Ashwini’s Caring Boyfriend or Rugged Bestie? – Part 3

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The story is narrated from Ashwini’s viewpoint.

I (Ashwini) wanted my best friend Akash to dream dirty and wild thoughts about me rather than the aunty.

Did I make the mistake of reading his chats with the aunty?

Oh dear! Akash’s chats make my panty wet. Another message read, “Hey, Ninna mathe ninna magalanna ottige dengidre hengirutte? Ond threesome.” (Hey, How it feels to fuck you and your daughter together? A Threesome.)

Aunty’s reply was reluctant, “Hey, Please Akash, nanage ee tara helodhu ishta agalla. Nanage neenu beku aste. nanna magala bagge nanna hatra mathadbeda. Ninage beku andre avala jothe yen bekadru maadko, neev ibru mature eega. Nanna hatra yenu helbeda aste”

(Hey. Please, Akash. I don’t like this. I want you. You don’t talk about my daughter. If you want, you can do anything with her without my knowledge because you both are mature enough.)

The next message from Akash was the pic of his thick nervy dark dick. I felt a shiver, and my eyes failed to blink. Aunty hungrily replied, “I need it. Tonight, my husband is away at his sister’s home. You come to our usual spot once my daughter is asleep.” (This message was one week old)

Apart from these chats, there were many other horny pics and texts from other women which didn’t interest me. These texts haunted my sleep. I felt too horny. I wanted to be held strongly into the grasp of a man in his chest.

I texted my boyfriend, Harsha, seducing him, tempting him with hints that he could sneak and fuck me. I wasn’t bothered about the world as my pussy ached for a good fuck. My sweet Harsha never understood my hints to get fucked madly.

I had to ask Harsha plainly to fuck me. He spoilt my hunger by saying that he was busy at work and had no leaves. That night, I video-called Harsha, but he did not attend my call since he had slept.

To quench my lust, I watched Instagram pictures of the transformation of Akash from a fat boy to a fit gym man. My pussy lips automatically flared open with oozing juices by seeing his chiselled body.

I brushed my sensitive milky boobs, touching the hard erect poking nipples. Desperate for a fuck, I pushed one finger into my drenched, dripping pussy. One finger was not sufficient to fulfil my hunger. I pushed two fingers.

Increasing the volume of the song on the speaker. I shouted, moaning vigorously, driving two fingers at a quicker pace. I twisted my fingers as they entered my starving pussy enriching the pleasure of my appetite.

Every time my fingers entered my pussy, I imagined the nervy thick cock of my bestie Akash. I pictured the strong hands of Akash all over my body. After a long finger fucking, I finally orgasmed with the name Akash on my lips.

Immediately after the orgasm, I felt very guilty that I was unfaithful to my boyfriend. In that guilt, I typed, “I love you so so much. No sleep, Harsha. I want you badly inside me.”(with love and kiss emojis) and sent it to my boyfriend.

Akash was ruling my thoughts, but here I am, lying in the face of love to Harsha. Harsha read my text only the next morning. The sweetheart was thrilled by my text message. I forgot all about the guilt of Akash. That evening, Harsha took me out to a pub, and we had a drink.

Harsha had borrowed his colleague’s car. My text to Harsha with Bestie Akash in my thoughts had done its magic. While returning, he parked the car in a lonely lane. His hands caressed every soft corner of my body. We kissed wildly. His lips hungrily ate my lips and drank my tongue.

We dirtily continued kissing like there was no tomorrow, sweating profusely in the cramped space inside the car. I pulled my panty low and pushed his face between my thighs. Harsha, for the first time, ate my wetness.

“Ahhhhh. Harsha. Don’t stop. Yes. Please. Oh, man.” His lips and tongue ate my pussy for a short duration. I felt happy and relieved by Harsha for his efforts to quench my burning hunger.

At midnight, Harsha dropped me at the entrance of the street of my home. It feels very soothing and relaxing. Harsha did something new with my body. It was crazy and adventurous, Harsha eating my pussy in the car. At that instant, I felt satisfied to the core.

After many sexually hungry nights, I felt normal and slept with zero thoughts of Akash. That lasted only for that night. I have become more conscious when Akash was around.

I uncontrollably stared at Akash on his return from the gym with a sweat-drenched T-shirt and thigh-exposing shorts. I could see his ripped biceps.

Oh, Akash! His sweat-drenched, dark, silky long hair rested on his neck. My heart longed to tear away his T-shirt and hide my face in his chest, tightly wrapped by his strong arms. Many boys crave for me but Akash never exhibited any bad/dirty intentions on me.

This haunts me. I want to be his dirty pussy. I feel magnetically dragged towards Akash. At 7 in the morning, I spatter water on my face. I wear a tank T-shirt with a pant loosely sticking to my waist and rush to Akash’s home. Just waved, “Hi, Aunty,” to Akash’s mother and rushed into his room.

I could hear the sound of water trickling the sweaty body of Akash from the washroom. I was tempted to grab his phone and read the latest message from the aunty. My eyes were begging to see his bare body. I waited silently, stopping my hands from reaching his mobile.

As Akash walked out with a bare top and a towel around his waist, my heart skipped a beat, and my eyes stopped listening to me. Oh god, I had seen him bare-bodied before, too, but for the first time, I had goosebumps. I was stunned and kept staring openmouthed.

He did not notice my staring as he casually grabbed my wrist and pushed me out of his room. His wet hand on my wrist bounced, my heart racing. I came back to reality and said, “Yeno, ee thara body maadiddiya?” (Hey, What a body you have made?)

He ignored, saying, “Kannu haakbeda. Idhu yenu illa,” (Don’t put an eye. This is nothing.) and bolted the door behind me. Aunty served me a cup of coffee, which she was preparing. I returned home with a water-dripping, ripped body of Akash in my head.

From that day, Akash’s normal touches, holding my hand/shoulder, squeezing my hand, hugging, and hitting me, gave me thrills. I watched Akash keenly whenever he was faced with the aunty. I could see the connection and messages flowing with just the eyes. How did I miss all this so long?

The next time I was in his home while he walked out of the shower, I joked, “Oye, Shall I pull your towel?” Akash never knew my horny fantasies about him. He would joke and move out. The urge to get banged by my bestie Akash only increased as the days progressed.

I watched a video. I felt amazed watching his thick dark long cock hitting with huge thrusts with loud, dirty, commented moans from the women under him. My pussy was leaking juices in no time. I continued to sneak his phone reading, particularly the chats with the aunty.

From the chats, I came to know that Akash’s family was going out, and he escaped to be home alone. They had planned for a night of sex. I was furious and jealous of imagining the thick cock of Akash fucking that aunty.

On one side, he was not developing any sexual feelings for me. On the other side, he was fucking our friend’s mom, giving her the pleasure of her lifetime. Before departing, Akash’s mother asked me to take care of him. I told her not to worry. Food usually will be sent from my home.

I felt selfish as my brain started scheming to spoil the meeting plan of Aunty Suma and Akash. I knew very well they would meet only after midnight, with Aunty Suma sneaking into Akash’s home. I imagined the hunger of Aunty Suma waiting for midnight for Akash’s thick cock to punish her pussy.

Isn’t Aunty cheating on her husband? Doesn’t she feel guilty for doing this to her husband? If this is called cheating, then what am I doing? Imagining to get banged like a slut from my bestie Akash.

It was a weekday, and I reached home early. I slept in the evening, plotting to spoil the night of Akash and Aunty Suma.

In the next part, I spoil the meeting of hungry Aunty Suma and Akash. How using the timing to get my pussy treated by his nervy cock.

Thank you, all ISS readers.