Banging my uncle’s married Tamil daughter

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For those who don’t know me, I am a 39-year-old married male from Bangalore. I love to have fun with married women and have been part of 3-4 as well. I have written a few of my stories and a lot of stories of my chat friends.

This is an incest story and it happened when I was least expecting it.

I hail from a small town in southern Tamil Nadu (Near Madurai). I had an uncle who had 3 daughters, 2 were older than me and one was 2 years younger than me. Here, as per tradition, you are eligible to marry your uncle’s daughter. Out of the 3 girls, the eldest one was very rude and did not even smile at anyone. The 2nd girl was three years older than me, she is the heroine of this story. Her name is Lakshmi. She is always jovial, mingled well with me and my sisters when we were young. She always has a smiling face. The youngest one was also not jovial and I don’t know what was the reason. She never spoke to me.

Rolling back to 20+ years further, I am 39 now, married with 2 kids and working in Bangalore. The heroine of this story Lakshmi is still in my native place and is married to a guy who manages to earn enough to keep her happy.

One day I got a call from my mom that my uncle’s daughter Lakshmi was in Bangalore. I didn’t ask much as it had been more than 10 years since I last saw her or spoke to her. Later that day, my mom called again and said she was alone in Bangalore to meet a relative and that day being a festival, she couldn’t get a bus. The bus fare to my native was 2.5-3k on that day and she couldn’t afford that much. So, my mom told her to stay with me for the day and return the next day.

To tell you about my luck, my wife had gone a week before for the festival along with the kids. I was staying alone that week having beers every day. But I was cursing myself that I couldn’t have beer that day. When I was thinking about it, I got a call from an unknown number and it was my uncle’s daughter Lakshmi.

Lakshmi: Dai, naan un veetuku varen. Entha area nu sollu, bus la varen (I am coming to your home, tell me the area name and I will come by local bus).

Me: Naan vanthu koopduren, unnoda location send pannitu, angaye wait pannu (I will come and pick you up, you send your location).

After a few minutes, she texted me her location on WhatsApp and it was 5-6 km from my place. I immediately cleared all the beer bottles from my house, cleaned it a little bit and started in my bullet to pick her up.

We met there. She was wearing a blue saree. Anybody on the streets who saw her could easily say that she was from a village as her dressing was that way.

We greeted each other and then went to my house. We reached my place and went inside the house. I asked her to take a rest. She sat in the hall. I told her to sit on the sofa which she refused and said this was much better than that.

After chit-chatting about each of our family and kids for a few minutes, I asked her to take a bath and take a rest in the afternoon. She said she had only one dress as she didn’t have plans to stay for more than a day. So I told her to use any of my wife’s nighties.

Initially, my uncle’s daughter was reluctant and later agreed to take one. She went inside wearing my wife’s nighty, had a bath and came out. She didn’t feel comfortable staying up in the nighty in front of me and said she will change to her saree. I told her to wear my wife’s churidar instead if she wished to. So I told her to use one of the bedrooms and told her that the lock in both bedrooms won’t work and she can close it and I will sit in the hall.

Lakshmi: Nee vanthalum thappilla (It’s not wrong even if you come).

Me: Enna sonna?? (What did you say?)

Lakshmi: Unakku ella urimayum iruku, nee vanthalum thappu illanu sonnen (I said you have all rights to come inside).

She smiled and went inside to change her dress. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Not sure if she was joking like older days or did she really meant it. I dared and wanted to give it a try.

So I stood up from the sofa. My hands were shivering when I kept my hands on the door. I pushed and it opened. What I saw was a mesmerizing beauty. Even though my uncle’s daughter was 42, with her continuous work at home, she had maintained her body nicely. She had 34D boobs and a 38-sized ass. She had removed her nighty and was waiting for me to come inside. She smiled at me and said

Lakshmi: Ivlo nerama ulla varathuku? (It took you so much time to come inside?)

Me: Nejama than nadakuthanu enakku theriala, oru vela kanavonu yosichitu irunthe (I thought I was dreaming and took me some time to come to reality).

She pinched my cheeks and said, “This is no more a dream.”

I asked her, “What do you mean by ‘no more’?”

Lakshmi: Chinna vayasulaye enakku un mela oru asai, aana vayasu jasthi nala veetla allow panna matanganu vituten (I had a crush on you from a young age, but knowing you are younger to me, our families won’t allow for us to get married).

Me ; Enakku apdi oru idea ve illa (I never had such an idea).

Lakshmi: Enakku theriyum, enna nee apdi pakkave illanu (I know you never looked at me that way).

Me: Innaiku epdi thideernu thonuchu? (How did you do it today then?)

Lakshmi: Itha vita enakku vera chance kedaikumanu theriala, athan nadakurathu nadakatum nu sonnen (I know I will not get any such chance ever in my life again, so I just told you).

Lakshmi: Pesitu mattum than iruka poriya illa vera ethuvum panna poriya? (Do you want to keep talking or do anything else?)

I moved closer to her and touched her boobs, groped it with my hands and started to kiss her lips. She reciprocated and kissed me back. We were lip locked for 5 minutes and I moved my hand toward her pussy, it was hairy completely. I asked if her husband liked it that way. She said, “It has been 3 years since we had sex.”

I asked her if I could shave it for her as he won’t see it.

She asked, “Why do you want to shave it? Will it disturb your cock?”

(I will write the conversation in English only for better reading.)

Me: No, I will lick after shaving.

Lakshmi: You will lick there? It’s not good.

Me: You don’t know what you have been missing for these many years.

Saying so, I took the Venus razor which my wife used to have and started shaving my uncle’s married daughter’s pussy. I finished shaving and saw her cleanly shaved black pussy. It was an amazing watch and I placed a kiss on it. She jumped on the bed at that moment, and that was the first time something other than a cock touched her pussy.

I took her to the bathroom, cleaned her pussy with water (it was November and the water was pretty cold, which made her more horny).

Then we walked nudely to the bedroom and I made her lie down in the bed and spread her legs. I went between her legs and started to lick her pussy gently. I started to increase the licking speed. I kept my finger on the clitoris and rubbed it there.

After a few minutes, I ran towards the fridge and took some ice cream and put it on her pussy. Now I started licking the ice cream from the pussy and her entire body was shivering. She started to release the cum and I ate it along with the ice cream. Now it felt differently.

My uncle’s daughter kept on shaking her hands as she never experienced anything like that before. After 15 minutes of pussy licking, I put some more ice cream on her boobs and ate one after another.

Then I made her get up and suck my cock. She wanted to give me the same pleasure and took some ice cream and kept it on my cock, and licked it. Then she started sucking it like a lollipop. She sucked me for 5 minutes and then we kissed each other.

Now. it was time for me to fuck her. I made her lie down in the bed and fucked my uncle’s daughter hard. Her legs were spread wide and I was thrusting my hard dick inside her. I used my full strength and pushed it inside so that my 6-inch cock was fully inside her. Lakshmi was moaning hard and enjoying it and making so much noise. She was enjoying it nicely and calling me by my name. After some time, I was about to reach the climax and asked where she needed it.

Lakshmi: Please leave it inside my pussy itself, I want to feel it.

Then, in a minute, I released all my cum inside her pussy and was exhausted. We lied down hugging each other for some time talking about all the random stuff about our young age. We had a couple more rounds that day and 2 more rounds the next day.

In the evening the next day, I dropped her in Madiwala to board the bus and she left with tears in her eyes. Even now when we have the time and place, we do video chats and have fun as it is very hard for us to meet even when I go to my native.


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