Corporate Sins – Part 8

Shipra drove herself to the school. Calling Peter, she said, “I’m at the school parking lot. Please assist me with parking my automobile safely. I don’t want it to be seen in the open.”

“Whoa, I’m happy you made that choice. Please give the peon the automobile keys. In a few minutes, he will visit you.”

“Are you crazy? No. How could you tell this to someone? You promised that this would be kept private, so that is the only reason I came. I am heading back home!”

The sound of a knock on her car window disturbed her. She noticed a slender man in his mid-twenties when she peered outside. He was beaming a cunning smile at her. He looked like the peon Peter was speaking about, especially with his grey clothes.

“Shipra, don’t worry! He is the man I trust. Just give him the keys to the car. He’ll securely park it on the property so you can head straight to my office.” Shipra gave the peon her keys without murmuring a word. She understands she is powerless.

As she moved across the empty hallway towards Peter’s office, the sound of her heels could be heard. The moment she walked into the office, Peter got out of his chair. As he approached her, Shipra stood motionless at the door. Her heart begins to race in anticipation of what will happen.

She was hesitant, but not as much as she had imagined. She wonders whether this is the case with all attractive and aspirational women or if she is the only one. She is willing to bear the expense for the future of her child. She has become accustomed to this situation. Her child’s future has taken precedence above her modesty.

Peter took her by the back and locked the door behind her. She began to breathe deeply now that she was in her child’s principal’s arms. She was wearing a deep-cut blue kurta and pyjamas. He took off her dupatta and threw it to the ground. He turned to face her and planted a kiss on her earlobes.

He can’t wait to see those mouthwatering boobs again, perhaps without any obstacles. There are still spots of juice spilt over her kurta in the morning. With childlike enthusiasm, he peered at her cleavage. Cradled against her bare chest was her mangalsutra.

His piercing eyes are too much for her to handle. She closed her eyes to avoid the situation. She parted her lips, opening them a bit in anticipation of a kiss. Rather, she felt his tongue caressing her cleavage. She wasn’t let down by Peter, though. He had seen her partially open lips.

He makes her way to her lips, licking her neckline on the way. When she felt his lips on hers, she reached inside and gave him a French kiss. Peter lifted her to his table and sucked her saliva. Shipra lifted her arms to facilitate him to open her kurta which he did happily.

When he sees her somewhat nude breasts enclosed in her sky-blue bra, he is astounded. He undid her bra hooks to release them. For a while, he just stood there ogling her stunning, firm breasts. Shipra guided his hand towards her left breast without making eye contact.

He took hold of her breast and began massaging it. Shipra reclined slightly to reveal more of her breasts. He placed one arm around her, trying to get closer, and started eating her breasts one by one. While he was still working on her boobs, he opened her palazzo with her left hand and gave her the finger.

His fingers were touching her panty, which was already damp at this point. She advanced to kiss him. Peter moved his middle finger inside her buttocks as he kissed her. He pulled her pants and palazzo down to her knees, exposing her pussy to the impending attack.

Now that he was on his knees, she was completely nude. Sitting nude on the principal’s office desk at her children’s school, she is feeling shivers. She could sense his tongue licking her pussy lips with a true sense of intensity. By the way, Peter is eating her, she can tell how desperate he is for her.

The combination of a so-called holy guy who also happens to be her child’s principal is making her increasingly aroused. She wants more of him, so she holds his head and pushes it within. She begins to sigh deeply as she can feel Peter’s tongue prodding her pussy from all angles.

She begins grabbing her nipples and giving her breasts a vigorous massage to maximise her pleasure. She felt his big fingers slide inside her pussy. She rolled her eyes in delight. She could feel Peter giving her the finger fuck so that she couldn’t help but scream.

At last, she let go, letting go of a tonne of warm cum. As she feels him emerge from her legs, she takes a long breath. She had such a strong reaction to this horrible conduct that she was sweating profusely and fatigued. Peter strolled up to his chair and took a glass of water to help him relax.

Shipra is looking at him with her eyes half open. She also stood up from the desk and kissed him. Without wasting any time, she gets on her knees while running a finger across his face. She pulls his pants and underwear down to his toes.

Nevertheless, his erect dick is not as large as that of Chaddha, the elderly horse, or even Shoaib. She was a little let down by his size, but the taboo factor made up for it. She swallowed his precum as she licked the tip of his dick. She put his dick in her mouth.

She began to lick the tip and all of its corners. However, she noticed some movement in the window’s curtains right behind Peter’s chair while she was sucking him. She could spot a shadow behind the curtains beside the window next to them.

Being a perceptive woman, she quickly deduced that the slender peon was the one pursuing them. She experienced a strong chill as she had never been in a position like this before. She was experiencing an unusual feeling that she had never experienced before.

Despite the fact that she had had sex with a few men now, having sex while being watched by someone is a completely different story. She is getting excited about baring her body to an unknown man, a much lower socioeconomic class than herself.

She was unaware that she had also been watched naked by the young waiter, Raju. While she was bathing and getting fucked by Chadha. Excited, she began to bite and suck Peter’s dick more forcefully. Peter was pleasantly surprised to find that Shipra was an expert at sucking.

He doesn’t know about her adventures with Chadha and Shoaib. He saw her as an extremely devout woman who was solely focused on her spouse. He wanted to know how a plain woman who doesn’t go out much could be so amazing.

Shipra is licking Peter with her eyes wide open and focused on the shadow cast by the curtain. She caught a glimpse of his erect dick being caressed. When she saw that the peon was masturbating, seeing her sucking Peter, she became ecstatic.

The warm mist of Peter’s sperm on her face breaks him out of his reverie. She assumed that by now, the peon must have ejaculated as well. After washing her face, she kissed Peter. She was carried to the table and given a kiss by Peter.

He is ready to realise his dream of fucking the woman he has been admiring for a long time.