A Wife’s Satisfaction – Part 4

Day 10 Continued

After lunch, I did some time pass and went to the guest room again. Robin was still in his boxers and watching TV. I removed my gown and lay on the bed naked. Robin looked at me. “Below the neck, lick me, message me, and then fuck me,” I said.

Robin switched off the TV and came on me. He started licking my neck. Meanwhile, I removed his boxers. His dick touched my clitoris. I liked the touch of dick skin on my pussy without any condom. Then I came to my sense and said, “Wear the condom.”

“It is not fully erected. The condom will roll out,” he said.

“Ok, then, keep your dick away from me till you wear a condom,” I told him, to which he nodded.

He then moved down and licked my boobs. His hands were on my waist. I was holding the bed headboard with both of my hands. I didn’t want to do anything but enjoy what he was doing. He licked above my boobs and bit me on the boob lightly.

Then he licked on the side of each boob one by one. His tongue was moving from the outer side of my boob to under my boob and then the inner side. He did the same with the other boob. I felt Goosebumps when he licked under my boobs.

Then he licked my nipples. His tongue was flexible. He wrapped his tongue around my protruding nipple. He sucked my nipples, licked them, and then again sucked them. He kept doing this cycle multiple times. Then he moved down to keep licking my stomach and then my navel.

It tickled me when he licked my navel. Then he turned me on my stomach. Now I folded my hands and rested my head on my hands. Robin started licking my shoulders just below the neck and moving down while licking. After around 1 or 2 minutes he turned me again.

He opened my legs, licked my ankle, and moved upwards to my upper thigh. Then, on the other leg, he did the same but in the reverse direction. After 2-3 rounds of this action, he came to my pussy. He licked it slowly and gradually increased his speed.

He was licking me there as a dog licks water. I was feeling good. I pressed his head toward my pussy. Now his dick was stiff.

“Should I insert it now?” he asked.

“Ok, but have a condom first,” I replied restlessly.

After wearing a condom, he inserted his dick into my pussy. I felt it was already loose, as I didn’t feel much pain. He was fucking me.

“Faster,” I told him.

He raised his pace. I was holding the bed headboard, and my boobs were bouncing up and down. I was feeling good.

Then suddenly my phone rang. I stopped Robin by putting my hand on his chest. Then with my hand gesture asked him to bring my phone. He moved forward while his dick was still inside me and got my phone from the bedside table.

It was Nikhil calling. Again with my hand gesture, I told Robin to start. I picked up the phone while Robin was fucking me with “thup-thup” sound.

“Ah..hell..hello,” I answered the phone.

“What is going on?” Nikhil asked with a little awkwardness.

“Ahh, sex is going on. Robin is fucking me,” I replied with moans showing I was enjoying.

I disconnected the call. I pulled Robin on me and wrapped my hand around him very tightly. He was fucking me like a rabbit. I was feeling so good I wrapped my legs around his hips so he could penetrate deeper.

I was making a moaning sound. I wrapped my hands and legs around Robin, feeling immense pleasure. Tears were coming from my eyes as I was missing Nikhil. I want all this with him, not with anyone else. I was thinking why he can’t do this to me.

Then my body stiffed, I felt orgasm, and I remained in the same state for a few seconds. Then I regain my conscience. Robin has slower his pace but still fucking me. I understood he hasn’t done yet. I stopped him.

“Let me have some water and gain some air. After that, we will finish you,” I told him. After drinking some water and resting for about a minute, I took charge and asked, “Do you have a flavoured condom?”

“Vanilla,” he said.

“Wear that,” I said.

After he wore a vanilla condom, I told him to lie down on the bed. Then I opened his legs and came between them. I touched his scrotum with my nose. It was the first time I kept my face so near to his genitals.

Then slowly, I licked his scrotum, to which he responded immediately with a shiver. I was licking and rubbing my nose on his scrotum. Then I did what I never thought I would do. I licked his dick. Of course, above the condom, but I did it.

Then I came in the 69 position. My pussy was on his mouth. I opened my mouth and took as much of his dick inside my mouth as I could. I was giving him a mouth job while he was licking my pussy.

After 2-3 minutes, I again felt an orgasm. I tightly grabbed his legs and buried my face between his legs. This one was a wet orgasm. I ejaculated on Robin’s face.

“I am sorry, sorry,” I immediately apologise.

“It’s ok,” he said.

Then with trembling legs, I changed my position. I folded my legs and bent forward, my face was on the bed, and my butts were high. “Fuck me from behind,” I told him with a shaking voice.

He came behind me and started fucking me. After less than a minute, I again cum. “Don’t stop until you ejaculate,” I told him.

Then he started fucking me harder. He bent toward me and started kissing my neck. I leaked 2-3 three more times, and then he ejaculated. Then he removed his penis, and I lifelessly rolled down on my side. I was still feeling jerks from time to time.

After a few minutes, I got up, grabbed my gown and walked out of the room naked. I went to my room and had a bath.

By the evening, I started to prepare food when Nikhil and my son came home. I met my son almost after a day. After playing with him for some time, I returned to the kitchen.

Nikhil came to me and asked, So how were your night and day?” his expressions were to tease me.

“Why do you care?” I replied with anger.

“What do you mean? What happened?” he asked me with confusion.

“I am happy. I got someone who fulfils my bodily desires,” I replied.

“Why are you talking to me like this?” he asked again, with some anger this time.

“Last night, you behaved like I am not your wife. As if I belonged to him, you and I were doing something like an illegitimate act. You were behaving like he was prime male for me. I don’t want to be the wife of a secondary male. It was mentally humiliating for me like you didn’t invite him for my pleasure but sent me there for his pleasure.” I was furious at him.

“I enjoyed it a lot. He gave me my lifetime fuck. Today morning you might have heard me enjoying when he was fucking your wife in your house. Then this afternoon, I had multiple orgasms,” I added.

“I didn’t want to lessen your fun by making you tired. If you did it with me, you might get tired, so I did it fast. It was not a pleasant sight for me to see you in someone else arms. That is why I left the room in Jaisalmer.,” he explained his point.

“If you like, I will send him right now. It will only be for you. I am sorry if I hurt you,” he added.

I kept quiet for some time, then, “Tonight, you will remain with me and will be my alpha male,” I ordered him.

“Ok, as you wish,” he replied.

Now the night came. After making my son sleep, I went to Nikhil. He was sitting at the dining table. By this time, I was not angry with him anymore.

I sat with him and said, “Sorry, I was furious then.”

“You have all the right to be furious,” he replied gently.

“I enjoy being with you completely, even if you stay lesser inside nowadays. But we do plenty of foreplay, and we have a vibrator as well to stay inside. Your tongue is my favourite. I don’t think I need anyone else to fulfil my desires. I am completely satisfied with you. I think today should be the last day of this experiment, I like how you think for me, and I enjoyed this experiment. But this should end now,” I shared my thoughts with Nikhil.

Nikhil smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I leaned forward and kissed his lips, for which he reciprocated. I was passionately kissing him. I immediately removed my clothes kurta, salwar, bra, and panty. I became naked in no time.  Nikhil also removed his shirt and vest.

Meanwhile, I pull down his pyjamas and underwear in one go. Now both of us were naked in the corridor. I hugged him tightly and rubbed my naked body against his. He was scratching my ass cheeks with his nails. I wanted to remain as it was, hugging him while he caressed my body.

I then kissed him again and pushed him toward the guestroom. His back touched the door. He then turned the knob and pushed the door while kissing me. We entered the room naked. Our eyes were closed. Then I broke the kiss.

He opened his eyes, turned to one side and faced the bed. As soon as he faced the bed, he got confused. “Where is Robin?” he asked.

“I sent him back. I want to spend time with you,” I replied while circling his nipples with my finger. He kissed me again wildly, and I responded to him similarly.

“I have a surprise for you, actually two,” I told him while breaking the kiss.

“What?” he asked.

I gave him a delay spray and a penis sleeve, which I ordered online. The Delay spray claims to delay ejaculation. Whereas a penis sleeve is nothing but a hollow penis. He can insert his penis in it just like a condom.

But this one is thicker and has a solid portion in the head area, making the penis long by 1 to 1.5 inches. Its shape is just like a penis, with a prominent vein design. Its head is solid and thick, just like a penis. I purchased it just because it is thick.

It increases not only Nikhil’s penile circumference. Its thick wall makes him feel anything less, so less feeling delays ejaculation. Nikhil read the instruction on the spray and sprayed it on his penis. “Now I will fuck you after 15 minutes, as instructed over here,” he explained.

Then he grabs my boobs and starts pressing them, licking my nipples. After fifteen minutes, he wore the penis sleeve and inserted his penis inside my pussy and started stroking. I can say that it was thicker and longer than Robin’s dick now. It reached untouched portions of my pussy.

That night Nikhil fucked me like old times. I was not expecting it, but the spray worked, and the penis sleeve also gave me immense pleasure. I was happy that I didn’t need anyone except Nikhil. He was again able to satisfy me completely. That night after years, Nikhil made me feel an orgasm while fucking.

The next 4 days were also awesome. It was less fucking but more cuddling, talking, kissing and feeling each other’s touch. It was like 1st year of marriage but lesser sex. I enjoyed it more.

To be honest, those 15 days were full of ups and downs. At one point, I thought I was losing this marriage, but I finally saved it. I felt like a warrior who just won a battle. I won it because I love Nikhil and will always keep loving him.