. She sat down n took my rock in her mouth.. Omg i was in cloud 9..

She was sucking sooo good.. She took my whole tool in her mouth till throat, this continued till 15 mins. Then she asked me to fuck her ass, as she dint got fucked from many days… I took out a condom from my purse, n put on. She turned n lifted her saree n guided my cock to her asshole.. I started pushing, it was not going in so i applied sum water on her ass n again i pushed, the head of my cock gone in, again i pushed one more stroke 1/3 of my cock went inside.. Now i pounded her very badly, i fucked her ass like anything, she was jerking while i was fucking. She cummed so soon. This went for 20 mins after that i too cummed. Then she took out my condom n kissed my dick n sucked it for few mins n went out of toilet. I washed my dick neatly with water n went to seat n laid as it was 1 o’ clock the station was near by, so i waited for a while and awoke my parents. After getting down from the train we have to stay in station till morning, because the 1st bus was at 5 o’clock. As we all reached my village, many of our relatives were there, they all welcomed us very well.

The marriage was at night, as i was tired so i slept n wake up at 6 in the evening.. I got freshen up by washing my face , hands, legs.. N went up to terrace for having some fresh air, as they arranged to play a movie on the screen, so i was watching it from there.. Then my fallen angel came, now the play starts… As she came up n saw me and said…. She- hi.. Me- hello how are you..? She- im fine and you..? Me- me.. Im superb. She- so which move they gonna play.. Me- i donno..( i went to the other side of terrece, there some old people were playing with sticks) me- hey come here she- what happened me- see here, they r playing with sticks she- oh haa.. Nice naa..? (she leaned on me by watching them) she- u dint bath after coming..? Me- y what happened..? She- sweety smell is coming from your body. Me- shall i bath n come..? She- hmm.. Ok go n come fast. I had my bath n came back to terrace with my short on without t-shirt. Now i dint wear inner-wear, went near her she look naughtily at me..

Then i was watching the movie, she came beside me n watching movie..She was trying to seduce me by putting her arms on my shoulder, leaning on me..I got erect in my boxer.. I told her lets sit n watch the movie, then v sat n watching movie.. After 15 to 20 mins i laid there beside her, then she too relaxed beside me..She put her leg on me n slept n told me that if anyone comes then let me know.. I said ok. Suddenly she was rubbing her leg on my dick, with in few sec my dick is rock hard, i controlled my self because her kids were lying beside her. This went on for few mins then some one was coming so told her , she took off her leg..As i was little tired i felt sleepy soon..

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