Anita and Deepa’s Incest Treasures – Part 5

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This series is a sequel to ‘Anita’s Family Incest Treasures.’ In this series, Deepa’s husband’s cousin Anita seduces Deepa’s brother Rohit and plans Deepa and Rohit’s fucking.

Rahul drove to Sushma’s house and stopped. Rahul said, “Rohit, get down. Atul and Sushma are waiting for you.” Rohit was disappointed. He thought that he would fuck Rekha and Anita again. Deepa told him that they had to go to a function. Enjoy and see you next week.

Rohit waved to them and pressed the buzzer of Sushma’s house. Atul opened the door. He and Sushma were dressed and ready to go out. Rohit said, “Oh, I am sorry. Deepa dropped me here and went. You carry on. I will catch a bus and go to the hostel.”

Sushma hugged and kissed him and said, “Where are you going? You are coming with us.” Atul said, “Amma. Don’t offer him coffee or tea. We will have it on the way to a hotel. We are getting late.” Sushma rubbed Rohit’s hard-on and said, “I will offer him a fuck. Atul, you can wait for a few minutes.”

Sushma raised her saree and hitched it up carefully above her waist. She bent on the dining table and spread her legs, and said,” Rohit, fuck me without crumpling my saree and blouse.”

Rohit dropped his pants and underwear. He held Sushma’s hips and buried a steel-like rigid cock in Sushma’s wet pussy. He fucked vigorously and filled her pussy with hot cum. When he was about to remove cock, Sushma said,” Wait, Atul darling, please give him some tissue papers.”

Atul gave tissue papers to Rohit, Sushma told him to slowly remove cock and clean her pussy. Not a drop should stain her saree. After Rohit cleaned nicely, she dropped her saree and stopped Rohit from putting on his clothes. Sushma said, “I can clean your cock with my mouth and tongue.”

As Atul was driving, Rohit asked him, “Where are we going?”

Sushma laughed and said, “Not to your Amma Rekha’s house.”

Rohit blushed and said, “Oh, my God, Aunty told you everything?”

Sushma said, “Anita showed video also how you fucked her.”

Rohit moaned, covering his face with his hands, “Oh, no. What will you think of me?”

Sushma kissed him and said, “We all think you are about to become a great fucker.” Atul laughed and said, “After she saw the video, Amma was impatient to be fucked by you.”

Rohit sucked Sushma’s boobs and fingered her pussy. They did not stop at a deserted place to fuck as Atul seemed to be in a hurry. Atul dropped them in front of a huge house and left, saying he had to pick up Sachin and take him to rides.

Sushma pressed the buzzer. Rohit whispered, “Whose house is this?”

Sushma said, surprised, “You don’t know? You didn’t come here before? This is my daughter Vani’s house.”

Vani and Ravi opened the door and welcomed them. Ravi was all over Sushma, like an octopus, kissing and mauling. He said, “Amma, you have forgotten us, it looks like ages since you visited us.”

Sushma sat on a sofa, freed one tit and gave another to Ravi and said, “What to do, darling? Estate work was pending.” Vani brought water and gave it to Sushma and Rohit and said, “Amma, don’t lie, Rohit trapped you, didn’t you, Rohit?”

Rohit gulped. He was caught staring at Vani. She was a younger version of Sushma, very beautiful and very sexy. Vani was taller and had the figure of a famous item number dancer in movies. She wore a sleeveless gown that was just long enough to cover her pussy.

Sushma said, squeezing her tit and pushing into Ravi’s mouth, “Rohit is busy chasing other skirts. Where does he have time for me?”

Vani laughed, shaking boobs seductively and said, “Is it true, Rohit? Are you here to chase me also?” and sat in his lap and kissed him. Rohit was too stunned to reply.

Ravi laughed and said,” Chasing? He is already in your skirt and about to enter into your pussy.”

Sushma said, “Rohit, you read all Anita’s parts. You must have read Vani’s also. Why are you surprised and hesitant? Go ahead and fuck her.”

Vani got up and pulled him and led him to the bedroom, and told Sushma and Ravi to complete fucking before the maids came. Vani led him, holding his hand, to the bedroom. She was not hesitant or shy as she removed her gown. She was naked.

Rohit stared mesmerized. Vani had the biggest boobs among the women he fucked so far and bigger nipples, also. The nipple circles were the size of teacup saucers, and inch-long nipples were tempting him to chew. Vani disrobed him also and lay on her back and spread her legs.

She said, “Fuck me fast before maids are here. You can fuck leisurely later.”

Rohit leaned over her and pushed his rigid cock in her wet, pulsating pussy in one stroke. Vani moaned and laced her ankles behind his back and pulled him so that his cock jammed inside.

As he fucked, he was wildly excited by the swaying of her big boobs and her athletic pelvic movements. Rohit fucked hard. The fucking sounds were filling the room. Sushma and Ravi’s fucking sounds also reached him.

Vani asked him, “Which position is best for you to cum fast? As an answer, he took out cock, and pulled her. He bent her on the bed and started fucking in doggy style. He clutched her hips and fucked hard and fast. He was quite excited by the thought that he fucked her mom a few hours ago.

Rohit pumped hot cum in her pussy and was pulling out cock. Vani said, “Wait, don’t spill on the floor.” She put her gown under his cock and wiped his cock and her pussy, and told him to clean up and dress up. Vani put on a saree and regular dress and went into the hall.

Ravi and Sushma were still fucking in doggy. Vani said angrily, “Amma, I told you to finish fucking fast, maids will come anytime now.” Sushma said, “What to do? I changed positions to make him cum.” Rohit also came and watched in amazement.

Vani sighed and said, “Wait, I will make him cum,” and crawled under them, cupped his balls and gently squeezed. Ravi groaned and pumped cum. Vani said, “Don’t take out.” She placed her mouth under her mom’s pussy and told her hubby to take out cock.

She gulped the cum as it flowed from Sushma’s pussy. Vani licked her mom’s pussy, and Sushma licked Ravi’s cock. As if on cue, the doorbell chimed. Sushma quickly dropped her saree and went into the kitchen. Ravi put on shorts and a T-shirt and sat on the sofa.

He started watching cricket on TV. Rohit sat beside him. Vani gulped water and wiped her mouth, went and opened the door to allow two maidservants in. One went to the first floor, and the younger Maid started cleaning, sweeping the ground floor.

Vani swore under her breath when the Maid called her to the bedroom and showed the cum on the floor. Maid laughed naughtily and asked, “Amma, were you so horny? Your mom and that boy are here. Still, you had a quickie?”

Vani slapped Maid playfully and said, “Shut up and do your work. My mom and that boy came only half an hour ago. We did before they came.” Maid asked as she scooped the cum and licked her fingers. She said, “Hmm, yummy. Tasty, but it doesn’t taste like your hubby’s.”

Vani was shocked and grabbed Maid’s hair and hissed, “You dirty whore, are you fucking and sucking my hubby behind my back?” Maid said, “No. No. You always do in the morning and leave cum and your juices on bed sheets.”

Vani released her hair and said as if lost in thought, “We did, but I remembered we did it on the bed, and I cleaned. Where did this cum from? Oh, that boy used the bedroom to change clothes. He must have shagged and spilled. Stupid boy, he should be careful. He should have done it in the bathroom or checked if he cleaned up the mess.”

Maid asked as she wiped the floor, “Who is that boy? Looks so cute.”

Vani said, “He is Deepa’s brother. He is in his final semester in college.”

Vani looked at the Maid suspiciously and warned, “Don’t even think of seducing him. My mom will kill you.”

Maid winked and said, “Why? Your mom is also seducing him?”

Vani glared at her and shouted at her to shut up and do her work. Vani smiled. If the Maid knew Rohit fucked Vani and her mom in the past few hours, she might faint.

Ravi and Rohit watched cricket quietly for some time. Ravi looked around and asked Rohit in a low voice, “Did you like my wife?” Rohit said hesitantly, “Awesome, mind-blowing. She is so sexy and so athletic.”

Ravi nodded and said with pride, “Yes, she has the biggest tits in the family, and you have seen her nipples? Next time, you see her clit. It is also the biggest, and it is very sensitive. If you tap it, she flows like a tap.”

Rohit nodded. He found it strange and exciting to listen to a hubby praise his wife’s assets. Ravi asked,” Do you want to fuck Vani in the ass?” Rohit was shocked and stammered, “No…yes. But will she agree? Sushma aunty may throw me out.”

Ravi laughed like a naughty boy who was sharing a favourite toy with his friend and said, “Sushma aunty will apply Vaseline in her daughter’s ass and your cock and insert it herself. Don’t worry. Vani is one of those rare women who loves anal as much as pussy fucking.”

They stopped talking as the Maids finished their work and were leaving. As they were leaving, Atul entered. Atul hugged and kissed his mother cum wife and sister and sat on the sofa.

Atul asked, “Hero Rohit, how are things? Ravi, what is the program?”

Ravi said, “ I think Rohit will fuck Vani in the ass, and we fuck Sushma. Next round, how about filling cum in Vani’s three holes?”

Sushma said angrily, “Ravi, my daughter is not a slut.”

Atul laughed and said,” Mom, your slut daughter will jump in joy. It is a long time since she was fucked in all three holes at the same time.”

Vani was already naked and sat in Rohit’s lap and pushed her tit in Rohit’s mouth and said, “Yes, Amma. The last time I took in all three holes was a month back.”

Rohit lifted Vani and carried her into the bedroom, followed by Atul, Sushma and Ravi. They quickly undressed and joined Vani and Rohit. Rohit sucked Vani’s tit and asked,” Vadina, is it true you enjoy anal?”

Vani said,” Hmm, first suck and lick and make me horny. If I am sufficiently aroused, let us see.”

Rohit was lost in the sea of lust as he sucked, licked and mauled her body. When he was licking her pussy, he remembered Ravi’s comment about her husband’s comment and looked at her cilt. It was indeed big and looked like a miniature cock. He pinched it between his thumb and forefinger.

Vani moaned, shivered like a malarial fever patient and discharged a big flow of juice. Vani clutched Rohit’s hair and pushed his head into her pussy as if she wanted his head inside her pussy. When he lapped up juiced, she pulled him up and said huskily, “Now, kiss me and fuck me in the ass.”

Sushma pushed her son and son-in-law, who were sucking her tits and fingering her and reached for Vaseline. Sushma applied Vaseline liberally in Vani’s ass hole. She coated Rohit’s cock and spread her daughter’s buttocks, opened her ass hole with her fingers. She rubbed Rohit’s cock tip and pushed it in.

Vani moaned as Rohit slowly pushed cock into her resisting asshole. When it went fully in, the asshole gave up and opened the door. As Rohit increased speed and force, he looked sideways and found Ravi was fucking Sushma in the doggy, and she was sucking her son.

Rohit was excited by the shaking buttocks of Vani and lightly slapped. Ravi laughed and said, “It is like tingling with a feather. Slap her buttocks like this,” and slapped hard on Sushma/s buttock. The room reverberated with sounds of fucking, slaps and loud moaning and shouts of women.

Finally, all men pumped cum in women’s holes almost at the same time and lay panting on the bed. They got up, dressed up, went shopping in a mall, had lunch in a hotel and returned.

Rohit collapsed on the bed and slid into sleep. When he woke up after a few hours and went into the hall, he wondered if it was a dream. They were seated in normal clothes. They were having tea and snacks and talking like any normal family. It was just another normal family tea time.

Sushma gave him tea and sat next to him and kissed him. There was silence for a while. Rohit asked, “How is Divya?”

Ravi said, “She is fine. You met her?”

Rohit said,” I just saw her at Deepa’s marriage.”

Vani looked at him and asked,” Why are you interested in her?”

Rohit was flustered, “I was just asking casually.”

Ravi laughed and said, “No, not casual. He read all parts of Anita’s stories and knows the full story. He wants to fuck her also.” Rohit’s face flushed red with embarrassment, and he protested,” No, no. I didn’t mean that.”

Sushma asked, with a naughty smile, “Why? Vani’s daughter is not beautiful or sexy?”

Vani said, “No way. I won’t allow him to touch her.”

Atul said, “Why not? He will be one of the very few young men to fuck three-generation pussies on the same bed.”

Vani removed her dress and disrobed all. She sat in Rohit’s lap and kissed him and pushed her tit in his mouth and said, “Shut up. Why do you give stupid ideas to him? Rohit, you ignore them.”

Sushma asked, “Why don’t you want him to fuck Divya?”

Vani said,” First, they are the only unmarried people in our group. I don’t want any complications of love or infatuation. They should wait for a few years until they matured.”

Ravi asked, “What are other reasons?”

Vani said, “If Rohit’s mom agrees, I may consider.”

Everyone laughed, and Atul said, “Very clever. Diplomatically, you closed the issue.”

Sushma said, “Not necessarily. Rohit, what do you say if we let your parents also join us?”

Rohit was stunned and said when he recovered, “Impossible. They are very conservative. It will never happen. They will kill us or themselves. You don’t know how traditional they are.”

Sushma laughed and said,” What do you think about us? We are all from very conservative, orthodox family traditions only. I never saw a porn movie nor read a sex story until Raj was introduced. So, it is the same with all of us. We just crossed the barrier. If Deepa and you are enthusiastic, we can bring them to our group. You can fuck Divya after your mom says OK.”

Rohit was dazed and said, “My parents will kill us.”

Atul said, “Don’t worry. You will enter in the last chapter after they are comfortable.”

Vani laughed and said, “Rohit is already excited. When you talked about his family, I think he thought about his mom. His cock suddenly became very hard. Am I right, Rohit?”

Rohit said in a panic, “No, no. I was excited when sucking your tit.” He wondered how Vani guessed correctly. Vani walked into the bedroom, dragging Rohit by his cock and said, “Now, all gates are open, come in.”

Vani pushed Rohit on his back and squatted above his cock. She slowly sat on his cock, and it went in full in her oozing pussy. She leaned forward and pushed it in his mouth, and said, “You, Ravi and I have to fall into rhythm after we begin fucking. OK?”

Rohit nodded as he chewed her nipple lightly and mauled her other tit. Ravi applied Vaseline to his wife’s ass and on his cock and slowly inserted. Vani cried as it was going in. Rohit was scared, “Bro, take it out. It is too painful for her.”

Sushma laughed and said, “Initially, she will cry. See after a few minutes how she moans and how she jumps.” True enough, after a few strokes, Vani relaxed and started enjoying fucking in both holes. Rohit learned to push when Ravi was pulling out. He quickly learned the double penetration skill.

Vani called Atul and started sucking him. Rohit suddenly remembered Sushma and asked her, “Aunty, sorry. You are left out.” Sushma smiled and said,” A mother is happiest when she sees her children enjoying when they are playing in the school playground of enjoying in bed. Carry on.”

Sushma pinged Raj.

Raj: Hi, darling. Long time no see. How are you? How are things?

Sushma: Fantastic. Today Rohit is fucking Vani, so he completed fucking all the women in the group.

Raj: Excellent. You and Anita are very fast in making it all happen. Wait a minute, how about Divya?

Sushma: No, Vani says No. She says Rohit and Divya are too young and immature. It can lead to complications.

Raj: She is right. The rest of you are married. If either Rohit or Divya falls in love and the other doesn’t, it will create problems. It is better to wait for a few years.

Sushma: But Vani said something which is making me think. Vani said she would consider it if Rohit’s mom said OK.

Raj: It won’t happen, forget it.

Sushma: Why not? We were all as traditional and orthodox as Renu and Subbu, Rohit’s parents.

Raj: Your families are different. Rohit’s parents are outsiders. Don’t play with fire. Deepa is happily married and fucking all men, and Rohit is fucking all women. Be happy and leave it at that.

Sushma: Raj, you guided us all. Come on, let us plan and execute their seduction.

Raj: Darling, think again. It may backfire.

Sushma: Leave it. I will tell Anita we will do it.

Raj: No, no. Don’t do it. Anita is like Rambo. She is all action. She has no patience.

Sushma: Then, join us and let us decide on a plan of action.

Raj: OK, let me think. I will ping you in five minutes.

Sushma joined the fucking group, wiped the sweat on their brows. She took Atul’s cock from Vani’s mouth and started sucking him while mauling Vani’s tits. Rohit, Ravi talked to each other and synchronized and cum at the same time.

Rohit could feel Vani’s orgasm two times. Vani cried out in pleasure as her holes were filled with hot cum. Atul managed to take out his cock from his mom’s mouth and insert it in his sister’s mouth, and splash cum.

Vani collapsed on Rohit like a rag doll and said, “Hmmm, this is the ultimate heaven. When cum is spilt in all holes at the same time.”

Raj pinged, and Sushma answered.

Sushma: Yes, dear. Tell me.

Raj: We should use the same formula. Pratyusha is frustrated as she is not getting enough fucking, her hubby is sad. You saw Pratyusha using a dildo and asked her, and she told you. Then you have a great idea of why not ask Subbu to fuck Pratyusha. You talk and convince Renu.

Raj: You invited Renu and Subbu to spend a few days with you since you are alone as Atul went to the city for a week. Pratyusha and Sunil also visit. Subbu will never fuck Pratyusha unless his wife and Pratyusha’s hubby push him. You can make it happen.

Sushma: Great idea. For their daughter’s happiness, Renu will agree. Let us go ahead with this plan.

Renu stared at the TV screen. After a very hectic life, with children’s schooling, lunch boxes, and a million household chores, she could not adjust to the sudden inactivity. She smiled bitterly when she thought how she dreamed of complete rest and peace.

Now, she got it, and life was quite dull. She thought, maybe once Subbu retires, I won’t feel so lonely. The doorbell buzzed. She opened the door, and Sushma was there with a big smile and sweet boxes.

Renu welcomed Sushma and seated her. After formal exchanges, Sushma asked Renu how she was adjusting to the vacuum created by the absence of kids. Renu smiled sadly and said, “It is the routine cycle we can’t escape. Birds will leave the nest after they learn to fly.”

Sushma looked at her closely and said, “Why do you feel you are not part of Deepa’s family? They will welcome you and be happy to have you with them. Why don’t you and Subbu spend a few days with Deepa and Rahul?”

Renu said, “No. It is not done. We can visit the daughter’s in-law’s house for a few hours and come back. How can anyone impose on the daughter’s husband and his parents?”

Suhma thought for a while and said, “Atul is going to the city for a week. I am alone, and I get bored. Why don’t Subbu and you stay with me? We are in the same town. Subbu can go to his work at school from my house as well. I am your friend and not your son-in-law’s mom.”

Just then, Subbu returned from school, where he worked as the Head Master. Sushma talked to Subbu also and persuaded them to stay with her for a week. On her way back home, she called Pratyusha. All were there in the WhatsApp video call.

Sushma explained her plan to seduce Renu and Subbu. Renu gave a few brilliant suggestions. They told Deepa not to disclose this to her brother until they decide when to tell him.

To be continued.