Corporate Adultery With Nayan – Part 1

Hello, ISS Reader. I’m back with a new story. It involves my soon-to-be-married colleague, Nayan.

Nayan was 32 years old and was the sexiest female on our team, an irresistible lady. Nayan had an excellent body figure, perfect boobs and a wide ass. Her body was sexy, with meat in the right places. Not petite, not very fat, just perfect.

This is my story of how I fucked her just before her marriage and accomplished my goal of fucking a colleague for the office.  I had recently joined the company. After joining the team, Nayan was the most approachable person. She was helping me in and out, through and through, during my initial days.

Hearing from others within the team, Nayan was not very approachable and helpful. She always had an attitude, but her attitude was quite the opposite with me. A few months passed. Nayan and I got close so fast and early. We always used to sit together, bitch about others, help each other during work.

We got so close that we used to do NSFW talks as well. There was no secret or barrier between us. It was going just amazing with Nayan. 2 months passed; we were all good and settled. We did 2 projects together. Mostly, it was just 2 of us as we used to get everything done fast.

As we had this good tuning and mindset, they gave us both the same shifts and only 2 of us on 1 project. We were very efficient, and they appreciated all of it. Over the next few months, Nayan and I were the top performers within the complete services team.

We had the highest number of projects completed. This gave us a big boost, and we were inseparable. Nayan started keeping herself distant from others. Same with me as well. I distanced myself from most of the people. It was either Nayan for me or no one.

Nayan and I had bonded so well now that people suspected that we were dating. Although it was not an intention, it just happened that we both distanced ourselves from others. We had to celebrate this moment of topping the Service team charts. So we actually planned out a good dinner.

We, on our off day, met at a calm, fine-dining restaurant. Had a good meal and talked about our achievements. We finished off the dinner, and I finally dropped her home. Readers? Did you think this was the place where sex would happen? Not so fast.

Now comes the part where the actual twist entered our relationship. Recently, our office got a new gym. Nayan planned to go to the gym because she thought she was getting fat. Now, compared to her old self, she had gained weight. But she was actually looking better.

But she never listened to me and wanted to join the gym. Now, Nayan, being Nayan, dragged me to do gym as well. She needed a partner, and of course, she would not go without me. So we planned that post our shift, we would hit the gym and would do it for an hour.

On day one of the gym, our shift was at an odd time. So, there was hardly anyone at the gym. Nayan went to change into a gym outfit, and I did the same. I changed and was waiting for Nayan. When Nayan stepped out of the changing room, I was bamboozled looking at her.

I thought she would change into gum pants and a T-shirt. But to my surprise, she changed into a proper gym outfit, wearing a Sports Bra and tight gym pants. Now, this isn’t weird, but Nayan had a 36DD bra size, which is so much bigger than normal.

The sports bra was actually tight, and it was making a deep cleavage. She also had a good amount of fat in her belly. It was pushing the navel out. Her ass was also so huge that it was making a perfect peach shape in her tight gym pants. All this was perfect for me. Nayan did not have any issues exposing her body.

I was staring at her all the while. My dick was so hard. Since the time Nayan changed into her gym outfit, my dick was hard, and it continued to be so. I couldn’t concentrate on my session. I was looking at Nayan throughout. I understood tonight I’m going to fuck Nayan in my dreams for sure.

The first day at the gym was light. We just did some warmup and yoga. No lifts. We showered and left for the day. Next few days, we just had these small sessions. Now, the next week, we started with weight lifting, where I was able to look at Nayan’s hot body closely.

While she was lifting, her skin was glistening with sweat, looking so tasty. I just wanted to eat her. I couldn’t resist Nayan at all. She was looking so sexy. Next, we were going to do bench press. It was Nayan’s turn first. She got into position and held the bar. She started doing bench press, and I was spotting her.

Once Nayan got the rhythm, I relaxed and stared at her. While doing bench press, she was also showing off her silky smooth underarms. I had an underarm fetish. I couldn’t control it, but I had to stay civilized, as my friend used to say.

As time passed, I was getting more and more sexually attracted to Nayan due to our gym sessions. Slowly, Nayan started to make videos of her sessions. I used to record those videos on my phone, so I had easy access to all her videos to fap to. I had the complete freedom now.

I used to touch her always in the gym while spotting her. I didn’t have the control now. I wanted to touch her more. One fine day while in the gym. Nayan was doing pull-ups and called me to spot her. Nayan did 2 or 3 at max but wanted to do more.

I took the usual spot to support her by her knees to lift her, but it did not work for her. Nayan was very disappointed. I told her not to worry. I would do something and run to get a stool. I stood on the stool behind Nayan and asked her to do the pull-up.

She did 3 as she could, and as soon as she started to struggle. I placed my hands on either shoulder. Now, if you can imagine, my palm was on her shoulder, but my fingers were on her smooth, shaven, sweaty underarms. I held her tight and pushed her up.

I was praying for this to work because I did this so that I could touch her underarms. To my luck, it actually worked, and finally, Nayan was satisfied with the reps. She completed 8 pull-ups. The same happened during Barbell Squats as well.

I was spotting Nayan during Barbell Squat because she wanted to pick up weights. She cannot do it alone, so I had to spot her. While spotting, I grabbed her love handles, and Nayan started the sets. I was feeling the smoothness and warmth of her love handles. In between, I was squeezing them as well.

Almost 3 months had passed. Now came the best day for any corporate employee. The traditional day where men can drool over the sexy women in sarees. The traditional day was up soon. Nayan and I were discussing what we were going to wear.

Nayan said, “I am going to wear a saree, and I will make heads turn.” Listening to that, I immediately started to imagine this sexy woman in a saree and got a huge boner. Finally, the traditional day arrived. Both I and Nayan came to the office.

I was absolutely stunned looking at Nayan. Describing her saree was fine. But it was the blouse that blew my mind. I don’t know what kind of blouse it was. This blouse only had one sleeve, which was on the right side. The left side did not have a sleeve and was showing off her shoulder.

Even though Nayan knew what kind of blouse she was wearing, she wore a regular padded bra. It had a fat strap which was visible on her left shoulder. Nayan thought the saree pallu that runs on the right side should take care of it. But it was getting difficult for Nayan to handle.

It was also getting difficult for me to handle my boner. Nayan realized that it wasn’t working well. Everyone was staring at the sexy nude-coloured bra strap that she was showing. It was getting embarrassing for Nayan.

I told her, “Nayan, everyone is staring at your bra strap. This is not good, and you need to do something.” Nayan said, “There’s nothing I can do. It’s getting awkward.” Nayan had become visibly embarrassed and sad. Nayan was confused as to what to do and was looking at me for help.

I got an idea and told her, “Nayan, the only option you have is to remove the bra you are wearing. The blouse should do the work.” Nayan realized that was an option but exclaimed she had no place to keep it. She did not bring her bag. We have desktops at the desk, so actually, a bag was not needed to carry anything.

However, I was carrying one, and I think you’ll know where this is heading. I immediately told Nayan that she could keep the bra in my bag. After the shift, she can take it back. Nayan liked the idea. She took the bag, went to the washroom, removed the bra, and kept it in my bag.

I could see the relief and happiness as soon as she came back. She was thanking me infinitely. Soon, Nayan forgot about the whole incident and was so visibly happy. I couldn’t be less happy. Time flew, and our shift got over. Nayan actually forgot that her bra was in my bag.

I did remember it. But I just wanted her to forget so that I could have that bra all for myself just for one day. I so wanted to look at the bra she wore and wanted to feel her cups and smell them. It just happened, as I thought. Nayan forgot about it, and we left for home in our respective cabs.

Everything was set. I just had to wait until I reached home so that I could touch and feel Nayan’s sexy bra. I reached home and immediately got a message from Nayan saying that she had forgotten the bra. I acted as if I forgot as well and messaged back.

Nayan was okay with it because she didn’t know what big of a pervert I was. Nayan said, “You just keep it for now. I’ll take it back from you next week.” Next week because we have our offs now and will only meet next week. I imagined what I could do to her bra.

That night, I opened up my bag and took Nayan’s sexy bra in my hand. It was a nude colour, 36DD, single padded, huge cupped, fat strapped hot bra. It was nice and huge that both the cups could perfectly sandwich my dick between them. Without thinking anything, I jumped on my bed with Nayan’s bra.

Smelled, licked and kissed it. Rubbed it on my dick. My dick was rock solid by now. I sandwiched my dick between the cups of the bra. The inner part of the cup had a smooth, silky-like material. It was making my dick slide, and it was feeling so much good.

I started masturbating slowly, with my dick being sandwiched between the cups. All I could think of was Nayan being in this bra. It felt so good. After so long, I cum so hard and thick and that too for Nayan for the very first time. I pushed all my cum inside the cups of the bra.

It was as if I was pouring it all over Nayan’s huge boobs. The feeling was amazing. This continued the next day as well. This was the last day with Nayan’s bra. So I wanted to cum one more time and then wash it so that I could return it to her.

I was going to play with the bra. But I received a message from Nayan stating that she will be on leave for the next 2 days. She is going to her hometown. She didn’t explain anything and just said bye and left.

Well, Nayan was going to return eventually, so I didn’t bother her much. I was happy that I had 2 more days with her sexy bra. I continued doing my thing. I had lost count of how much I had masturbated on her bra. It was stained to the core, and being a nude-coloured bra, it was very much visible.

I started working on washing it. I washed it, and it was fairly looking good. There was nothing to notice except that the inner side of the cup had lost its smooth and soft texture. It was a bit rough after all the cumming. Anyway, I had to return it. I was scared as well.

Nayan might catch there was something wrong with her bra. She returned on the evening of the 2nd day, and she called me and said, “I have something to share with you, and it’s important. Rush to my house as soon as you can.” I didn’t know what exactly to say, so I just said okay and left for her house.

Although she didn’t mention it, I remembered and took her bra as well to return it. I reached Nayan’s place, and she immediately hugged me, and she was visibly happy. I asked her what had happened and she called me so fast.

Nayan said, “I went to my hometown because I’m going to get married soon. I had gone home to get everything fixed. Mom and Dad found the guy, and within the next 3-4 months, I’ll be married.” I hugged her again and said, “Congratulations, Nayan! I’m so happy for you!”

I was genuinely happy for her. Just that the dream of fucking her was just a dream now. Look at the positives. I got a chance to masturbate and fuck her bra. I mean, that’s a win as well, right? I was thinking all this to myself.

Just then, Nayan said, “Did you bring my bra, which I had forgotten? I forgot to tell you about it when I called you.” I told her I had obtained it so that I could return it. I opened my bag, took the bra out, and gave it to Nayan.

Nayan said, “Thanks, dude, that day you saved me from a big embarrassment. I don’t know why I thought that I could handle that, but you saved me.” Nayan went inside to keep it but returned with it. Now I was getting really scared seeing her return.

Nayan asked, “Dude, did you wash my bra?” I said, “Yes, I did. I thought it wasn’t good to keep it just like that without washing, so I washed it.” I mean, I thought it was convincing, but Nayan was smelling something fishy for sure. That answer didn’t convince her, and she probably wanted to ask more.

She also looked carefully inside the cups, and now she had her doubts confirmed. Nayan told me to follow her to her bedroom. We went to her bedroom. Nayan took out a similar black bra from her cupboard and called me closer to her.

Nayan showed me the cups of both bras. The nude one had a rough inside, and the black was soft and smooth. I mean, after cumming so much in the cups. It was too stained. I had to wash it a little too rough so that the stain could go away. But that actually ruined the insides of the cup.”

Nayan said, “Dude, what did you do with my bra? Washing alone wouldn’t ruin the cup. I know for a fact that you did something to the bra, and that is the reason you washed it. There’s only one thing I can imagine that you could have done with my bra. Is that what you did with it?”

I knew now I had no escape. Nayan was questioning so much. There’s no way I can get out of this anymore. I thought, let’s tell the truth and get done with it. I looked at Nayan and nodded my head.

This ends part 1 of the 2-part story. The 2nd part will be filled with all the climaxes. Thank you for patiently reading. I hope you enjoyed the first part. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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