Cross-dresser Priyanka’s Journey

I’m Priyanka. I’ve always been Priyanka. I was born with another name that was always irrelevant. I started cross-dressing when I was in junior college. It continued off and on until I was off to degree college in Bangalore.

The day I got admission and moved out was also the day I began my journey into femininity. I got started on hormones and started actively dressing as a girl 24×7, even to college. College was very liberal, but studies were tough. So my schedule was college and home and college and home.

I went out to explore the city in my first year. However, during the year, several changes took place in me. My voice took on a softer tone, my skin softened and glowed, and my breasts and ass grew out.

Even my hair got thicker and more lustrous. All in all, my hormones were working wonders. I was becoming increasingly feminine every passing month.

Finally, in my 2nd year, during a relatively free weekend, I gathered the courage to go out and explore the partying scene. Of course, I was sex-starved as well and needed a man to fuck me senseless. I didn’t have any high hopes, though. I wore a hot tight black dress and kept my makeup subtle and soft.

My hair was loose in wavy locks with bangs swept back over my right eye. I thought I looked hot with my long legs, tight ass, and shapely breasts. I took a cab to a club at Koramangala and got in. It was a Friday night and packed by 8 PM.

I walked across the club to my seat. I noticed the eyes of most men and women turned towards me, whether intentionally or not. It felt good to be appreciated. I sat down and ordered a drink, and relaxed.

After a few minutes, I stood and went to the dance floor. For some reason, it felt natural for me. Soon I was surrounded by a few single, handsome men. I could feel their eyes roaming all over my body. Two of them moved closer and matched my moves, touching me lightly and dancing with me.

I, too, was having a ton of fun, taking in their smells, gyrating against their hard bodies. One of them, in particular, was excited. He was behind me and kept groping my butt while we danced. The other guy came up in front of me. He said, “Want to come back to our table?”

“Sure,” I purred into his ear. They took me by my hand and led me to their table in a darkened corner of the club. “Hey, I’m Amir,” said the taller of the two. “And this is Rasheed.”

“I’m Priyanka,” I replied and smiled shyly. “You dance quite well,” Rasheed said, “and we’re so turned on.”

“We’re engineers here in Bangalore,” sighed Amir, “and come here on and off to unwind. But we’ve never seen someone like you, hon. Where’re you from?”

“I’m in college and studying at RSD College,” I replied. “You’re very hot,” said Rasheed as he moved closer to me and smelled my sweat and hair. “I NEED YOU,” he growled in my ear.

“Want to get out of here?” asked Amir. “Yes, please,” I said. “My car’s outside,” said Amir. “Let’s take a drive,” said Rasheed. We left the club. I put on my heels and followed Amir to his car. I couldn’t help looking around, seeing what people would say if they saw me walking with these guys.

A few smiled at me. It wasn’t hard for me to forget where I was. I’ve wanted this for years, ever since I knew about such things. We started driving away. It was quite late, and the roads were deserted. Amir drove till we came to a park.

He parked in a secluded street, turned to me and said, “We’re getting out now. You’re going to come with us. And we’re going to do things to you.” I blushed, and my mouth started watering.

They got off, and I followed them submissively. They took me among the trees overlooking a lake and started groping me roughly. Rasheed pushed me onto my knees. His big hands bunched my hair and pulled it so I would look up at him from the ground.

As he proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his cock, Amir bent down. He forced my mouth open and spat into my mouth. I swallowed it without question. Both Amir and Rasheed kept rubbing their cocks on my face.

Rasheed pushed his cock into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, choking me. “Suck it, whore!” Amir whispered. I closed my lips around it and continued sucking while I felt my pussy grow wetter by the minute. I held Amir’s cock in my hand and was jerking him off too.

Both of them were getting more excited watching me perform. “Rasheed, fucking cum in her mouth!” Amir said. “Fuck yeah!” shouted Rasheed, pushing himself deep into my throat. Without warning, he started shooting his load in my mouth, down my throat.

As soon as he finished, he pulled out, spit on my face, and told me to swallow every last drop. I licked my lips clean and swallowed hard. Amir stroked himself, grinning widely, and said, “My turn, bitch.” I opened my mouth, and he pushed his cock inside.

I gagged but managed to get used to it after a few strokes. His breathing grew heavier, and I started to stroke myself as he moaned louder. His cock had grown larger in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it more than halfway. After several thrusts, he shot his load down my throat.

I thought I was done, but Rasheed was already hard again! He lifted me, turned me around, pushed me against Amir, and bent me over. He lifted my dress, pulled my panties down, and penetrated me from behind. He used his spit to lubricate his cock and my hole.

He fucked me hard and rough, slamming his cock in and out of my ass. He slapped me across my ass again and again. He said, “You like that, bitch!” and kept fucking me harder. I pushed my hips back against him and balanced against Amir’s shoulders.

My long lustrous hair fell forward over my shoulder. “I love your hair,” said Amir, holding and stroking my cheek. “Bend forward,” he commanded. I obeyed and bent further until my face faced Amir’s flaccid cock.

All the while, Rasheed continued to fuck me hard as I moaned in pleasure and pain. Amir took my hand and cupped his balls with it. I saw his cock starting to twitch.

Without warning, warm fresh pee shot out of his cock and onto my face, into my mouth and my hair.  I had no choice but to swallow some of it while it drenched me. Amir started laughing and said, “You liked that, no?”

“Hmmm,” I said as I licked his cock with the remaining drops. I turned around and gave Rasheed a pleading look. “What?” he said, smiling. He continued to slide his hard cock in and out of my ass, grunting with each thrust. My ass tightened around him, letting him know I enjoyed being fucked.

“Fuck her good, maar maar ke phad de,” said Amir. I whimpered, wiggling my butt against Rasheed and leaning back to meet his thrusts with mine. I started sucking Amir’s cock while Rasheed fucked me. I heard both of them moan and sensed that they were close to coming again.

“Aaah, I’m cuming!” Rasheed grunted. With one final thrust, he filled my ass with warm cum, leaving me gasping. In a couple of minutes, Amir started cumming again in my mouth. This time I swallowed his cum and let some of it drip down my chin.

Amir touched my twitching 3-inch cock and stroked it with two fingers. “That was amazing, honey,” Amir said, hugging me tightly and kissing me on the forehead. He continued to increase his pace.

“Thank you,” I whimpered softly as my little man-clitty twitched, and I cum hard. Both of them zipped up as I pulled up my panties, pulled down, and smoothed out my dress. I was wet with sweat, cum and piss, and I smelled like sex.

The three of us walked slowly back to the car, lost in our thoughts. My body still tingled from the sexual release. As they dropped me off at my flat, I thought I needed to do this more often. My body was buzzing. I was dizzy with pleasure and horny again.

As I entered my apartment complex, the guards gave me weird looks. I knew I looked like a slut, smelling of sex, with wet hair and dried cum on my hair and face. A wave of embarrassment and excitement washed over me. I head up to my apartment, showered and lay down.

I wanted to masturbate again and come even harder, thinking of the night’s adventures. I proceeded to do just that and slowly drifted off to sleep, happy and content. For now.