Exploring sluttiness in friend’s hot wife – Part 1

Hello readers, your Shhanky is back with another real-life story of one of my readers. Her name is Tanya. She came in contact with an email after the cruise story. She said that after reading the series of “Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise“, she was so horny that she masturbated in front of a mirror imagining herself in place of Anju!

Upon knowing that, I wrote a story about my wife’s friend Rashika named, “Goan Honeymoon Turns Adventurous“. Tanya insisted I write her real-life incident. She narrated the whole story to me.

Now, you all listen to it in my words.

Before getting to the story, let me tell you about Tanya. Tanya was the queen of our college during those days in Mumbai. She was 5 feet 3 inches tall and had curves at the very right places. She had a killer figure of 34C-28-36, which had most of the time given hard on to the professors.

She used to wear mostly Indian dresses to college. But whenever she used to come in western attire, anyone could skip a heartbeat. She had fair skin and a beautiful small face with one mole on the left upper cheek which added to her beauty. Her hair was straight medium length which ended in the middle of her back.

She was dating a handsome, elegant guy and our friend named Harsh. To tell you about Harsh, he was from Himachal and was the hottest topic in the girl’s groups. He was 5 feet 8 inches tall with a fair complexion. His hairstyle was just like Hrithik Roshan. He was a well-built guy and used to go to the gym too. The girls used to go mad seeing him play basketball in shorts. He was blessed with a dick of 5-inches long and average thick.

The relationship between Tanya and Harsh was the talk of the town. They both used to make many people jealous. Cutting the intro short, they both were getting married. However, due to their caste issue, they were not accepted in the families. But they were in love and decided to run away. And they did.

They ran away and got married in court. Then they went to settle in Delhi where Harsh’s childhood friend Nimesh lived in a 2 bhk flat.

Nimesh lived in Delhi with his roommate Pankaj and both worked in the same MNC. Nimesh was the perfect example of a tall, dark, and handsome guy. He was well built with 6 packs and some hair on his chest. He had tattoos on his right hand and used to keep a beard like cricketer Virat Kohli. His dick when fully erect was touching 7 inches.

On the other hand, it was Pankaj who was average built and a little dark in complexion. He was 5 feet 11 inches tall with a lot of hair on his chest. His dick when in a saluting position was so long that it could choke any girl to death or tear her vagina apart. He had an 8.5-inch dick.

For Tanya and Harsh to live in the apartment, Nimesh gave them his room and he shifted to the other room with Pankaj. Tanya and Harsh used to go out every day in search of jobs but used to come back empty-handed every time. For the first few days, Tanya didn’t interact much with Nimesh and Pankaj and also was not going out of the room much. The guys used to roam around in the house in shorts and basketball jerseys.

The bedroom of Tanya and Harsh had an attached bathroom and thus Tanya had no work out. The only time in the whole day she used to come out was to cook dinner. She normally used to wear a loose top and a pajama for the cooking duration.

Time passed and after one month, all the money Harsh had was getting finished and their job was also not sure. Harsh had his elder sister working in Kolkata.

Harsh: Baby, we are financially down.

Tanya: I know, baby. I am also all empty. And the job is also not yet sure.

Harsh: Because of this new VIRUS called COVID, many are losing jobs. Who will give us a job?

Tanya: Yes baby, I think we married at the wrong time.

Harsh: I think we should get help from my sister.

Tanya: Yes, she can help you. She was also not against our marriage. And it was she because of whom we are married now.

Harsh: But it will not look nice if I ask for help over the phone. I think I should go and meet her in Kolkata.

Tanya: I will also come.

Harsh: But we have money for only one ticket, baby. You stay here, dear. Don’t worry, Nimesh and Pankaj are good fellows.

She was reluctant but later agreed as it was only a matter of 2 days. Then Harsh left for Kolkata leaving Tanya behind with two boys. It was a fateful day when Harsh reached Kolkata and lockdown happened. He got stuck in Kolkata and Tanya was here.

For the next 4 days, everything was normal. She used to cook for Pankaj and Nimesh also. It was the time of April and the summer had started. She used to feel very hot while cooking. She started to cook without her inner from then on.

Pankaj: Nimesh, I think Tanya is not wearing a bra.

Nimesh: How do you know that?

Pankaj: The t-shirt she is wearing is a bit see-through. I can see her nipples.

They both started to stare at their friend’s wife’s boobs. And just then, she sat down to take out something which lowered her pajama.

Nimesh: And she is not wearing a panty also. I can feel her ass crack from my eyes.

Pankaj: Bro, I am getting a hard-on. She is so hot, man. Especially when she has her hair tied at the back.

Nimesh and Pankaj took out their phone and clicked zoomed pics of Tanya. They made videos of her cooking in casuals. Later that night, both Nimesh and Pankaj opened their phone and were staring at Tanya’s photos. Nimesh jumped from bed and said, “Bro, I am going to see Tanya now.”

Pankaj: What? What are you gonna say? It’s late, she might be sleeping.

Nimesh: I will go and ask her for a spare bedsheet kept in the room.

Nimesh thought this and rushed to the door and knocked on the door. Tanya opened the door. A sex goddess with messy hair and wearing a black nightgown was standing in front of him. It was a bit dark with only the table lamp on. Tanya’s boobs were held by a translucent black netted gown which had netted flairs till mid-thighs. And in lower, it was just black panty hiding a juicy dark brown pussy.

Nimesh saw her in that dress and his dick started to erupt from his pants. He took the bedsheets and Tanya closed the door. As soon as she closed the door, Nimesh rushed to the washroom and jerked off to Tanya.

The next day early morning, Tanya woke up and looked up the latest news on the phone. The lockdown still continued. She stood up from her bed and stripped down her black silky night gown leaving her fair glowing naked body in the open air. Her hair was messy. She walked up to the mirror and looked into it to analyze her figure. Then she walked naked straight to the washroom with a towel in hand.

Having a warm shower early in the morning was so comforting to her body. The warm water was dripping from the top and reached her pussy. Her fingers started to rub the lips of her vagina and the other hand went to her hair. She pulled her hair herself while rubbing the clit. Then she shifted the hand from her hair to her boobs and started to pick her nipples. She pinched them hard. She loved to go rough with her body.

After a steamy masturbation session of Tanya in the shower, she changed to a household dress and was about to come out to make breakfast. Just then, she heard the message tone of her phone. Then she checked it to find that there was some message on her Snapchat. She stood still with her mouth open once she saw the message. It was a nude of Nimesh. He stood in front of the mirror fully naked and erect dick.

The abs on her husband’s friend Nimesh’s body were giving a glow in Tanya’s mind and a thick long 7-inches dick was the cherry on the top. Tanya was also feeling itching between her legs seeing a hunk like that. Just then another message popped up, “Sorry Tanya, really apologies. Was sending it to my girlfriend Tamanna and by mistake sent it to Tanya!”

Tanya had no clue what to say and what to do. Her fingers automatically went down and she started to feel wet. She controlled her emotions and wrote, “It’s ok, Nimesh.”

Then Tanya sat down on the bed again and opened her trousers. She again had no panty on. She put her finger on her dark brown pussy and started to rub it. For her imagination, she replayed the snap. This sent a notification to Nimesh that the snap was replayed.

Another message popped up, “Looks like someone liked what they saw”.

Tanya came back to her senses and wore her pajama again. Then she rushed outside. She forgot that she was not wearing a panty. Her wet pussy showered all its juice on the pajama and it could be seen.

Nimesh and Pankaj both admired the view of the sex goddess who they masturbated to last night, was in front of them with wet pussy. Tanya was not looking at both of them. She prepared the meal, took her meal, and went back to the room.

In the evening, Pankaj planned to screen a movie in the hall. He told Nimesh to ask Tanya to join. Then Nimesh went to Tanya. When she came out to keep her plates, Nimesh said –

Nimesh: Tanya, are you ok?

Tanya: Amm ya, I mean totally fine. Thank you for asking. I mean, why are you asking?

Nimesh: No, nothing, it’s just that Pankaj was screening a movie tonight. Are you willing to join? It’s a Hollywood movie and a time pass.

Tanya: Amm. Ok, I don’t mind as it is I am bored in the room doing nothing.

Nimesh: Ok then, we will start at 8 pm.

Tanya: Ok, will be there, thank you.

Saying this, Tanya closed her room. She jumped on the bed and closed her eyes. It was Nimesh’s sexy nude body that was coming in front of her eyes. There was a ping on the phone. She looked at it and there were two messages from Nimesh.

She opened the message. It was the same photo of Nimesh that she was imagining and another message said, “I could see that there was a lot of water leaking down. So, sending you the same to complete what you started. Enjoy!”

Tanya was dumbstruck by that. She was getting more and more horny for the dick! She couldn’t resist and started to rub her pussy and pinched her nipples. After a lot of rubbing and soft moans, she picked up her hairbrush. Then she put the rear side of the hairbrush in her mouth and started to suck it like a dick.

With a lot of saliva on the brush, she placed it on her asshole. Slowly and steadily, she pushed it in and in no time, she had her rear side of hair brush inside her ass. Then she with muffled moans kept on fucking her own asshole with the brush. Her other hand played with her nipples and flipped her hair. Within no time, she released juices on her bed and kept on lying naked on the bed. She being tired of the act, slept within no time. The brush was still inside her ass.

After some time, she heard a knock on the door. It was Nimesh.

Nimesh: Tanya, we are starting with a movie. Are you coming?

Tanya: Oh yes, I am just changing. Will come in 5 minutes.

Tanya was still very horny with the brush in her ass and was now very attracted to Nimesh for sex. She had forgotten that she was married to a handsome hunk Harsh. She removed the brush and kept it away. But the thing she was carving for was a huge dick which was lacking in Harsh. She saw that in Nimesh and thus slut inside her was telling her to get fucked by him.

Then she washed her face and removed her clothes. She came out naked from the bathroom, came to the closet, and took out a black spaghetti top that had laces below. The top was lightly padded at boobs and finished just below her boobs. She wore loose green pants with no panties inside. This left a lot of space between the top and the pants making Tanya’s navel open for a treat view. Then she combed her hair and kept it open.

She then opened her room and entered the hall. Pankaj and Nimesh were mesmerized by the view they were experiencing. It was their friend’s wife in sexy attire in front of them, with her husband not near to stop them staring at her. Her deep navel was attracting the hands of both Pankaj and Nimesh. They both were just waiting to suck that deep navel. Tanya came and sat on the side of the couch.


What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part. I hope you guys liked the story. Please share your feedback and comments in the comment section, or you can connect to me on my email [email protected]

Thank you for all your love for my previous stories as well as for this story. All the girls keep getting wet and all the guys keep getting erect.