Asha, the most loved Professor – Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my story. The story proceeds from the previous part.

After 1 week, the college opened, and things were normal. Anirban bought me a lovely handloom saree. His friends also presented me with Bengali sweets. After Mohsin told me what these young Bengali boys thought about me, I started noticing every gesture.

They were trying to impress me very much, but things went on normally till November. Their 5th semester was going to end. The desperation to conquer their Asha Madam was visible in their acts and eyes. I was enjoying all this and was curious about what next they would do.

One afternoon, I was sitting alone in the department room. Anirban and his Bengali batchmates came to me and requested I give them extra classes. I told them that they were good students. Most of them had secured top positions in the class in the past.

But when they insisted on me a lot, I knew it was not just about studies. They want more than that. I was also excited to know how they will go ahead. So I decided to give them a chance. I had 2 conditions. First, I will not take classes in their hostel room. Second, I will not take more than 2-3 classes a week.

They agreed. I started taking extra classes in college. But returning home became a problem. After 3-4 classes, I told them that it would be better if they could come up to my place for an extra class. I saw happiness in their eyes, and they all agreed. From the next day on, they started coming to our home for extra classes.

I also decided to give them some privileges. So, I used to wear little cleavage-exposing T-shirts/tops with leggings or long skirts. I knew they were not looking in books or notebooks. But as December started, days became colder. So I shifted to jackets and sweaters.

I was not feeling happy watching them disappointed. Late December to mid-Jan exams were over. After the exam, there was a 15-day break. The 6th semester started. In mid of Feb, the 5th-semester result was out. As expected, Anirban and his Bengali friends were toppers of the class.

I messaged Anirban to give him the good news. Anirban gave all the credit to me. The next day afternoon, they came to meet me in my department and gave me a gift. I again congratulated all of them for securing good marks. They all gave credit to me and requested to take there extra classes again.

I agreed to them with the same old conditions. From the next day onwards, they started coming to my home. It was an hour class, but we used to talk about all other stuff than the actual subject. I used to wear tight-fitted leggings and cleavage exposing top.

As March came, the days started to grow bigger and hotter. I started wearing tank tops and shorts or knee-length skirts. They were getting a lot more to see than they had watched in the previous semester. In between classes, we all started getting friendlier. The relationship became much more casual.

On a Saturday evening, Anirban messaged me that they were planning a trek on a nearby hill. Would I like to join them? After thinking a bit, I said yes. He told me about their program. As we had to go early morning, I woke up at five. I dressed in low-waist jeans, a deep-neck top with bikini bra and trekking shoes.

Anirban called me at 6 that they were waiting outside. I told Vikram that I was going on a trek with my students. I picked up my small backpack containing water and snacks and left. Outside, 5 of them were on 3 bikes. OK, there was Suparna, the lone Bengali girl of the 8th semester.

She was a year senior to Anirban and his group. Suparna was very intelligent as well, among the top 3 of her class. She was always a very polite and disciplined student. Indranil was riding Anirban’s classic 350 with Suvarna in the pillion. Indranil’s KTM, on which Anirban was sitting, was the only choice for me.

Anirban was not having a bagpack. I never sat on such a slanted pillion of a sports bike before. I knew all of this was well planned by them, but I decided to go with the flow. I was not able to get stable on my seat and was slipping forward continuously.

As the bikes reached the highway, they started increasing speed. My body was touching Anirban’s back, but I refrained from holding Anirban. I was afraid of falling, so I called Anirban to slow down.

Anirban stopped the bike and said, “Ma’am, real enjoyment starts after this bike reaches 80 plus. Give it a try. You will also love that.” I said, “No, please, I fear speed.” Anirban, “OK, Ma’am, let’s give it a try, then if you don’t enjoy it, I will drive as you would say.” I hesitantly said yes.

Anirban asked me to hold him tight with his arms. I did the same. The bikes started. As the speed increased, my grip went more tight. That was the time I realised why young girls sit like that with boys. I was still frightened but decided not to interfere in his pleasure.

Only after 20-minute rides did they take the bike to the rugged Kuccha road. Anirban was unnecessarily using breaks to make my boobs press his back after just 10 minutes. We reached out at the trekking start point. We trekked for more than one and a half hours to reach the site.

Suparna and I were walking 10-15 feet behind the 4 boys, and we were talking with each other. I was happy with Suparna’s company while trekking. The final site was amazing. We reached a clean stream and walked further. There was a natural small pool of water.

That was the site we stopped. We all were sweating. As we all were hungry, we opened up bags and started having snacks. At that time they talked something in Bengali to each other and then started removing their clothes. After coming in their undies, they went inside the pool.

Both Suparna and I were sitting outside with just my foot inside. After some time, they called both of us to join them in the pool. She looked towards me. I said, “It’s up to you. They are your friends; I am fine here.” Suparna just gave me a return smile and stood up.

She was wearing denim shorts and a sleeveless top. I thought she would go like that inside the pool. But to my surprise, she removed her top and went inside in a bikini bra. The bikini was not able to hide her massive boobs. They were playing in the pool. Anirban requested me to click their pics.

I picked the DSLR and started clicking their pics. Earlier, I used to think that Indranil was Suparna’s boyfriend. But the situation in the pool was very different. She was posing intimately with each of them. Each of them was touching her like he owned her.

The water was so clear. I saw their hands loving all over Suparna’s lower body. She was also fine with that. After 10-15 minutes, they requested me to come to the pool, but again I declined. Then they said something to Suparna in Bengali. Suparna, then came to me and requested me to join them again.

After her repeated requests, I entered like that in the pool. The first dip took all the sweat away. It was feeling great. But soon, I realised that half of my boobs were partially visible due to my wet top. All the boys were looking at me. Due to clean water, I even saw them shaking their cock inside the water.

I ignored to give them the satisfaction for which they called me to trek. After a while, Indranil said to Suparna, “Suparna, let’s have a little walk further.” Suparna smiled back. They came out of the pool. My eyes stuck to Indranil’s full-grown cock inside his undies.

Indranil opened his bag pack, inserted his hand in and took a packet quickly. It looked familiar. Oh my god, was it a condom packet? They were walking with the stream. Then Tapan, who was also in the pool, shouted, “Wait, I am also coming.” He also walked behind them.

Just after 2-3 minutes Pranav also followed leaving behind me and Anirban in the pool. I also came out and sat on a rock. Waiting for 10 minutes, I asked Anirban, “Where did they go?” Anirban, “Ma’am, they must be walking along the stream.”

I said, “It is a lone jungle area. I think you should check out them, and we should return now.” Anirban, “OK, Ma’am, I will check on them. You wait here with our bags.” Anirban also left. That was what I wanted. I wanted to know, what exactly they were doing, so I followed Anirban.

Just 100 meters away, I heard their sound. I moved ahead, carefully hiding behind bushes to see them. The sounds were getting louder but were out of my view. But suddenly, I got a clear view just 25-30 meters in front of me. Suparna was getting fucked by Tapan and Pranav together.

After a few minutes, Anirban took charge and was fucking Suparna really hard. Suparna’s body language and expressions were telling that she was also loving this gangbang. I was very close to them. So I left the place before being caught by them and returned to the stream pool. They returned after 15 minutes.

Everyone was normal like before. But Suparna was not making eye contact with me. I said, “Where you people have gone?” Indranil, “Ma’am, just for a jungle walk.” I said, “OK.” I said, “Anirban, You went to call them back, but you returned pretty late.”

Anirban, “Yaa, Ma’am, but they were very far away.” I said, “OK, is the jungle ahead more picturesque.” Anirban, “Ya. it’s beautiful.” I said, “Then why did you people leave me alone here.” Tapan, “Next time, when we will make a trekking plan for this place, then we will definitely take you there.”

Suparna was looking into their faces with surprise. She was completely unaware of their desires for me. I knew what they meant. I said, “No. One trek once is enough.” After finishing our snacks and cold drinks, we moved back to our destination. But while trekking back, Suparna didn’t talk to me at all.

I thought it was due to her unexpected gangbang by her Bengali friends. My clothes also dried up properly. As she was not comfortable, I also didn’t force her to speak. They dropped me to my house. I enjoyed the trip, but remembering Suparna’s face was making me feel bad for her.

I also decided not to go ahead with my plan to get cosier with Anirban and his friends. I didn’t want to get blackmailed. The same evening, when I was scrolling my mobile, a new WhatsApp group appeared named ‘Riders and Trekkers’ with pictures from today’s trip.

I scrolled throw the pics. I looked very sexy in most of the pics, especially pool pics. Soon, they started commenting with emojis, especially on my pics. I just replied with a smiling emoji to them.

The next day, I noticed Suparna was shying away from me. Contrary to that, I was keeping an eye on her. The extra classes of Anirban and his friends were going on as usual. But instead of wearing exposing clothes, I started wearing a salwar kurta or jeans and close-neck t-shirts.

I was seeing the disappointment in their eyes. The slut inside me wanted to enjoy myself like Suparna. But I didn’t want to ruin my public image. So, I continued to dress decently in the extra classes. It was just focused on their subjects with no out-of-subject talks.

I could see they were feeling bored in my classes. They already knew the topics I was teaching them. It was not what they were here. I was praying to god to make them quit my classes. But even after 1 week, none of them escaped my class.

After 9-10 days, one afternoon, the Director was out of the college. I called Suparna to the Director’s office. I asked her about her behaviour. The colour of her face changed.

She came close to me and said, “Please, Ma’am, don’t tell anyone what you saw on Sunday. I am engaged and don’t want my college life to be ruined. Maam, I request you to keep it to yourself.” I said, “Say it clearly.”

Suparna, “Maam, please don’t share anything that you have seen that day.” This time, I realised what she was talking about. I said, “You mean what you people were doing behind the bushes.” She lowered her head. I said, “Oh, you are shying away from me because of that.”

She didn’t utter a word. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said, “Did they force you or blackmailed you?” Suparna, “No, Ma’am.” I said, “I thought you were being forced into sex with them.” Then, after I insisted on knowing it from scratch, Suparna told me in detail.

Suparna, “No, Ma’am, it’s not like that. Tapan and I have known each other since we were in school. Both of us got physical. Later, after School, I came here for graduation while he prepared for exams. And after 1 year he also joined here. He introduced me to all three.”

“As we were from the same state, we started spending time with each other. As I started liking Indranil, we both got committed and started having sex. After getting into a committed relationship with Indranil, I stopped having sex with Tapan.”

“But one day, when Indra and I were having sex, Tapan entered and asked Indranil to let him enjoy himself with me. Indra gave him a signal to go ahead and assured me that it was OK with him. It won’t ruin the relationship. I again started having sex with Tapan.”

“I was having sex with Tapan and Indranil randomly. It was no secret between them as they are close friends. So, one day, Tapan and Indranil both decided to go for 2 on 1 session. Indranil was OK with it, I also said yes. We all enjoyed it more than previous all-sex sessions.”

“We started having 2 on one sessions more often. And after some time, in the absence of Tapan, Pranav and Anirban also joined us. So, I was involved in sexual relations with all 4, and Indranil had no problem with this. It became quite normal to have sex in front of each other.”

“One day, we all were watching a porn movie together, and a group scene came. At that moment, Anirban proposed to try it once. As we were already doing 2 on 1, so, we went ahead. The first time, it was more exhaustive. But now we do this 2-3 times a month, and it feels good.”

I said, “OK, that means they don’t force you.” Suparna, “No Ma’am, never. If I say yes, then only they do. They never force.” I said, “Does anybody know about this in the college?” Suparna, “Except for 5 of us, just you, Ma’am.”

I said, “Are you and Indranil still committed towards your relationship? Doesn’t all this break your relationship?” Suparna, “No, Ma’am, with all this, our bonding became stronger, and we are more committed to each other. During our last summer vacation, he also met my parents and they also liked him.”

I said, “And what if he changes his mind someday? Then will you still be committed to your relationship?” Suvarna, “Please, mam, don’t say such words. I love him so much.” I said, “Just in case.”

Suvarna, “Even in that case, they are genuine. They don’t have secrets between 4 of them. They never share it outside. All this has been going on for the past 2 years. No one except you knows all this.” I said, “And how do you feel with all of them.”

Suparna, “I love being with them. They are very close friends of mine.” I said, “And you do it like Sunday when others are around?” Suparna, “No Ma’am, it was the first time. I was also surprised but couldn’t understand why.” I said, “OK, now you can leave.”

Suvarna, “Please, Ma’am, I request you not to share this with anyone.” I said, “Don’t worryI have nothing to do with your life outside college. I am not going to talk about it again. But be safe. After all, they are boys and come behind you even after you break out from them.”

Suparna, “They are not like that. They will come only when I will give them a green flag.” I said, “And will you give them the green flag?” Suparna, “I don’t know, but I can’t predict the future.” I then asked her to leave and get back to normal. I am OK with it and will never discuss this with anyone.

I was relieved after talking to Suvarna. I always knew that every man, if he gets a chance, will fuck every beautiful woman around him. For me, there is nothing wrong with that till he doesn’t do it forcefully and maintains secrecy.

If a man maintains secrecy of his sexual encounter with his partner and doesn’t force her to have sex without her will, then he is a good and respected man. After talking to Suparna, Anirban and his Bengali batchmates gained my respect again. The fear of getting blackmailed vanished, and I decided to proceed again.

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