Deflowering of a Virgin student

Hi, friends. I am Waleed from Lahore with my real story with a virgin 19-year-old babe. She was a student of DPT in my institute. I managed her admission out of the way. She became my night crush and my long-term slut leading to a family orgy.

Before going to the story, let me give an introduction of myself and my sweety. I am Waleed, age 52. I work as an accountant in that medical college. She is Nazia, age 19, height 5.2. A stunning beauty with lustrous eyes and covetously preserved vital stat 32-26-34 that has always been my fantasy.

It happened in Aug 2021 when Nazia’s father approached me for her admission to DPT. She had a profound interest in the field. Unfortunately, her scores in A levels were too poor to manage admission to any government institution and private as well.

When I saw her pic in the testimonials, I engrossed my passion. I was overwhelmed by her sexy body. Her father requested me to manage her admission at any cost. I talked to the head of the department. He confirmed that it was almost impossible to manage admission with such poor grades.

But I consoled her father and assured him to arrange resources. I will manage admission. On finalisation of admissions, Nazia was not shortlisted, but 4 students didn’t join, and seats were vacant. At this, I got an alert and tried all my links to get Nazia in DPT.

I called her father and expressed the news of her admission, and he informed her. The entire family was indebted to me for the favour. I invited them, and one fine day, I was blessed to have a look at the enchanting beauty of Nazia for the first time in my life.

She came to my home with her father, and I hailed them at dinner. She was wearing a top and jeans. Her figure was pinching my heart, and my dick was throbbing inside my trousers.

Nazia was so innocent and shy that she seemed like a fairy and a real modest beauty. Being a seasoned fucker, I instantly concluded that she was a virgin. She just thanked me reluctantly and remained silent. Since that day, my mind and my dick were both lost in her dreams.

I started working on a project of fucking that virgin beauty. After one week, all formalities of admission were filled, and she joined the college as a regular student of DPT. She was so happy as her dream had materialised. But at the same time, my dream to fuck her had mobilised.

Massive ideas started to lurk in my mind, and my dick started to jerk in my underwear. A few days passed, and I managed to exchange glances with Nazia. We started exchanging greetings, but it could not go very far as she was very reserved and shy.

Owing to her introverted personality, I started to accompany her to the canteen. I started advising her on different matters as a mentor. She started greeting me formally. Meanwhile, I developed a friendship with her father, who invited me to their home.

Soon, our intimacy developed, and I started giving her and drop facility occasionally. This brought us a bit closer, but still, she didn’t respond the way I expected. But being resolute, I managed to take her with me to the canteen and have some tea and coffee.

On one such occasion, I proposed to her, to which she got angry and started cursing me. So here I was, really sad by her explicit denial. But neither my heart nor my dick was ready to accept defeat so easily.

The next few days passed without any incident. Nazia kept attending classes but never met me. I also tried to forget and started looking for new virgins.

After 2 weeks, Nazia was found absent. I called her father, who informed me that she was suffering from typhoid fever. This kindled a ray of hope in my mind, so I rushed to her house. I met her, presented her flowers and tagged her to get well soon.

In the next 3 days, I visited her daily and tried to develop intimacy and found her a bit frank. She attended college after 5 days of rest, and we celebrated her recovery in a restaurant. She felt relaxed and confident on the same night we had a special romantic chat on WhatsApp.

She seemed to respond to my gestures of love and sex. For the next two weeks, our chat turned bold. We discussed her sex fantasy and pose preferences. So then came that special day of Dec 2021 when she had to go back to her native village (Jhang city) to spend her holidays.

I offered her my services as a driver, and she agreed. I was so excited as I was going to the heavens as my dream fairy was going with me.

So, I planned to encash the opportunity and arrange a farmhouse near her native city. I managed a remote farmhouse that was on its way to our destination. It was a 3-hour journey by road and a farmhouse located in the vicinity of her main city.

We left Lahore at 8.20 a.m. And reached the farmhouse around 11 a.m. I asked her just to come and sit to take some rest for a while. Upon reaching the room, we got fresh, and I sat next to Nazia on the sofa. I kept my hand on her lap and started chatting.

To my surprise, she didn’t resist, so I kept my head on her shoulders and pretended to be tired. Again, no reaction. So I got confident. She was wearing a nice salwar kameez. Her body fragrance and her shampoo aroma were making a tent in my pants.

My dick was throbbing and crawling inside my pant. I put my lips on her virgin lips. What a great feeling it was. My dream queen was in my lap. I was licking her lips. My tongue was travelling around her mouth and trying to resist her muffled moans.

At the same time, I put one hand under her shirt. Her navel was so sexy, and her belly was so smooth. Her nicely packed boobs were just above my head. I locked my lips around her navel. One hand was under her skin bra where her milk containers were eager to ooze love nectar.

I just pushed the bra upward, and her pinkish-black nipple and golden breast were in my mouth. She started moaning with pleasure. I got the hint that it was time to fuck her. So I picked her in my arms like a doll and put her magnificent body on the bed.

I put my one hand inside her salwar, where to my great surprise, her pussy was freshly shaved. It was waiting for me to go inside. I put my finger on her clitoris and rubbed it for a few minutes. My dick was rock hard, so I pushed my pants down to give relief.

My 6-inch tool was saluting her virgin cherry. She was moaning in joy. But I decided to prepare her cherry before entering her. I put my head between her legs and inserted my tongue on her pink lips. My tongue soon entered her love hole and encircled her clitoris.

Her pussy was oozing love juice, and my dick, too, was hard. So I put her legs on my shoulders and touched her pussy lips with my dick. I started rubbing my tool on her wet pussy, and my one hand was fondling her breast. She was in heaven with joy.

Soon, I pushed my dick into her love hole and in a single mighty push, I entered her. She uttered a loud cry in pain. I held her lips and locked her mouth. I put my tongue inside her mouth. While my dick was in the mouth of her pussy that was bleeding and shivering in pleasure and trance.

I remained in her pussy few seconds, then started jerking slowly. Soon, she started responding, and her ass was jumping to reciprocate my jerks. Her small strokes stimulated me, and I decided to change pose. I asked her to be on fours and put my tool inside her in the doggy style.

She asked me to be fast, and I increased my pace. Soon, we were both discharged. My dick was blood-stained, and her eyes were wet. But the joy was visible on her face as she felt herself a complete woman in herself. We sat there for a while and moved towards our destination.

I dropped her at her native village and returned. After spending the holidays, we met again. We enjoyed a most wonderful experience that will be described in the next part. I will also write the details of fucking Nazia’s younger sister and our adventure of group orgy.

Hope you enjoyed our story. I am very thankful to you for reading it and also thankful to my love, Nazia, who allowed me to share this story on ISS. Your feedback is awaited, as you can e-mail us at [email protected].