Anjali The Amazing Doctor

Anjali was a child psychiatrist living in a posh area in Mumbai along with her live-in partner Amit. They weren’t married but in a live in relationship almost like any other couple. Her patients were usually teenagers who were involved in crime and she worked in a government hospital by day dealing with juveniles and then spent her evening in her own clinic at home, dealing with children brought in by anxious parents so her evenings were usually turned into counseling sessions.

She was in clinic when she was visited by Mrs. Sharma who was accompanied by her son. He was scowling and looking away and Anjali made them sit.

Mrs. Sharma: I wanted counseling sessions for my son…he-err-he recently broke up with his girlfriend and attempted suicide twice.

And Mrs. Sharma started crying.

Anjali assured Mrs. Sharma that she will do her best to bring back the positivity in Rohan and get his life back on track. The day went dull as Rohan did not speak much. Anjali was disappointed and she wondered whether Rohan will turn out to be her first defeat in the field of psychiatry. She was going to call it a day when she noticed that Rohan was ogling at her breasts. She frowned and thought over it.

Anjali: Let’s get one thing straight.

Rohan did not respond but as it was how he had dealt with her all say Anjali continued.

Anjali: I am a doctor for you and I want to help you Rohan. If you do not reply then how can I help? I know that girlfriend problem is something you cannot discuss freely with your mum.

But let me assure you that I being a doctor won’t mind hearing about anything. You can be free with me.

Rohan nodded.

Anjali: So your gf left you….why?

Rohan did not reply.

Anjali: Listen I have told you already that you can discuss anything…if you don’t wanna say it’s okay. I will ask questions and I want you to just nod or shake your head to reply,

Rohan nodded.

Anjali: So your girlfriend left you because you did not have pocket money?

He shook his head.

Anjali: no? Okay…coz of your anger?

Another shake of head.

Anjali: coz you wanted to touch her sexually but she did not want it.

Rohan froze. Seeing this Anjali knew that she had touched a nerve.

Anjali: ok so sex is the problem?

Rohan: yes…I kissed her alright but whenever I touched her boobs she hit me…and then one day she said that if I continue then she would not even kiss me, so I stopped and one day I followed her to a cyber café and found her kissing another guy and I broke down.

Anjali slowly understood his mentality and made notes. She questioned him and learnt more about his sex drive which was overwhelming. She sent him away and told him to come to her clinic every evening for counseling. And day after day she noticed improvement. Ten days passed but Anjali knew she had not come to the ultimate end.

Day 11: A ray of hope

Rohan: I had this fetish of reading aunty sex stories and watching aunty porn.

Anjali: So you’ve eyed any aunty type woman?

Rohan: Err-I

Anjali: I told you already! Don’t be shy.

Rohan: yes

Anjali: So in my opinion you should just fantasize about her.

Rohan: Because I can’t get her…because I am ugly??

Anjali: No! No! We live in a very conservative and cultural country! You must understand this! No woman in here will have sex with a young boy…especially if he is ten years or younger to her. Women here don’t care to even look at boys that way! Even extra martial affair in India is such a sensitive topic but I will not say that it is rare…not in urban areas anyway.

Rohan: So there is no chance for me to have….with an older woman?

Anjali saw that shadow of despair coming back on his face and panic washed over her.

Anjali: Oh yes, you can if you find a woman interested in younger boys…

That didn’t help either and lines of misery formed on his face.

Rohan: If I could just do it…Only once with an aunty I would be happy.

Anjali studied his face carefully. She had seen many cases with kids having problems much more complex than his but she had helped them all…but here was Rohan. All he wanted (for now) was an aunt with whom he can spend a night in bed. This wouldn’t have been a problem if they were in America or Canada. Because every week she read reports of women being arrested for sex with underage boys. Rohan wasn’t underage and looked younger for his age. If they had been in America she would have easily found an old woman with whom Rohan could have slept (without his mother’s knowledge).

Anjali did not feel guilty as she thought about that as it was a completely professional idea. But she was let down when she realized that they were in India…the worst place for sex which was considered taboo. She had this feeling that she was going towards her first failure.

The session ended at nine and Anjali went to bed thinking about Rohan’s rising sexual urge. She was certain that the only solution to this problem would be Rohan having sex with an aunty…but that was impossible. Or was it?

Amit came into the bedroom and they had sex. Anjali fantasized about aunty-boy sex while Amit drilled into her, to her surprise she had the wildest sex in these few months with Amit and her cunt flowed like a stream as Rohan’s sad face kept popping in her mind.

Day 12: The solution

Anjali: how are you today?

Rohan: bad

Anjali: did you watch porn last night?

Rohan: I-I did not

Anjali: Why? I must tell you that porn is the only option available to you so you should continue watching it.

Rohan: I will watch tonight.

Anjali: okay you are still interested in only aunt-boy sex.

Rohan: yes.

Anjali considered her options before speaking. Because after this there would be no turning back. And if she did not do it, Rohan will become her first failure and Anjali was sure that it would haunt her for her entire life. She had thought over this all night and decided that there was only one way he could kill his thirst.

Anjali: You just want one aunty…anybody?

Rohan: yeah…even if she is black! I just want her to be older and bigger than me.

Anjali considered this. She was definitely older than him and her size seemed big enough for him.

Anjali: Let’s say you have a one night stand with an aunty, what happens after that?

Rohan: I would be happy! I will be satisfied that at least I had sex with an aunty and satisfied her. Then I will start paying attention to other girls of my age.

Anjali paused thinking hard. This was it! A break through! He only needed a one night stand. She could put forward her offer now.

Anjali: Rohan, listen to me. All you want is sex and all I want is to see you happy! I want you to become normal again so I have decided that if you want I can help you.

Rohan: You can?

Anjali: Yes…please understand this! I’m doing it only because I want you to be well again. For your mother.

Rohan gaped at her in disbelief.

Rohan: you will help?

Anjali: Only if you swear that this will not reach others. You will keep this a secret! You will never ever speak about this to even your friends. And especially your mother.

Rohan: I agree.

Anjali: then we have a deal. You will come here tomorrow evening same time. It may or may not be your last session with me and tell your mother that it will take time. Then after we  are done you will bring your mother on the last day and that will be the last time you see me. Is that understood?

Rohan: okay…we’ll do it here in the clinic?

Anjali: yes. From now call me Anjali aunty (it was necessary to create that aunty-boy effect).

Rohan: yes-err-can I…?

Anjali: yes?

Rohan: Can I kiss…?

Anjali was taken aback by the sudden desire. She considered this as well. If she allowed him he’ll be happy and his mother will notice this and it will help in telling her that the sessions are coming to an end.

Anjali: ok…

Rohan rose from the bed and approached her. Anjali closed her eyes and rounded her lips. Rohan did the same and their lips touched. She felt currents throughout his body and then Anjali pulled away. She stood up. His touch was lingering o her lips and she licked her lips.

Anjali: Tomorrow sharp at five.

Rohan was lying on bed and Anjali was sitting on her chair thinking. She wanted this to be the best experience for Rohan and so she had decided that role play might work as she reckoned that the clinic sex might not create the same effect.

Anjali: you understand role play?

Rohan: yes…I-I have done it in chat rooms.

Anjali: okay then what kind of story do you want? We’ll do it that way.

Rohan: boy spending weekend with neighbor aunty or a servant boy serving his memsaab?

Anjali: fine… for that we’ll use my home. My husband won’t return until evening so we’ll have a lot of time and for realistic effect I will hypnotize you until the end of the day. After that I
will bring you back and you can go back home cheerfully.

Rahul: after realistic sex

Anjali ignored his snide comment and led him to her living room. She stopped at the sofa and sat down. She picked up her bag.

Anjali: now listen I am doing this only for your confused and weak mind to enjoy aunt boy sex for once in your life so that you will have a better condition from now on. This doesn’t or will ever mean that I want more sex from you.

Rohan nodded while his mind was impatiently waiting for it to begin.

Anjali: as decided we’ll do role play as I believe it will be much better for you mind. Would you like a role play in which a servant boy seduces his mistress for a weekend and end up sleeping with her?

Rohan again nodded. And then Anjali started working on his mind with her device. She hypnotized him completely and together they walked to the door where she made him stand.

Anjali: Rohan?

Rohan: hmmm…

Anjali: I want you to forget that all this is happening for your treatment. I want you to completely believe that you are a servant named Ramu working for Anjali aunty on whom you have crush and want to sleep with. Is that understood?

Rohan: hmmm…

She spent half an hour constructing a really good story about his past life as Ramu so that he would not wake up later and say that he had lost his memory and could remember only that he was working for her. She introduced new parents, new friends and honestly half an hour was really fast for all that. When she was done doing all that she came to the real topic.

Anjali: you will spend the day trying to seduce you her and if successful you will sleep with her. You are aware for one thing that your Anjali aunty is very bold and does not even hesitate when talking about sex. You should act positively and even try to touch her body. Your first move will begin this afternoon when you will mix sex pills given to you by your friend in Anjali aunty’s milk. You have placed the pills in the kitchen cupboard. Now listen carefully what you have to do… (She explained the whole plan to his sub conscious mind and he nodded)

Now I want to you wake up slowly and think that you had been dozing on the sofa. You’ll then go to kitchen to do some cleaning.

Rohan: hmmm…

Anjali ran inside her bedroom and bolted the door. She was really good at hypnotizing people and she had cured many ailments using her final and most lethal weapon. Counting the ten seconds she hastily arranged her sari revealing thirty percent of her boobs. In no time she heard the sounds of utensils and she knew that Rohan (or Ramu) had started working.

Anjali: Ramu!!!

Ramu came running into her room.

Anjali: There is a glass of cold milk shake in the fridge, bring it for me.

She saw his eyes twinkle and she knew that he was going to do what was planned. Anjali secretly followed him and peeped into the kitchen. He was adding the sex tablets to her drink (tablets were actually calcium Sandoz which she used to take every day¬). She walked back and watched him walk into her room. She drank the milk he gave and watched him smile with delight. The boy was thinking that he had given her sex pills and now they’ll have sex.

Anjali: Come here Ramu…sit with me on the bed Ramu.

Ramu: JI aunty.

Then Anjali kept her hand on his crotch and started rubbing it. Ramu smiled and looked her hand.

Anjali: you know very well Ramu…your master my husband is very busy these days…due to this I feel quite lonely.

Ramu: I know Anjali aunty…what can I do for you?

Anjali: Ramu you’re not a kid anymore…you know that a lonely wife has her needs.

Anjali caught hold of his hardening cock and pressed it. Ramu gave a low moan.

Anjali: And when a woman feels that her husband cannot fulfill her needs, she starts looking at other options… just know that even I have gone through that stage and now I am looking for someone to satisfy me.

Anjali opened his zip and pulled his hard dick out. Ramu gasped in shock.

Ramu: oh aunty what are you doing?

Anjali: please Ramu…let your aunty get her satisfaction today, hmmmm.

Anjali swallowed his small cock whole into her mouth. The salty taste filled her mouth and Anjali sucked from bottom to the tip wetting his entire cock. Ramu let out an audible moan and Anjali realized she was doing her job perfectly. She started moving up and down vigorously sucking his mouth. She did this at great speed due to which his wet cock kept popping out of her mouth and Anjali licked its head whenever that happened.

Ramu: oh, yes Aunty…. I have never felt so good in my life… please don’t stop.

Anjali: slurp…slurp…hmmm…your dick is so hard Ramu…umm…. I can suck it forever.

Anjali tilted her head to one side of his cock and licked that side from bottom to top. Then she switched to the other side and after licking that side as well she sucked the cock head.

Anjali smiled and kissed the cock head, her tongue circled the pink top and then Ramu held her cheeks and made her head move up and down his cock again. She brushed her hair out of the way and concentrated on giving his pleasure.

Then Ramu spilled his seeds on her face and Anjali went to the attached bathroom to clean herself. She returned to find him completely naked on the bed. Anjali climbed onto it and he hugged her. He put his lips on her lips and gently nibbled. He took my upper lips between his lips and sucked it like an expert. A tingling sensation ran through her whole body.They were still passionately kissing each other with his hands caressing her curves. He pushed his tongue in her mouth and their tongues hungrily drained saliva from each other’s mouth.

Then he paused. His eyes were boring into hers. His lips were still on hers but he wasn’t kissing. He was just enjoying her. Then he pressed her cheeks together and made her lips pout. Then hungrily her enveloped his mouth and ate her lips completely. This went on for some time and then she undressed.

She lay down on her back as he tried to insert his dick inside. He wasn’t too long but his bulbous head made her close her eyes in ecstasy and finally he was completely inside. Anjali’s mouth opened and Ramu grabbed the opportunity to insert his tongue inside. As he started slowly moving in and out and kissed her with same intensity.

Then he shifted his focus on her boobs. She was on the plump side there and Ramu made sure he enjoyed her. He bit and sucked her light brown nipples making her moan in pleasure. He stopped the fucking for some time due to this and concentrated on sucking her boobs. Anjali ran her fingers through his hair and when he resumed fucking she pulled his hair gently.

He slowly gained momentum and his meat nicely explored her wet insides. In no time he was ramming at an alarming speed. Anjali was so mesmerized that she forgot about protection and wrapped her legs around his waist as he nailed her hard. He clamped his mouth on hers and didn’t kiss her. He just kept it there as he continued ramming her.

In the end Anjali felt his hot seeds filling her insides. She grabbed his face and kissed him multiple times, forgetting exactly why she had started this. She really felt like he was her lover. In a minute she kissed him many times and then let go.

Later Anjali hypnotized him again and made him forget the Ramu part and only remember the sex part which he would think he had with a distant relative who shifted to USA. He will only remember the sex part and believe it happened weeks ago. She made him go home. Later his mother called her and thanked her for the drastic change in her son. Anjali quickly finished the conversation as she felt guilty for having sex with her son.

One day another woman brought her son for counseling and told her that he had a problem similar to the one Rohan had! Two days later Anjali was with him in her clinic with the device she used for hypnotizing.

Anjali: …alright now go to kitchen and came back with the glass of milk with sex pills in it. I am waiting in my bedroom.