Dirty Fuck With Friend’s Uncle

hi readers, I am sneha from kerala. Am 23, fair in colour. 5.5″ height. I recently got a real hard core fuck and an awesome threesome back to back and I thought , it will be very interesting to listen others opinions about my experience, so I decided to write it down. On our last semester of course, there is a project work which has to be done in groups. My group mates were john, alan, teena & me. We got an electrical based company in banglur to do our project works and we planned a 15 days trip to banglur. Actually project works will be over with in 10 days and the remaining 5 days we planned to enjoy. During project works we stayed in company lodge and hence boys and girls were separated for 10 days.

We only met during day times. We planned a good sex section during all these 15 days and the first 10 days passed without any of the same. I have already fucked john and alan a few times, and both of them knows my hunger for dicks. Teena is a cute girl and she is in love with john and she doesn’t know that me and john had done sex before. I was really horny to have a dick inside my pussy during the first 10 days and I tried some lesbian work with teena and she was not in intrest at all. after project works, we moved to johns uncle’s house according to our plan. His uncle was an unmarried man of age around 40. He had a muscular body of height nearly 6 feet and his name was stephen.

We all introduced to uncle by john and go to rooms for refreshing. John was introduced me to uncle well before we reached there and the word he used to introduce me was “horny slut” and I came to know this fact after the first fuck of his uncle. We reached home nearly 8 pm and every one had a bath. As I said before I was in very much hunger for a good fuck and I fingered my pussy during bath, that made me even horny. I know the fact that, in the presence of teena, john will never dare to fuck me and hence alan was the only hope for me. When I reached dining area after my bath, all others having food and uncle was serving alcohol to both alan and john.

Uncle welcomes me to the party with a naughty smile. I was wearing a night gown of very small thickness and hence my body shape was clear through that dress and I was wearing no inner wears. Iwas real upset by seeing the condition of alan. He was too drunk. After 2 or 3 more pegs all of them gone for sleep. Me and teena was in one room and john and alan on another. Teena fall into sleep very quickly and the whore inside me didnt allowed me to sleep. I walked silently trough the varantha to johns room and knocked. After some time john opened the door and with in no time I begged him to fuck me and grabbed his dick which was covered by a burmuda. He was too drunk and said something about teena which I didnt understood and he closed the door immediately.

My mind was blank and turned back to my room. Then I realized that all things was watching by uncle who was standing at the middle of varantha. He was wearing a track suit pant and no shirt. His strong chest was crowded with curly hair. I noticed a big bulge in front of his pants and that scene made me real horny. I slowly started walking and passed him. He followed me and when I was to reach the door of my room, he grabbed me with his muscular left hand. His for arms crushed my 34 sized boobies and I was pulled back and stopped by hitting at his body. Now I can feel the big bulge right in between my ass cheeks. I have no time to think and he suddenly turned me towards him and locked my lips with his.

I opened my lips a little and he pushed his tongue through it. I felt the smell of alcohol and cigarettes which I ignored because of hi high intensity of kissing. While kissing he crushed my both boobs one after another. He undressed me with in no time and pulled down his pant. I saw his big dick around 6′ in length but huge in dia. He pulled me up and split my legs and seated me on his hips. Now both of us are face to face and again he started kissing me like anything. My boobs were crushed on his hairy chest and I enjoyed it a lot. His thick dick was now right in between my ass cheeks. I made a ring with my hands around his neck. Without any kind of information, he inserted his monster to my little pussy. I moaned very loudly because of little pain and more pleasure. He quickly reacted to my moan and closed my mouth with his. He fucked me really hard in that poss atleast 20-25 strokes and then he stopped.

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