An out of the ordinary experience

I have been living in this neighborhood for all of my 20 years. My parents are well-to-do and the neighborhood has always reflected that.

We live in bungalows and each one tries to be better than the next. I have seen how this place has changed, people have come and left and very recently our neighbors gave theirs on rent to a very well-to-do family.

This family was of 3 people, a couple and their 25-year-old daughter. The daughter is never home, she is busy and always out of station. I was back home for vacation from my college and by some twisted fate ended up being the only one back home for vacation.

It was really something unfortunate. I am extremely fit. Have always been, since I remember. I love running and strength training. I can do 500 pushups as warmups and look chiseled at all times. I have a very strict diet and am extremely disciplined. Never drink, do no drugs, and am a straight 9-pointer.

My body is always at peak condition with supremely well-defined 6-pack abs. I am built like a Greek god. My genetics are a gift in more than one department. I might not have the best face but my best attribute is definitely my foot-long, 4-inch thick dick. I am unusually huge. But I am a grower and not a shower. My dick is only 7 inches and very frail when flaccid and it is really tough to get my monster up. My cum output is also something out of the ordinary. I can come 4 times in one session and every output is no less than 1/2 a liter. I find it tough to jerk off.

1. Because not everything makes me hard and horny.
2. Cleanup is a mess. My jizz comes out like a hose at maximum pressure and the girls I have slept with in college have all been major fails in the department to satisfy me.

Only one foreign student has even been able to take my cock halfway down let alone make me cum.

Coming back to the story, I work out every 4 hours so going to the gym at home is my second nature. Once both my parents had gone on a work-related trip and I was alone at home. I wanted to feel a little horny and went completely shirtless for the entire day.

As usual, I was at the gym working out. It was a glass house that looked into our neighbors’ living area. After some time, out came our new neighbor. The lady was in her late 40s from what I had heard. But God, didn’t she look like in her 20s? An absolute bombshell! Her body was toned!! She was in her yoga pants and sports bra. One could be in awe of those ab muscles as they were defined. Her ass looked scrumptious and to top all of that, a face that could rival any pageant winner of the past.

My neighbour looked heavenly. I ogled at her through our house while she started with yoga and meditation. Our house was pretty tech-heavy and we could control whether our windows were double-sided or single sides.

For the first time in so long, I was feeling horny. Slowly, my dick was gaining consciousness and soon I was thinking with it. Suddenly, I made it double-sided and stood up from my electric cycle. Slowly, while extenuating my upper body, I started to remove my lower. I wanted to change into my shorts and then I turned so that my bulge was visible. With the sudden light, her eyes were transfixed on me. She looked at me like she was devouring each and every part of mine slowly.

I could see her lips biting and her hands slowly heading toward her womanhood. I was now in my shorts and headed toward the bench where I lay down. My cock was semi-hard but my bulge was huge. My tight shorts made sure that one could see I was struggling to keep it in.

While lifting my 100 kg bench press, all I could think of was how I wanted my new, hot neighbour lady. But suddenly, my mind came back and realized I could land in huge trouble if she complained. So I got up to find her not on the terrace. I switched the window back and continued.

Soon, it was lunch–time and I heard a bell. It was the neighbors’ help who had come with a tray full of food. It came with a letter.

It seemed my mother had asked her to see to it that my needs were fulfilled but there was also a cryptic line at the end. She had written about how she was going to be alone for the next week since her husband was leaving in a few hours.

I ate all the food she sent and by the time it was 8 at night, I went to return the tray. When I rang the bell, I saw that my neighbour’s wife was standing there in dolphin shorts and her bra. Her hair was open and she looked like she had just stepped out of the shower. She took the tray and gave me a smile.

Then she asked me what I was doing for dinner. I told her about my sad state of loneliness and we related on that note. She called me in to join her and I accepted in an instant.
I could feel there was a tension. Something told me that there was more to it than dinner. The second she closed the front door, she pushed me to the wall.

She said, “Beta, jo tum subah karne ki koshish kar rahe the na, woh mere sath har dusre din hota hai. Tumhe lagta hai ki mei tumhe itni aasani se jaane dungi?!” (Son, what you were trying to do in the morning happens to me every other day. Did you think I will let you go so easily?)

I was scared to shit but suddenly, she kissed me and things went wild! Our tongues were tangled and she was groping me as if she wanted to eat me. Her hand explored my body with a keen interest. Her nails tickling me made me go nuts.

My dick now was in a zone like never before. It was going to literally tear all the clothing on top and my hot neighbour lady knew it. Immediately, she kissed me harder and looked into my eyes.

Moving sensually toward my ear, she said, “You are a monster, aren’t you? I have never seen a bulge like this in my life. My husband is big, but even he is not in competition here. You want to be satisfied, right?! You want to assert dominance, right? You want to really be treated like the god that you think that you are?”

I nodded as she bit my ear. I was going mad. I just caught her small waist lifted her 5’8″ frame off the ground, moved inside, threw her onto her massive couch and literally tore my shirt as if I were a monster on crack.

My dick wanted air, it wasn’t at its hardest just yet. But she moved and kept her finger on the mound. Her nail was scratching the top of it and soon, her hands went on to yank my shorts off. The bulge was even better represented in my inners where one could clearly make out the outline.

She whispered, “I knew you were decent, your father is too. But I really thought you were over-compensating with a few socks in the morning. I am sorry to doubt you but I need it.”

My horny milf neighbour yanked my inner and it hit her like a stick. She fell down by the force, my muscular core was holding onto the single greatest piece of sexual meat that she had ever seen. It was thick, uncut and veiny. It was muscular and strong and was really tough to move.

I was extremely conscious of my hair so it used to always be hairless except my head. I had dark skin, more like milk chocolate and my dick was no different. A perfect redhead and balls the size of duck eggs, my private parts were out of an over-exaggerated graphic novel.

She kissed it and put my monstrous head in her mouth. She was in her feels with all this. I wanted more and caught her head and pushed it with all the strength that I had. She was slowly being forced to take more and more in. Soon, I was on top of my hot, married neighbour with more than half of my nefarious tool in her throat. She was being mouth-fucked and because of the sheer size, her throat was being tested. One could see the cock moving and its veins through. That was how big and strong this dick was, but at the same time, that was how strong this woman was.

Soon I disembarked her, but not before leaving a parting gift. I cummed straight on my neighbour’s stomach and the quantity was such that one could see she was visibly bloated. I moved to her pleasure next. I lifted her high and was suddenly between her legs. She caught me tightly between those crafted thighs and I bit her shorts off.

I was literally tearing them like a dog. I had lost all sense of humanity and basic decency. I turned into a degenerate and started licking her. Since I wasn’t much experienced, I could make out that she wasn’t impressed.

Soon, my curious arms moved to her chest where her humble breasts were hard like steel. Her nipples poked though and those boobs were heavenly. She wasn’t huge, she had small breasts and that was no issue. They were firm as if like a girl my age. For a woman who was literally double my age, she was worth studying.

My dick was raging to win my hot neighbour back and I wasted no time. I came on top, placed my head, went to her ear, and said, “From this point on, no mercy. I will stab this monster, you will not be the same again. I will take over everyone that comes in my way and you are my first victim.”

After saying this, I gave a loving bite at her nape and thud! While giving her a kiss, with all my force, I pushed it in. About 12 of the available 15 was in and she was going to faint. I kissed her so hard that no voice came. Suddenly, I was all out and slammed again. The reaction was of pain again. The cycle had started and with every 8 thrusts, another inch used to be in. I had long gone past the womb. I was literally moving her insides and my dick was visible through her stomach. In 15 minutes, my cheating milf neighbour was in ecstasy. She could never be the same again. I was a bull with stamina unmatched.

My dick was a monster, a gift of god, only made for pleasure and destruction. I had no mercy, I went into full gear for an hour. She was literally holding onto her life, kissing me, biting me abusing me and teasing me. She was being used like a doll. My 6′ frame on her amazingly goddess-like features was a scene right out of mythology. Peak human specimen, in a thin layer of sweat with only lust and nothing else.

I fucked my horny neighbor for 2 hours non-stop with changing positions. Then I started inserting my thumbs into her ass. She started screaming in pleasure as she looked in the mirror in front and told me no one had ever been worthy of going in there.

“You are not worthy too, but if you continue like this, maybe someday I will let you venture the sacred hole which has only ever been touched by my father.”

I was confused and curious just for a second, but I continued. Actually, I went harder, I wanted that exclusivity and soon, I was going to finish. She had already cum 5 times in the process. I was feeling in my prime, a zone. Each movement had an amazing amount of force. Her bubble butt was red as if a truck used to hit her at every thrust.

My next-door milf’s pussy was leaking and a complete mess. I was nearing my climax and increased my speed even more. It was nothing less than a machine gun going at full throttle and with my last thrust, I went all out, lifted her and pushed my dick deeper than ever. I held her waist tightly as the jet inside her was going to blast. It did and her stomach literally like a balloon had to swell up. Her abs weren’t visible, it looked like she was pregnant but all that was just my semen. It was hot, thick and much more than expected of a human.

I hadn’t cummed in two years, not without trying but I just couldn’t. She was looking at her state in complete disbelief.

She kissed me, caressed me and told me to fuck her again. I didn’t hesitate. I fucked her till the sun rose back up. Her living room was literally a puddle of the most amazing semen she had seen each load as thick as the other with an intoxicating musk. A lady with a pussy that was so loose that no one would be able to satisfy her anymore.

I went back home after cleaning her crib and putting her to the bed. My day continued as normal as all my steam was blown. I wanted that, but from now on, things have changed.

The lady next door was now my sex slave, a cock-slave and I knew it. My mind had now come down to how to maximize my opportunity.

Suddenly, there was a bell and I rushed down just to see someone, I expected to be there for some more. ;))