Female Reader’s Wild Adventure with a Couple – Part 1

Dear Horny ISS readers, Thank you for your overwhelming responses to my previous stories. I am Krittika. Sorry for sharing my new experience almost after a year. Thank you for sharing your tons of love. I am glad to give you hard ones through my experiences.

In addition, some of you asked me about the stories, whether real or not. I am narrating my real-life incidents. Every incident is real except for the names. After tremendous response and curiosity among the readers, I am sharing a new incident.

This story is about an encounter that is a threesome fun. It happened in June 2022. Now, coming back to the story without further delay. This story is about an ISS reader (Mihika) and me (Krittika) having a good time with Abinash at our flat.

After my last post, Mihika sent me an email appreciating my stories while checking if I was open to sharing Abi with her. Displayed her hunger for sex, and she was very keen to try lesbian as she was bi-curious. She wanted to explore her lesbianism while having fun with a male.

Characters involved:
Abinash (A): Height of 5’9” with a fit body and 6-inch cock, which is thick enough to satisfy any horny girl.

Krittika (K): A little bit about myself, I am 5’5” with a slim body and dusky skin with a size of 34 C 26 32.

Mihika (M): height of 5’2” with a chubby and fair skin tone/ Size 38D 32 34
I will use the names Abi / K / M during the conversations.

After multiple days of chatting and talking over call, we decided to meet at Starbucks on the weekend at 4 pm. She is a bombshell with big boobs than I am. As a girl, I was a bit jealous of her assets. She was wearing a one-piece dress until knee length.

Abi was staring at her boobs constantly. Her eyes were shining after getting attention from Abi. We invited her to our flat after two hours of a coffee discussion. She was instantly ready to visit us as she was staying with her friend.

After 35-40 minutes of driving, we reached our society. After dropping us at the society entrance, Abi drove out and got snacks, dinner, and whiskey for all of us.

Abi was outside to buy the drinks.

M – K, you are having a lot of fun with A, especially the bar one was amazing. Are you both couple?

K – Damn, No! A is not my BF, but he is the BFB.

M – (With an exclamatory expression on her face) What is that?

K – Best Fuck Buddy (BFB)

We both started laughing. While laughing, I noticed M was looking at my face and lips. She came closer and took my hand in hers. Then brought her face near mine and placed a kiss on my lips. It was quite tempting. The experience was new to me with an unknown girl.

I have had a lot of lesbian fun during my college days this was different. I was mesmerized by her move. Slowly, I opened my mouth, and we started kissing each other (Lip lock). Our hands were exploring each other’s boobs over the dress.

I was in a top and mini skirt, and she was in a one-piece. Slowly she removed my top and slid her hand inside my skirt while kissing me. I removed her one-piece as well. We were about to explore further when Abi returned with the drink, snacks, and dinner.

He had a 2nd key, so he opened the door himself. He had a shocked expression when he entered the flat. He saw both of us in our inners. He was staring at M’s boobs. Her boobs are quite bigger than mine are. Abi kept everything in the kitchen, ran to us, and jumped between us.

M started hiding her boobs with her hand, seeing this. I helped Abi remove her hands from her boobs. Abi started to touch her boobs, and I started kissing Abi. Seeing our move in front of M made her tempted. She came closer to Abi and started kissing him over his face while holding his hair.

Abi started kissing her and then me alternatively. The moment was as if both the girls were fighting to kiss Abi (LOL). While kissing, Abi unhooked our bras in one go, as he knows how to unhook a bra with just one hand. We were topless, and Abi was in clothes.

M and I started undressing him and made him fully naked. Abi could feel M’s hard nipples and started licking and sucking her nipples. She was enjoying it. In between, he was pinching her nipples.

M: Ouch!

I started kissing and sucking his penis and balls. Abi slid his hands inside our panties and started feeling our pussy. Pussies were already wet, and he could feel the softness of our clits. He started rubbing our clits using both hands at the same time.

Moreover, we could not control it anymore, and I pulled M’s panty. Abi pulled my skirt and tore my panty (All three are naked now). Abi has done it many times. Sometimes I hate it, but this move is quite arousing.

I pulled the skin of Abi’s penis and started caressing the tip of the penis slowly. It made him even hornier. Abi started moving his penis in my mouth, and he started sucking and licking M’s pussy. Abi was holding my hair and pushing the dick deep inside my mouth.

I could see that M was holding Abi’s hair and was pressing his face to her clit. She was enjoying it a lot. Abi increased his speed at both ends and made cum M in his mouth. He cum a lot in my mouth almost at the same time. Abi and I exchanged cum and tasted a few, and the remaining made M drink.

I winked at M and Abi and said, “You both only had all the fun. Is there anything for me?” Abi pushed me onto the sofa and took place between the legs. M started kissing me and playing with my boobs. I was in a different world. Abi knows the right spot to target in my pussy to enhance pleasure.

Abi’s tongue was always so magical that I could not resist my moan, and it became louder and louder. After some time, my legs started to shiver, and my pussy started oozing out. It was one of the best nights. We were exhausted after an hour of the session together. We took a break from the fun.

We had our dinner and started drinking (all naked). After two drinks, M started feeling tipsy. I gulped my third drink and kissed M, pressing her boobs and playing with her nipples. Abi was enjoying the scene. He was about to finish his third drink.

I asked him to make one more round of drinks for all. I made M drink the third shot. After that, she was damn high, and I was high as well. Abi carried M and me to the bedroom one after another and threw us on the bed. I started kissing M. M responded with her open mouth.

We exchanged our saliva and started playing with our tongues. Abi was sitting on the couch and enjoying the scene. I was in a different world as I was into lesbian fun after a long time. M was exploring her bi-curious pleasure with me. On top of it, both M and I were too high.

The story is a bit long. Therefore, I am splitting it into multiple parts. Stay tuned for more. All kinds of feedback/responses are welcome. Drop me an email at [email protected]

What did you think of this real story? If any interested girl wants to join the party, then ping me.